0885GT 1958
Ferrari 250 GT Boano High Roof Coupe, Ellena
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1958 - Hilary Seal, New York, NY, US  
1961 - Gilbert Schaefer, Cleveland, OH, US  
196. - fitted with 271 hp Cobra 289 engine #3K28A  
1979 - S & S Specialties, West Des Moines, IA, US
“Project car with Ford 351 V8 engine installed”
1980 - George Rappelyea, NJ
By now boosted to 330 hp with Cobra 4-2V Weber setup
“QQ Y263” (NJ)
198. - Andy ……………., NY  
198. - Roger Kerlin, IL  
1980s/late - Tim Chinn, Eugene, OR, USA  
2002 - Marc Spizziri (Family Classic Cars) / Larry Alderson, CA, via Joe Marchetti  
2004 - fitted by Tom Horvath, Anaheim, with 14-louvre TdF body out of Italy. Carrozzeria Allegretti had been commissioned by Ringoir in the late 50’s to make such a body as an intended replacement for his 0707GT, but not used at that time.
Restamped engine 0695GT (inside plug) rebuilt by Bill Pound, CA.
2010/aug/13 The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, Carmel Valley Marc Spizzirri
2012 - now described by Family Classic Cars, San Juan Capistrano, CA to be with engine 0885GT  
201. - Eric Edenholm, Scottsdale, AZ.  
2015 - Restoration by Fast Cars, Ltd, Redondo Beach, CA.  
2021 - Repo’ed by Luxury Asset Capital, d/b/a/ Borro, Denver, CO  
2022/sep/03 – Worldwide Auctioneers “Auburn Auction”
Lot 628

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