1032 70
512 "S" Berlinetta
Chassis 1032
Engine #C2611CN42
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
70/jan/22 - Scuderia Picchio Rosso of Corrado Manfredini, I PH59 p46
70/jan/31-feb/01 accident chassis broken
lap 412
24h Daytona Corrado Manfredini /
Giampiero Moretti
#30 TSM p28
- chassis repaired at factory
70/mar/30 dnf Easter Cup, Thruxton Giampiero Moretti #2
70/apr/11 acc. Coppa AC Verona trials Corrado Manfredini #2
70/apr - wreck sent back to factory, scrapped except for the engine & gearbox   
70/apr - from now on 1022 used the identity of 1032

70/apr - from now on 1022-tube used the identity of
70/apr/25 9th 1000km Monza Corrado Manfredini /
Giampiero Moretti / Arturo Merzario
70/may/24 1st OA Trieste-Opicina hillclimb Giampiero Moretti #382 T-O p468, 469
- Scuderia Filipinetti entry:
70/jun/13-14 dnf
accident damage
24h Le Mans Corrado Manfredini /
Giampiero Moretti
#16 FaLM p104 C74 p10        S. Filipinetti p252
70/jun/28 3rd OA 200miles Norisring, Interserie race 1 Giampiero Moretti #6
70/jun/28 dnf (tyres) 200miles Norisring, Interserie race 2 Giampiero Moretti #6
70/jul/05 8th OA 200miles Hockenheim, Interserie Giampiero Moretti #67 Interserie p7
70/jul 1st OA San Jiustina-Bocca Trabaria Giampiero Moretti
70/sep/06 1st OA Golden race, Mt. Fuji Corrado Manfredini /
Giampiero Moretti
70/sep/13 6th 500km Imola, Interserie Corrado Manfredini /
Giampiero Moretti
70/sep/20 3rd Coppa del Chianti Classico Corrado Manfredini #484
70/oct/11 dnf 300miles Hockenheim, Interserie Corrado Manfredini #67
70/oct/18 dns 1000km Paris, Monthlery Corrado Manfredini/ Giampiero Moretti #5
70/nov/21 5th 1000miles Interlagos Giampiero Moretti #17  
70/dec/06 dnf Sao Paulo Giampiero Moretti
70/dec/27 2nd OA Sao Paulo Giampiero Moretti
70/dec - sent back to factory to be modified to M-specs
71 - due to strikes, the preparation of 1032 was delayed and so GES sold a brand new tube, chassis 1050, already modified to M-specs, to Manfredini using some mechanical parts of 1032.  
71/mar - Scuderia Filipinetti enters 1032 under no. 5 for the forthcoming 24h Le Mans
71/mar - the still assembled chassis/body/mechanicals of 1032 were completed with parts from the crashed and temporarily dissassembled 1048 and entered by Scuderia Filipinetti for Monza as an S/M
71 - Scuderia Filipinetti entry:
71/apr/25 dnf (petrol pump) 1000km Monza Joakim Bonnier /      Mike Parkes #8  
71/may - modified to "F"-specs by Mike Parkes at Carrozzeria Silingardi
71/may - entry no. 5 cancelled for Le Mans due to strikes at Ferrari
72 - David Piper, GB from Mike Parkes/Filipinetti, Formigine as a rolling chassis
74 - John Lewis, GB
78 - Steve O'Rourke, GB
7. - completed by Michael Cane, GB
84/mar - advertised by Duncan Hamilton & Co. Ltd, Bagshot, Surrey, UK T&CC 3/84 p22
84 - Don Walker, Dallas, TX, USA  
84/aug/25-26 10th Monterey Historic Races Don Walker
84/nov Atlanta Vintage GP Don Walker #6
86/may - advertised by Dallas Motorsport for $230k
8. - Ed Swart, NL
8. - Sander van der Velden, Oud Turnhout, B
8. - Fritz Kroymans, Hilversum, NL
89/may/02 - S - Christie's Monaco auction - $1,301,358.- incl. buyer's prem.

"The incomplete vehicle was then sold to a British customer circa 1978 for whom it was completed by Michael Cane - respected British Le Mans car preparation specialist - using a surviving spare set of Scuderia Filipinetti Ferrari '512F' body panels obtained after the team's demise."
89/may/02 - Jean-Pierre van Rossem, Antwerpen, B - "Moneytron"  
89/may/27 Ferrari Benelux Meeting Jean-Pierre van Rossem C85 p14
91 - van Rossem was sentenced to 5 years in jail for tax evasion
99/jun/06 - S - Appelboom auction  
99/jun/06 - Marc Caveng, CH
06/jun/28 - factory certified with certificato di autenticita no. 249, car restamped to 1022
06/apr/27-29  dns Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Hockenheim Marc Caveng #115  
06/oct/28-29 9th Finali Mondiali Monza, Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, race 1 David Franklin #115  
06/oct/28-29 dns Finali Mondiali Monza, Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, race 2 David Franklin #115  
07/feb - offered by Kidston SA, Geneva, CH
07 - Adrian Newey, UK via Simon Kidston
08/jul/11-13 Festival of Speed,
Adrian Newey #512


Due to the fact that Manfredini wrecked 1032 on 11th April, 1970 he urgently needed a replacement car to continue racing. Therefore the Gestione Sportiva sold him 1022 which was just back from the test weekend at Le Mans and the only works car in racing order the GES could part with.





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