613486 65/Jun/06
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA
engine ...
Exterior ....
prepared by ......
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65/jul - ........ Roma, I "Roma 854273"
66/may - Rob Slotemaker, NL Wim Loos white and organe sides
66/may/30 2nd OA
2nd T1.6
Pinksterraces, Zandvoort Wim Loos #76  
66/jul/23-24   F1 GP Zandvoort Wim Loos #46  
66/sep/4 6th OA
6th T1.6
Challenge Turismo a Zandvoort Wim Loos #47  
67/Jul/10 3rd OA Coupes Benelux, Zandvoort Wim Loos    

Coupes Benelux, Zandvoort, Race 2  Touring cars 1000-1600 cc

Wim Loos, NL   ??? s/n
9? - Roger Lewis, Chicago, Ill, USA  
Fully restored and with most of the important Corsa components, this car has a proper GTA numbered engine with twin plug cylinder head and Weber carburetors  
09 - offered by Grand Prix Classic, La Jolla, CA, USA  
15/... - Alfaholics, UK