0326MM 53
250 MM Spider Vignale S2 , RHD
Red, 2 chromed portholes, raised hood corners
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53/apr/26 dnf
Mille Miglia Mike Hawthorn /
Azelio Cappi
#625 PH108 p27
FEO p315
53 - Joao Gaspar, Oporto, P "IB-19-60"
53 - Casimiro de Oliveira, P  
53 - D. Fernando Mascarenhas de Fronteira, Lisboa, P  
53/jun/21 4th OA III. GP de Portugal,
Fernando Mascarenhas #4  
53/jul/26 dnf JACP Jubilee GP Portugal,
Monsanto Park
Fernando Mascarenhas #19 red over black
53/aug/08 2nd IC Volta a Portugal Fernando Mascarenhas    
53/sep/06 dnf GP Supercortemaggiore,
Fernando Mascarenhas #66 1000km di Monza p14
53/dec/27 4th GP Rio de Janeiro Fernando Mascarenhas
54/jan/04 4th OA GP Rio de Janeiro,
Gavea circuit
Fernando Mascarenhas    
54/jan/11 4th OA GP Sao Paolo,
Fernando Mascarenhas    
54/jun/06 2nd GP Tanger Fernando Mascarenhas #..  
54/jun/27 4th GP do Porto Fernando Mascarenhas #20  
54/jul/25 13th OA GP Portugal,
Fernando Mascarenhas #12  
55 - Antonio Borges Barreto, P  
55 - bonnet mounted on exterior hinges
55/... 1st Volta a Portugal Antonio Barreto #..  
55/jun/26 7th OA GP Portugal,
Antonio Barreto #22  
55/jul/24 10th OA III. GP de Lisboa,
Monsanto Park
Antonio Barreto #20  
55/sep/11 dns Vila do Conde Antonio Barreto
77 - Dott. Veniero Molari, Torino, I  
77 - new body by Carrozzeria Giordanengo, Cuneo, I  
77/dec - Pietro Brigato, Vicenza, I FEO p209
80 - restored again with a new body by Dino Cognolato's shop Nova Rinascente, I MR 89 p18
MM90 p146, p139
.. - the original bodyparts from 0326MM were later sold to Francesco Guasti and used on 0296MM
83/sep/15-18 Ferrari Days Modena Pietro Brigato #48
84/may/24   Mille Miglia Brigato/Brigato #169 "VI 534000" 
85/sep/27-29 80 Anni di Sport ACI con la Ferrari, Modena Veniero Molari /         T. Molari #124 Golinelli p23
86 - Rolf-Peter Ditter, Haslach, D FbV p175           "OG TS 250" 
86/may/01   Mille Miglia Ditter /
87/may/21   Mille Miglia Ditter /
#224 C40 p36
87/aug/14-16 Oldtimer GP, Nuerburgring Rolf-Peter Ditter #154
88 - Engelbert Stieger, Teufen, CH "AR 7386" 
88/may/05   Mille Miglia Stieger /
#137 FOC 90 p31
88/aug/11-14 Oldtimer GP, Nuerburgring Patrick Stieger #142
89/apr/28   Mille Miglia Stieger /
90/apr/07 GP de Montreux Stieger
94/may/05-08 150th Mille Miglia Stieger /
95/may/18-21   Mille Miglia Stieger/Hasler #276  
96/aug - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $850k  
96/oct/22 - William E. 'Chip' Connor, HK in exchange for 212 MM  
97/feb - still offered by SMC, now for $950k
97/apr/19 Rodeo Drive Concours Chip Connor
97/may/01-03   Mille Miglia  Connor /
#302 "357 HJW (NV)" 
01/jul/06-08 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Chip Connor #95
07/aug/19 Pebble Beach Concours, class M-2 Chip Connor



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