0695GT 1957
Ferrari 250 GT Boano High roof Coupe, Ellena 3-4, LHD
chromium trim- and air-oulet behind the front wheels
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1957/aug - Garage Francorschamps SA, Brussels, B
1957/aug - Princess from the Belgium royal family
196./early - bought by a gay couple in Brussels, later accidented with the engine damaged
196. - Triumph TR 2 engine with an 8 speed gearbox (mechanical overdrive, with second gear lever!, only Ferrari with 2 gear levers) installed
1965 - Jean-Claude Senges, F (working in Belgium)
196. - engine 0951GT installed (found in Bergerac in a buggy)
1970 - identity exchanged with 0533GT to avoid paperwork problems and duties
198./late - Esquirolles, F
19.. - Ricci, F (son of Nina Ricci)
19.. - Guillomard, F  
199. - Gernot Distler, Paris, F
1991/dec - offered for $300,000 (Paris)  
1991/dec - Poulain Le Fur Palais de Congres Paris auction
Not Sold highbid $101,850
1998/jul - ?  - Coys Silverstone auction "22 JLR 75"
199. - displayed at Autotron Museum Rosmalen, NL on behalf of Distler
2005/dec/17 - Bonhams Gstaad Ferrari auction
Sold SFr. 216.394.- incl. buyer's prem.
- 15" Borranis RW3801 fitted, Grigio conchiglia/grey
2004 - engine 0695GT installed in 0885GT

the engine 0695GT once owned by Bugatti dealer De Dobbeler, later sold to Dick Merritt, Maryland ... later sold to Ash Marshall. Spizzirri in 2004 owner of 0885GT was able to purchase the engine from Marshall
2005/dec/17 - Peter Fino, Itasca, IL, USA via Marcel Massini
2007/jan/19 - RM's Vintage Motor Cars Scottsdale auction
Not Sold highbid $240.000.-



Engine 0695GT was quickly bought by Bugatti dealer De Dobbeler and sold to the U.S., later with Dick Merritt, this engine stayed a long time in MD 

93/dec - $29,000 - engine and transmission offered by Richard Merritt in FML  
9. - Tom Shaughnessy, San Clemente, CA, USA (engine only)
04 - engine used in 0885GT - 250 GT TdF 14-louver replica
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