1030 70
512 S Berlinetta, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
70 - Garage Francorchamps, Brussels, B  
70/may/16-17 8th OA 8th IC 1000km de Francorchamps Derek Bell /
Hughes de Fierlant
#23 Delsaux p408, 412               FIC p297       C74 p10   Scarlet Passion p174           AMS 12/70 p110, 112
70/jun/13-14 5th OA
4th S5.0
24h Le Mans  Alistair Walker /
Hughes de Fierlant
#12 FaLM p103    C72 p30        C74 p10  Scarlet Passion p197
70/nov/07 6th OA 9h Kyalami, Springbok Series Derek Bell /
Hughes de Fierlant
#3 PS 12/70 p20
71/jan/10 6th OA
4th S
Buenos Aires Gustave Gosselin /
Hughes de Fierlant
71/jan/30-31 dnf
oil pressure
lap 124
Daytona Hughes de Fierlant /
Gustave Gosselin
71 - converted to "M" specs  
71/jun/12-13 dnf
Clutch, gearbox
24h Le Mans Hughes de Fierlant /
Alain de Cadenet
#9 FaLM p109   C90 p51
71/jul/04 1st Zolder Hughes de Fierlant    
71 - Alain de Cadenet, GB  
71/jul/24 4th OA 6h Watkins Glen Alain de Cadenet /    Lothar Motschenbacher #63  
71/jul/25 18th OA Watkins Glen CanAm Alain de Cadenet #63  
71 - Anthony Bamford, GB - J.C.B.   
72/may/21 1st OA Super Sports 200, Silverstone, Interserie, heat 1 Willie Green #50  
72/may/21 4th OA Super Sports 200, Silverstone, Interserie, heat 2 Willie Green #50  
72/may/21 2nd OA Super Sports 200, Silverstone, Interserie Willie Green #50  
76/jul/10 Classic Car Championship round 5, Silverstone 'Michael Lee'
77/may/15 1st AMOC Houbigant Meeting, Brands Hatch
7. - Philip Walters Dowell, Stourport on Severn, Worcestershire, GB
7. - Finn, GB  
7. - Nigel Chiltern-Hunt, GB MK12/92 p142
EF p198
PH59 p45
C72 p30
78/aug/12-13 Oldtimer GP Nuerburgring Nigel Chiltern-Hunt #2
83 - Carlo Bonomi  
92/sep/26 AGIP Award FF40 International Ferrari Concours, Brussels Carlo Bonomi #9
92 - R. Beckwith Smith, GB  
93/apr/20-24 Tour de France Auto Lord Beaverbrook /
R. Beckwith Smith
#58 "TRE 464L"
 - yellow  
94/may - offered by Michael Sheehan's EAS, CA, USA for $995,000   
94 - Terry Jones, Las Vegas, NV, USA  
94/aug/23-30 FCA National Meet, Monterey Terry Jones
94/aug/26-28 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Terry Jones /
Derek Bell
95/aug/19-20 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Terry Jones
95 - Yoshiho Matsuda, Tokyo, J
95 - displayed at Matsuda's Ferrari Museum of Art C92 p30
99/sep - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA asking $1,95mio  
99/oct - GTC (Jean Guikas), Marseille, F  
99/oct - Xavier Beaumartin, F  
05/jun/28 - NS - Sotheby's at Ferrari auction - highbid €1,5mio  
05/aug - Jean Guikas, Marseille, F - GTC Sarl.
07/feb - offered by Jean Guikas' GTC Sarl., Marseille, F C157 p73
08/nov/08-09 4th Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Mugello, race 1 Jean Guikas #110
08/nov/08-09 dnf Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Mugello, race 2 Jean Guikas #110
09/aug - offered by GTC Sarl., Marseille, F C172 p97
.. - Nathan Kinch, Aberdeen, UK  
15/..  -  Blackbird Automotive, Hong Kong  
15/jun/25-28 - Goodwood Festival of Speed - TK Mak  
By 2011 two 512 replicas had been built at Roelofs Engineering, chassis by Nijland Las.
One is still there as of 2018, # on tag unknow!

Second one was coachbuilt & montage at Hietbrink in Haaksbergen.
Alloy middle section and roof, fiberglass doors, front and rear clips.
Same livere used as on 1030 and driven at Silverstone Classic 2014.
Painted red in 2015 and offered in the UK.
Acquired by
Carlos Monteverde, who had it repainted yellow and re-livered like his  1002. This now-1002 replica is being driven by Monteverde in historic events in lieu of his real 1002.




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