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World Championship Winners on Show

01.07.2013, 16:06:53 cet

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For the first time, all the Prancing Horse cars which have won the World Championship will be on display at the Galleria Ferrari at Maranello. The exhibition will run from 15th February to 20th April.

Over the course of two months, visitors to Galleria Ferrari can admire the ten Prancing Horse cars which have won the world title. In celebration of winning the title in 2000, Ferrari decided to display in one unique exhibition, all the ten cars, from Alberto Ascari's 500 F2, which won the first ever Drivers' title in 1952, to the F1 2000 which, in the hands of Michael Schumacher, was victorious last year. This exclusive event, organised by Galleria Ferrari as a tribute to the team doing the double in 2000 will be a great new treat for all the fans. It represents a walk around the history of the only constructor that can put its name to ten titles, won with such diverse machinery: from the front engined cars of the Fifties, to the 12 cylinder normally aspirated machines with transverse gearbox used in the Seventies, right up to the V10 with electro-hydraulic gearchange used in 2000.

The full line-up of cars gathered together in the Galleria is:
52 Ferrari 500 F2 (Alberto Ascari)
53 Ferrari 500 F2 (Alberto Ascari)
56 Ferrari-Lancia D50 (Juan Manuel Fangio)
58 Dino 246 F1 (Mike Hawthorn)
61 Ferrari 156 F1 (Phil Hill)
64 Ferrari 158 F1 (John Surtees)
75 Ferrari 312 T (Niki Lauda)
77Ferrari 312 T2 (Niki Lauda)
79 Ferrari 312 T4 (Jody Scheckter)
2000 Ferrari F1-2000 (Michael Schumacher)

Also on display are the trophies that went with the ten wins from the 2000 F1 season; the highest number of wins in a season ever achieved by Ferrari since it entered the sport.

Note: The images shown may not be the cars on display.

156 Formula One s/n 0002
Lancia D50 s/n D500004
Ferrari 500 Formula 2 s/n 0188
312 T4 formula 1, #038
312 T2 s/n 027
Dino 246 F1 s/n 0003
Dino 156 F1 Replica - Phil Hill
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