0533GT 56
Ferrari 250 GT Boano Low Roof Coupe, all alloy, LHD
Grigio Conchiglia
70 - renumbered to 0695GT
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56 - Giuliana Guvorazzi, Torino, I
5. - Sergio Der Stefanian, I ( Stephanina ) "TO 214343"
57/apr/14 ... Giro di Sicilia Sergio Der Stefanian #311
57may/11-12 69th OA
11th GT+2.0
Mille Miglia Sergio Der Stefanian #415
62 - offered by Charles Pozzi, Paris, F
6. - ..............., Paris, F (German engineer living in Paris) 
6. - accidented (rolled) near Toulouse
64 - wreck sold to Cole, Perpignan, F
6. - repaired by a spaniard panel beater who the car in his own way: roof too flat, and modified rear wings, plus a wider nose opening to enable a new type 330 radiator to fit. The spanish died, some employee played with the car and broke the engine
70 - Senges, F
70 - identity changed and renumbered to 0695GT to avoid paperwork problems and duties
76 - Maubert, Paris, F
.. - completely restored back to original condition with mechanicals done by Vergottini and body by Leonard
88 - ............, Aix-en-Provence, F - paid FF600,000
89/nov/11 - S - Solo Ferrari Orion Monaco auction - DM 1,112,000 ($584,210) incl. comm.  
89/nov/11 - enigne still stamped 0533GT
89/nov/11 - Bernard Merian, Nice, F "4088 WR 06" 
- stored at Musée de l'Automobiliste Mougins, F
05 - Peter Fino, Itasca, IL, USA via Marcel Massini
06/jan/19-22 XV. Cavallino Classic Peter Fino
06/dec - Prof. Dr. Christian Gabka, Munich, D
08/may/15-17 Mille Miglia Christian Gabka / Sebastian Gabka #346 C166 p20 "M-GT 533H"
09/apr/21-25 Tour Auto Christian Gabka / Joachim von Finckenstein #109
09/may/14-16 Mille Miglia Christian Gabka / Sebastian Gabka #353
11/may/12-15 Mille Miglia Christian Gabka /   Hans Zeilhofer #371
11/sep//02-04 2nd Uniques Special Ones Concours d'Elegance, Firenze Christian Gabka
12/mar/21-25 - displayed at Techno Classica, Essen, D by Eberlein
12/apr/16-21 Tour Auto Christian Gabka / Sebastian Gabka #105
12/apr - Andreas Pohl, D via Eberlein
12/may/17-20 Mille Miglia Robert Peil /   Daniel Schlatter #372 "MR-P 70 H" C190 p17
12/may/17-20 333rd Mille Miglia Robert Peil /   Daniel Schlatter #415  
14/may/15-18 344th Mille Miglia Jacqueline Pohl /
Nicola Pohl
2016/may/19-22   Mille Miglia

Jacqueline Pohl
Nicola Pohl



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