0330MM 53/may/16
250 MM Vignale Spider S2, RHD
three oval portholes, triangular cut away in rear fenders
this car has also the serial number 0276MM
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53 - Joao A. Gaspar, Oporto, P "NR-13-86"
53 - Jose Arroyo Nogueira Pinto, Oporto, P  
53/jun/21 1st GP Portugal Nogueria Pinto #5  
53/jul/26 3rd ACP Jubilee GP Portugal Nogueira Pinto #20 FY53
53/aug/16 1st Leca da Palmeria Slalom Nogueira Pinto    
53/aug/26 3rd Jubileo GP Lisboa Nogueria Pinto #20
53/sep/06 3rd GP Supercortemaggiore Nogueira Pinto #64  
53/dec/27 dnf GP Rio de Janeiro Pinto #21  
54 - Franciso Marques, BR  
54/jun/27 7th GP do Porto Marques #12  
54/jul/25 10th GP Portugal Marques #3  
54 - 0330MM and 0276MM meet at this occasion, (renumbered ???)  
56/jul/25 - renumbered 0276 or 0390 - chassis and engine
Note: 0390 was sold in dec/53 to Schell/De Portago 0330/0276
.. - Thomas A. Oleson, Santa Barbara, CA, USA - chassis only, engine owned by Tom Caulfield  
71/mar - Jackson Brooks, Ft. Collins, CO, USA  
71 - engine bought from Tom Caulfield
71 - car restored as running chassis, has engine from 0390, this engine was left in the cold and cracked, was welded and put in this parts car, 0330 is in 0390
73/may - Peter Giddings, NY, USA -chassis & engine 0390MM as a backup car for 0330MM
73 - Rudy Pas, NL bought running chassis & engine 0390MM   
.. - rebodied by Dino Cognolato with Vignale Spyder body
87 - Art Valdez, Torrance, CA, USA "250 MM 87 (CA)"
87/may/21   Mille Miglia Valdez/Valdez #230 FbV p 177 C40 p38
88/may/05 acc. Mille Miglia Valdez/X #182  
88 - repaired by Dino Cognolato, Vigonza, I  
89/dec - offered by Auto Italia, Monterey, CA, USA  
92/may/21-24   Mille Miglia Valdez/Valdez  #301 MM92 p119, 158            C71 p20
$675,000 - displayed at Monterey  
94/oct - offered by Ferrari of SF, CA, USA for $725,000.-  
96/may/09-12   Mille Miglia Valdez/Valdez  #256  
97/may/01-03   Mille Miglia Valdez/Valdez #222  



75 - Joe Pendergast - FCA car shown as 0330MM (but is 0390MM)  




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