0308M 53
Ferrari 166 MM/53 Vignale Berlinetta, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53 - Antoine Causse, Casablanca, MA  
53/jun/07 5th OA
2nd S2.0
12h d'HyŤres Antoine Causse /   Pierre Dumay #22 …motion Ferrari p84
53/sep/05 6th OA 1st S2.0 Tour de France Antoine Causse /   Pierre Dumay #26 Tipo166 p141
SuR p74      TdF p79
- small additional lights in front grille
53/sep - heavily crashed in a road accident, bodywork destroyed 
53 - sent back to factory and renumbered to 0050
5. - later this  car became one of the early Scaglietti bodies and looks like a Mondial/Monza. It was believed that the number of this car was 0308M or 0328M
see 0050 


53 - 166 MM/53 Vignale Berlinetta s/n 0328M/0050 became renumbered s/n 0308M  



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