0012M 49
166 SC, RHD
engine 0010M
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
49 - most likely renumbered from 008I
49 - body modified with enveloping wings
49/mar/18 - Roberto Vallone, Roma, I Tipo166 p130
49/mar/20 dnf IX. Giro di Sicilia /
Targa Florio
Roberto Vallone /
Sergio Sighinolfi
49/apr/03 8th OA GP San Remo,
Circuito di Ospedaletti, F1
Roberto Vallone #48 Émotion Ferrari p27
49/apr/24 dnf
Mille Miglia Roberto Vallone /
Sergio Sighinolfi
#633 Red Arrows
p36, 200
49/may/22  8th OA GP Marseille, F1 Roberto Vallone #18 Émotion Ferrari p28
49/jun/02   wdn GP Roma Roberto Vallone #20 as Touring Barchetta
49/jun/12   5th OA GP Bari, F2 Roberto Vallone #6
49/jun/19 1st OA GP Napoli Roberto Vallone #10
49/jun/29 1st OA Giro dell'Umbria Roberto Vallone /
49/jul/17 1st OA Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti Roberto Vallone /
#139 Polvere e Gloria p44
49/aug/15 2nd OA Coppa Acerbo,
Circuito di Ferragosta, Pescara
Roberto Vallone #14
49/aug/21 1st OA Fasano-Selva di Fasano hillclimb Roberto Vallone #58
49/aug/28  3rd OA Aosta-Gran San Bernardo hillclimb Roberto Vallone #66
49/sep/18  3rd OA 2nd IC Pontedecimo-Giovi hillclimb Roberto Vallone #72
49/sep - Baron Nicola Cherubini, Rossano, I via Ferrari
49/sep/25  5th OA? 2nd IC I. Giro delle Calabrie Nicola Cherubini /
49/oct/23  4th IC Salerno-Cava dei Tirreni Nicola Cherubini
50/apr/30  2nd OA
2nd S2.0
Circuito di Siracusa

Coppa d'Oro di Sicilia

Nicola Cherubini
50/jun/10 dnf GP Roma Nicola Cherubini
50/aug/09 6th OA? 4th S+1.1 II. Giro delle Calabrie Nicola Cherubini /
#75? Ponte Tiriolo p17
50/aug/13 2nd Coppa Taras Nicola Cherubini
5. - Emilio Romano, Brescia, I
51/apr/01 9th OA
3rd S2.0
XI. Giro di Sicilia Emilio Romano /
G. Gianusa
51/apr/28-29 28th OA
Mille Miglia Emilio Romano /
Ottavio Guarducci
#353 Red Arrows
p65, 212
51/jun/03 6th OA Int. ADAC-Eifelrennen, Nuerburgring
Sports 2000
Emilio Romano #1
51/jun/10 dnf GP Roma, F2 Emilio Romano
51/jun/17 4th OA 1st IC GP Portugal,
Emilio Romano #18
51/jul/15 2nd Circuito di Vila Real Monte Real #18
51/jul/22 20th OA 8th IC Susa-Moncenisio hillclimb Emilio Romano
51/jul/29 Aosta-Gran San Bernardo hillclimb Emilio Romano
51/aug/19 3rd GP di Pergusa,
Circuito della Cravatta
Emilio Romano #28
51/oct/07 1st Coppa Nissena Baron Antonio Pucci #110
52/apr/09 5th IC Giro di Sicilia Emilio Romano /
52/may - Ottavio Guarducci, I
52/may/03-04 dnf
Mille Miglia Ottavio Guarducci /
Aldo del Bianco
#541 Red Arrows
p83, 220
52/may/03-04 dnf Mille Miglia Ottavio Guarducci/
Aldo del Bianco
#541 Red Arrows
p83, 220
55/may/29 dnf GP Supercortemaggiore, Monza Ottavio Guarducci /
Walter Guarducci
56/aug/18 12th OA
8th S2.0
GP Pescara Ottavio Guarducci #..  
57 - rebodied with a Scaglietti-look-a-like Spyder body
(like TR air intake on bonnet or TRC full width windscreen)
6. - John Horvath, Costa Mesa, CA, USA  
65 - David Roth, Newport Beach, CA, USA C137 p6
67 - advertised by Roth in R&T
68 - engine 0010M separately sold to Carl Bross
68 - Jackson Brooks, Ft. Collins, CO, USA  
70 - 250 GT/L drivetrain & Halibrand rear-end Brooks p120-127
74 - Joe Marchetti, Chicago, IL, USA - paid $14,000.-
76/dec - Edwin K. Niles, L.A., CA, USA C133 p26
78/mar - offered by Niles in R&T for $26,000.-
78 - Bob Lloyd, Justin, TX, USA  
80 - Robert Taylor, Burlingame, CA, USA  
83/feb - offered by Fantasy Junction for $46,000 - correct engine and gearbox available
.. engine 0010M in 0008M  
83/nov - $46,000 - Jon Baumgartner, Los Altos, CA, USA  
8. - Jean Pierre Slavic, Geneva, CH  
97 - Ernst Klaus, Gstaad, CH C133 p24-31                 "BE 250533"
.. - rebodied back to '49-configuration by Dino Cognolato, I  
00/nov/25 - displayed at Feria dell'Auto e Moto d'Epoca, Padova by Ferrari Club Patavium, unpainted body by Dino
Cognolato, Carrozzeria Nova Rinascente
07/jun/24 60 anni Ferrari, Concours d'Elegance Ernst Klaus
11/oct/15-12/apr/08 - displayed at Ferrari Exhibition Pantheon, Basel, CH C188 p58


Note #1:

According to Red Arrows, this was 0012M:

49/apr/24 dnf Mille Miglia Piero Taruffi /
Sergio Nicolini
#642 "BO 8048"
MMUCI p162   
and this 008I:
49/apr/23 dnf Mille Miglia Roberto Vallone /  Sergio Sighinolfi #633

Note #2:

listed in some books as 1st in 1950 in the Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti with Vallone - not correct

other race history listed in other source is not correct and mixed with 012I etc...  



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