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Righini Collection
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Righini Collection
Righini Collection
Righini Collection
Righini Collection
Righini Collection
Righini Collection
Righini Collection
Righini Collection
Righini Collection
Righini Collection
Righini Collection
Righini Collection
Righini Collection
Righini Collection
Righini Collection
Righini Collection
1929 Alfa Romeo 17/75

Haynes Motor Museum

The Haynes Motor Museum is a charitable trust that was set up by John Haynes OBE the founder of the Haynes Publishing Group, and first opened its doors to the public in July 1985, with an inventory of 49 cars and 3 motorcycles. Since then the museum has grown vastly in size to accommodate an ever growing range of exhibits, such that it now comprises of ten interlinked halls housing nearly 300 cars and over 70 motorcycles, together with a vast array of motoring memorabilia and toys,

Ferrari Import Kroymans BV are the long time importer for the marque in The Netherlands, whilst the CEO Frederico Kroymans is a passionate classic car enthusiast, and was the overall winner of the Shell Historic Ferrari Maserati Challenge race series in 2001, driving his 250 GTO, chassis # 4757GT. He also has a fine private collection of some rare and beautiful Ferraris, which Edwin van Nes was able to access, to provide you with the images that you will find in this gallery

Kroymans Collection, The Netherlands

Collezione Maranello Rosso, Italy

The Collezione Maranello Rosso recently moved to new premises in San Marino, close to the state border, where the fine selection of Ferrari models that form the core of the collection are displayed. These include examples of 250 GT TdF, 250 GT "Interim", 250 GT SWB and 250 GTO berlinettas amongst a wide range of models on show. The Abarth part of the collection is not normally open to the public, but access can be obtained by special request

Dino 246 Tasman s/n 0008
Geneva Auto Museum
Kroymans Collection, overview

Musee de l'Automobile, Geneva

Geneva, beautifully situated at the south side of Lac Leman, is always worth a trip. It is famous for its sights, narrow streets where you can either shop around in one of Geneva’s uncountable watch and jewellery shops or just sit in a cosy café or bar to watch the busy business people walk by. But between shopping and enjoying cheese fondue you have to visit one of Geneva’s younger attractions: The International Auto Museum.

The town of Maranello is Mecca for Ferrari enthusiasts world-wide, you may not easily gain access to the Ferrari factory, but there is a wide variety of choice for the aficionado to appreciate during a visit. You can see and hear F1 cars testing at the Fiorano track, visit the factory run Galleria Ferrari, enjoy a meal at the Cavallino restaurant, shop for memorabilia and

Galleria Ferrari, Italy

166 MM Touring Berlinetta s/n 0042M

Musée National de l'Automobile - Collection Schlumpf, France

Ferrari 250 LM, s/n 5975

Italian born brothers Hans and Fritz Schlumpf made their fortune in the textile industry. Fritz was an enthusiastic collector of cars of all sorts and makes, but had a special love for Bugatti. Since 1964, the ever-growing car collection was housed in the Mulhouse factory of the Schlumpf brothers. When the textile industry was in a decline during the 1970's the Schlumpf brothers sold their factories. To save the immense car collection, meanwhile it grew to well over 400 cars, amongst them some 100 Bugatti's, the collection was classified a French historic monument in 1978 and sold to the National Automobile Museum Association in 1978

Ferrari F310 F1 (1996) s/n 170

Marconi Museum, California

The Marconi Automotive Museum is a non-profit organisation that through its activities supports the Marconi Foundation For Kids, that assists numerous children’s charities with financial support. The foundation was started by the museum founder and owner, Dick Marconi, in 1994 based on a philosophy imparted by his father – ”Learn, Earn, Return”. Having done the first, and succeeded in the second

Matra 670 B 1974

Musee Automobile de la Sarthe, France

Until 1991the Le Mans museum was housed in what was basically a warehouse within the confines of the racing circuit, with the exhibits displayed in uninspiring rows behind rope barriers. This all changed in that year, with the opening of a new purpose built museum building adjacent to the main entrance to the circuit. The architectural design of  the structure is intended to convey a sense of speed and motion, and the project was a joint venture between the regional council and the Automobile Club de  l'Ouest, organisers of the world famous 24 Hour Race,

Mobile Marlboro packets

The Donington Grand Prix Collection Donington Park, England

NASCAR Official Attraction, Daytona, Florida

If Formula One cars are your passion, then a visit to the Donington Grand Prix Collection is an absolute must, as it is the largest collection of Grand Prix racing cars in the world. Even if your interest is general motor sport as opposed to specifically Formula One, you will find the displays fascinating, and be impressed by the sheer scale of the collection, plus the variety of cars exhibited

The Daytona Motorsports Attraction is situated a mile east of exit 87 off Interstate 95, adjacent to the main entrance of the Daytona International Speedway, on West International Speedway Boulevard. The venue was opened in 1996 and in 1998 was made the official NASCAR attraction, with its static and interactive exhibition areas reflecting America’s most popular form of motor sport. On the paved concourse outside the entrance stands a life size bronze sculpture of Bill France and his wife, the founders of NASCAR and builders of the Daytona International Speedway

1937 Bluebird V land speed record car
1955 Sumar Special

Klassix Auto Attraction, Florida

Manoir de l'Automobile, France

Located near Rennes in Brittany, the litle village of Loheac is home to the car collection of Michel Hommell, the Manoir de l'Automobile. His name is well known in French motoring circles, both as the head of a big press group (their motoring magazines include Echappement and Auto Passion), and also as the instigator with Gilles Dupré (the ideas man) of the Berlinette Echappement considered by many to be the new "berlinette Alpine"

Collezione Rosso Bianco, Germany

Lamborghini Miura S
Ferrari shop opposite factory entrance

Visiting Modena & The Surrounding Region, Italy

For those who have visited Modena regularly over the years, it is relatively easy to find all the points of interest for the motoring enthusiast. However, for those who have no knowledge of the area, perhaps don’t speak Italian, or for whom it may be a one-off trip from the other side of the globe, it could be a daunting experience. No fear, help is at hand!

The Klassix Auto Attraction is situated just west of junction 87 (northbound) or 87B (southbound) on Interstate 95, with the ”totem pole” mounted Chevrolet Corvette clearly visible high above the junction. The exhibitions comprise of mainly classic ”American Iron” including a wide variety of Corvette models that have been produced over the years, sixties and seventies muscle cars, plus a selection of pre-war cars and various racing cars

Maserati Tipo 151/3 s/n 151.002

Boxenstop Museum

Not far from Stuttgart, in the beautiful village Tuebingen, you will find a real little gem - The Boxenstop Museum. It's not only another car museum but a small collection of some of the all-time favourites in automobile history surrounded by normally long lost - and now historic - toys for children. The Boxenstop museum therefore can't be recommended highly enough to those of us, who have grown up with sheet children's toys and who still have such toys - maybe a little bigger and stored in the garage now

Casa Ferrari loacted in the middle of the Fiorano race track area

Collezione Panini

Casa Ferrari loacted in the middle of the Fiorano race track area

Exhibition at The Gallery

The Gallery in Brummen is a unique concept in the field of classic and sportscars. Under one roof you can find not only three floors with

275 GTB shortnose, s/n 6705

Museo De Tomaso

Casa Ferrari loacted in the middle of the Fiorano race track area

Righini Collection

Casa Ferrari loacted in the middle of the Fiorano race track area

Collezione Stanguellini

Casa Ferrari loacted in the middle of the Fiorano race track area

Museo Luigi Bonfanti & Tazio Nuvolari

The famous "Museo Luigi Bonfanti" in Romano d'Ezzelino hosted a very special exhibition about Tazio Nuvolari from April to October this year. Displayed were not only some of the cars he had originally raced but thousands of race pictures which covered all his life from the early beginnings to the end.

Casa Ferrari loacted in the middle of the Fiorano race track area

Musée National de l'Automobile - Collection Schlumpf, France

When I first visited the Schlumpf Collection many years ago, it was known as the Musée National de l’Automobile, and the entrance was in the original 19th century mill building on the Ave. de Colmar in Mulhouse. It was a discreet entranceway in a rather
... O'Neill Gallery >>>

Le Mans 24/77 Exhibition in the "Prototyp-Museum" in Hamburg

On Saturday the 28th of November we had the opportunity to visit the "Prototyp-Museum" in Hamburg for the opening of their special exhibition dedicated to the legendary 24 hours at Le Sarthe. This small gem is located in an old redbrick building in the Hafencity listed for preservation. After a complete renovation in 2008 this building is shining in a new gleam combining exciting new architecture with the existing one.

Time travel through Porsche's History

One of the greatest and most spectacular building projects in the history of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG was completed in December 2008: the new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. Located directly in the very heart of this unique sports car company so rich in tradition, the Museum serves to present the fascinating thrill and diversity of the Porsche brand to visitors from all over the world.

Mercedes-Benz W196 1955, 300SLR 1955, 300SL 1952 (front to back)

The Mercedes-Benz Museum

The Mercedes-Benz Museum is the only museum in the world that can document in a single continuous timeline over 120 years of auto industry history from its very beginnings to the present day. On nine levels and covering a floor space of 16,500 square metres, the museum presents 160 vehicles and over 1,500 exhibits. As a place of innovation, it also demonstrates that history can point the way ahead.

The Revs Institute for Automotive Research

When attending the major Concours in the World it becomes obvious that many of the top cars are usually entered by a small but very enthusiastic group of international collectors and after a while one can recognize individual preferences both in the sort of cars they own and the way they are presented.

Ferrari ... Genio e Segreti ... Museo Ferrari Maranello

After the success of the “California Dreaming” exhibition in 2014, the Museo Ferrari in Maranello has a new themed exhibition, “Genio e Segreti” (Genius & Secrets), that is scheduled to run until the end of the year. Apart from a selection of cars from the company’s “vaults”, styling and experimental departments, there is the opportunity to discover some of the “secrets” straight from the mouths of people, who have been, or are, close to the epicentre of the company.

Le Musee des 24 Heures

The automobile museum at Le Mans has recently undergone a total revamp of the interior layout, with new galleries and new exhibits, portraying the history of the famous 24 Hour Race and also the evolution of the car itself. The new layout is essentially divided into six specific areas, which are in sequence as one enters the museum, each with its own theme, plus a temporary exhibition area.

Maserati Centennial Exhibition Inaugurated in Modena

A unique exhibition dedicated to the Centennial of Maserati was inaugurated in Modena this morning. MASERATI 100 - A Century of Pure Italian Luxury Sports Cars retraces the story of the Italian car manufacturer through an exhibition featuring some of the Trident marque’s most significant road and racing cars, plus a highly engaging show employing 19 projectors, enabling visitors to relive the most significant moments in the history of Maserati and to learn about the individuals who shaped its history.

Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum renamed Museo Enzo Ferrari had its management transferred to the Ferrari organisation

The original Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena adjacent to the house in which Enzo Ferrari was born, which also forms part of the complex, and which opened in March 2012, recently had its management transferred to the Ferrari organisation, and was temporarily closed for a short period for refurbishment and rejuvenation. The new museum, renamed Museo Enzo Ferrari, fittingly opened on Tuesday 18 February, which for those with short memories was Enzo Ferrari’s date of birth in 1898.

The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum

When people talking about American cars they usually think of Detroit being the centre of the American car industry and home of the big names. But this is just a development of the time when mass production and cost efficiency reduced the variety of car manufacturers spread out all over the country to a few remaining names. In the beginning of the last century, the dawn of motoring, numerous independent small companies and individuals designed horseless carriages just like the Eckhart family.

California Dreaming Exhibition – Museo Ferrari

A new exhibition opened at the Museo Ferrari in Maranello in April 2014, and is planned to run through to the end of the year. The theme is essentially Ferrari in the USA, very apt in the 60th anniversary year of official imports to the country, with particular emphasis on the state of California, in light of the recent launch of the new California T model, hence the exhibition title “California Dreaming”.

Ferrari Sporting Spirit ... Museo Ferrari

Ferrari President, Luca di Montezemolo, performed the official opening ceremony for a new exhibition in the Museo Ferrari in Maranello, during the morning of Tuesday 15 October 2013. The exhibition entitled “Ferrari Sporting Spirit” is designed to show the symbiosis between Ferraris racing and road cars, whilst also heralding the arrival of the latest “Extreme Machine” the 458 Speciale, and the recently redesigned interior entrance to the museum galleries

“Ferrari Supercar Tecnica, Design, Mito” Exhibition, Museo Ferrari

Between 08 March and 30 September 2013, the Museo Ferrari in Maranello is hosting an exhibition titled “Ferrari Supercar Tecnica, Design, Mito” The exhibition focuses on the Ferrari limited production supercars spanning nearly 30 years, which started with the GTO (288) in 1984, continued with the F40 in 1987, then came the F50 in 1995, the Enzo in 2002 and the LaFerrari presented at the Geneva Salon this year.

The National Motor Museum ... an exhibition “Bond in Motion”

The National Motor Museum was founded over half a century ago, in 1956, by Lord Montagu as a tribute to his father, who one of the pioneers of motorised transport in Great Britain. The museum has grown in size and stature from those early days, and in 1970 Lord Montagu founded a charitable trust to ensure the longevity of the collection as a national heritage.

The Simeone Foundation Museum ... one of the most famous race car collections in the world

Today we take a look back to our visit of one of the most famous race car collections in the world, the Simeone Foundation Museum in Philadelphia. When arriving from the airport the journey leads to the nearby business park that is home of the rental car parking lots and numerous car dealerships, unimpressive signposts guiding to a brown industrial building. Just a blue sign and the name over the entrance indicate that this building might be more than an ordinary factory building, a banner “Museum of the Year” is making curious. This award was given to the Museum in 2011 by a well known international jury of automotive experts in London in this category as part of “The International Historic Motoring Awards”

Petersen Automotive Museum

During our visit to Los Angeles in October we took the opportunity to visit several museums in the area, two of them we reported earlier on. Last but not least we take a look at the Petersen Automotive Museum that is located directly in Los Angeles on the famous Wilshire Boulevard about half way from downtown LA to Santa Monica.

The Nethercutt Museum

J.B.Nethercutt made his fortune with Cosmetics and bought his first two classic cars back in 1956, a Duesenberg and a 1930 DuPont Town Car, both in unrestored condition. Although estimated with just a few weeks the restoration of the DuPont took more than 18 months to perfection with a lot of research for originality so the car was driven

Blackhawk Museum

The name Blackhawk is very familiar to the world of classic cars being renowned for dealing with some of the world's most glamorous cars for the last decades. Beside a large showroom of the subsidiary “The Auto Collection” at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas the name Blackhawk is resident in Danville, about 30 miles east of San Francisco. In 1988 the Blackhawk Museum was opened to show some of the cars for sale plus many others to the public in a modern 70.000 sq-foot building.

A Passion for French Coach-built Cars ... The Mullin Automotive Museum

When visiting the numerous prestigious Concours d´Elegance around the world, like Pebble Beach, Amelia Island or the Villa d´Este, some names reappear regularly on the list of the award winners and one becomes aware that there are some serious collectors who never seem to run out of superb cars. Some of those names have been around for decades showing that they started to collect classic cars well before the boom time of the late 1980s and early 90s, when collecting cars  was more a question

BMW Museum

The BMW-Museum in Munich right beside the corporate headquarters first opened in 1973. The heritage protected building by the architect Prof. Karl Schwanzer has become one of the town´s landmarks called “Museums-Schüssel” ( “museums bowl” ) and featured the company´s history for about 30 years. In 2002 the lack of exhibition space made a new concept necessary. Whereas other companies decided in the same period the construction of a totally new museum for one or the other reason BMW made the decision to extend the existing building.

Where History and Future Meet ... Museo Storico Alfa Romeo

“La Macchina del tempo – Museo Storico Alfa Romeo” is the heart of a genuine “brand center”, with a bookshop, café, Documentation Center, test drive track, events venues and a show-room with a customer delivery area: it is the perfect bond between past, present and future. In Arese, next to Milan city center and the Expo area.

Autoworld Automobile Museum Brussels

The Cinquantenaire Park in the centre of Brussels was built as part of the vision of King Leopold II, in the late part of the 19th Century, although it was not completed until early in the 20th Century. Central to the park is the majestic triumphal arch from either side of which spread the colonnades to the exhibition centres, which were used for the first time in 1880 to exhibit products of Belgian art and industry, and later for the 1897 World Exposition.