0328M  53
Renumbered to 0050M 
Renumered to 0308M 
Ferrari 166 MM/53 Vignale Spyder, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53/may - Porfirio Rubirosa, DOM  
53/may - factory renumbered to 0050M, most likely because Rubirosa tried to avoid customs duties, Rubirosa owned 166 MM Touring Barchetta s/n 0050M  
53/jul/05 dnf
12h Reims Porfirio Rubirosa /   Pierre Leygonie #28 SuR p71
FbV p183
C102 p21
53/aug/06 - sold by the factory to Porfirio Rubirosa, Paris, F  
53 - again factory renumbered to 0308M (why ?)  
54 - Fernand Tavano, F via Luigi Chinetti (see "Dans les pas de Fernand Tavano" p27)
54 - registered in the name of Tavano's cousin Virginio Guglielmini from Cruevacuore-Vercelli, I  "VC 34269" 
54may/08-09 53rd OA Rallye de Sablé-Solesmes Fernand Tavano /  Pierre Garczinsky #98 Dans les pas de Fernand Tavano p26, 28               "VC 34269" Émotion Ferrari p101
54/may/30 7th Circuit du Loiret Fernand Tavano #1
54 - back to factory for an overhaul
54/sep/03 1st Finale du Challenge Paul-Jamin Fernand Tavano #67 Dans les pas de Fernand Tavano p30
55/mar/05-06 15th OA 1st IC Rallye de Touraine Fernand Tavano / Claude Brindeau #177
55/mar/26-27 dnf Rallye Dunois Fernand Tavano / Claude Brindeau
55/apr/23-24 5th Rallye de Nantes Fernand Tavano #64 Dans les pas de Fernand Tavano p32
55/may/08 dnf 4h de Forez
St. Etinenne
Fernand Tavano #11
56/apr - back to factory - paid Lit. 1.000.000.-
56 - Garage Francorchamps SA, Brussels, B "T.1495"
56/may13 8th S2.0
GP des Voitures de Série, Spa Jacques Coune #11  
56/may/20 14th OA
7th S2.0
GP des Frontieres
Bernard Bianchi #34  
56/jul/05   Spa-Francorchamps Jacques Coune #21  
57/jul/07 2nd MG Car Club Meeting, Zandvoort "Beurlys"
56/jul/15 2nd IC Côte d’Andenne hillclimb Jacques Coune    
57 - Serge Orban, Paris, F  
57/mar/10 4th Côte de Bomerée hillclimb Serge Orban #111  
57/mar/24 5th IC Côte de la Roche hillclimb Serge Orban   "475.W.O"
57/mar/31 3rd IC Côte de Dinant hillclimb Serge Orban #184  
57/may/12 17th OA 4th S2.0 GP de Spa Serge Orban #16 Francorchamps 1948-1960 p218
by Delsaux
57/jun/09 6th 27th Grand Prix de Frontières Serge Orban #36  
57/aug/17 dnf Grand Prix Roskildering Serge Orban #41  
57 - Pierre Berchem, B  
57/oct/06 12th Coupes du Salon, Monthléry Pierre Berchem #06  
58 - Graham Warner, The Chequered Flag, London, GB  
58 - Vivien Stanbury, Crewe, GB who was chief designer at Rolls-Royce Motors  
60/jan - Bernard R. Worth, Gloucestershire, GB PH35 p26
"72 SMK"
73 Le Mans Cinquantenaire Bernard Worth #80 AMS 19/73 p190 T&CC 6/78 p49
78 Easter Monday Thruxton Bernard Worth
82/may/13   Mille Miglia Worth /
#100 MM86 p139
86/may/01   Mille Miglia Worth /
98/jul/24-26 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Bernard Worth
99/jul/30-aug/01 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Bernard Worth
01/may/26-28 Coys Historic Festival, Rockingham Bernard Worth
06/jul/01-02 FOC UK Concours, Walton Hall Bernard Worth




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