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166 MM Touring Barchetta

98/oct $1.3m  99/oct $1.5m  00/feb $1.5m

166 MM Touring Berlinetta

98/jul $1.0m

166 MM Vignale Coupe


166 Inter Coupe Stabilimenti Farina

98/... £125k

166 Inter Vignale Coupe                 

98/aug £129k

166 Inter Touring Coupe                 

98/dec SFR 340k

195 Inter Berlinetta Touring         

97/dec ..... 99/mar $395k

195 Inter Coupe Ghia                     

97/nov $50k 98/... £ 125k

275S America Barchetta Touring/

340 America Barchetta               

99/jul $1.0m

212 Export Spyder Vignale             

98/jul $585k

212 Export Touring Barchetta         

96/jan $850k 97/nov $1.5m 99/nov $900K

212 Export Vignale Berlinetta         

97/... $300k

212 Inter Touring Berlinetta             

98/aug $750k 99/may FF 1,37m

212 Inter Vignale Coupe                 

99/aug $297k 99/dec SFR 383k

212 Inter PF Coupe                       

98/dec $97k

212 Inter Coupé Ghia                     

99/dec SFR 531k

212 Europa PF Coupe                   

98/aug $288k

225 Sport Spyder Vignale              

96/mar $495k 97/nov $550k 98/... $850k

98/... $850k

225 Sport Berlinetta Vignale           

99/sep $900k

225 Europa Vignale                       

97/nov $320k

340 America Vignale Spyder          

99/mar $650k 99/jun $950k

340 America Vignale Coupe           

99/mar $550k 99/oct $1.6m

340 Mexico Vignale Berlinetta        

99/aug $1.37m

342 America Convertible PF           

98/oct $1.25m

166 MM/53 Vignale Spyder         

97/nov $900k

250 MM Berlinetta PF                   

95/dec $500k 97/... $795k 98/jan $650k

98/jan $800k 98/... $850k 98/mar $1.0m

98/dec SFR 949k

250 MM Vignale Spyder                

96/jan $780k 96/feb $950k 98/jun $1.5m

98/aug $1.1m

250 GT Competizione Europa        

95/jan $490k 97/dec £ 349k 98/jan DM 1.2m

98/... $925k

250 Europa GT Coupe                   

98/dec $375k

340 MM Spyder Touring                

97/... $1.025m 98/... $1,45m

340 MM Vignale Spyder,               

96/nov $1.0m 97/feb $1.9m 99/oct $2.5m

340 MM Pinin Farina Berlinetta      

93/feb $1,05m 98/feb $1.7m 98/oct $2.3m

99/may $3.0m

375 MM Pinin Farina Berlinetta      

96/... $1.95M

375 MM Pinin Farina Spyder

93/mar $850k 93/... $1.6m 94/jul $1.1m

96/jul $1.0m 98/jan $1.5m 99/jan $3.7m

99/aug $4.5m

250 Monza Spyder PF                  

98/jan $1.0m 98/feb $1.5m 98/feb $2.0m

99/aug $2.7m

375 Plus Spyder Sutton                


121 LM                                        

96/... $975k 96/dec $1.4m

500 Mondial Spyder SI Scaglietti    

97/... $425k

500 Mondial Spyder S I PF            

98/jan $440k 98/mar £ 335k 98/aug $480k

500 Mondial Spyder SII Scaglietti   

97 $400k 96/jun £ 295k 98/nov £ 342k

625 GP Monoposto                       

98/may $675k 98/nov £ 375k 99/apr $550k

750 Monza Spyder Scaglietti         

96 £375k 97 £395k 97/nov $595k

99 $780k

410 Sport Spyder                          

95/feb $2.1m 97/dec £ 2.25m 99/mar $3.5m

500 TR Spyder Scaglietti               

98/oct $750k 98 $750k 99/aug $500K

250 GT Coupe PF Speciale            

98/dec $250k

250 GT Boano alloy                       

98/jun $160k 99/dec SFR 245k 99/jul £ 275k

500 TRC Spyder Scaglietti

98/9 $900k 00/ $1.25m

860 Monza Spyder Scaglietti         

99/jun $1.4m

250 GT PF Cabriolet Series I         

98/apr $500k 99/jan £ 295k 99/aug $300k

290 MM Spyder Scaglietti              

98/aug $6.5m

250 GT LWB TdF no louvre            

98/.. $ 900k 99/dec SFR 2'75m

250 GT LWB TdF 14 louvre            

94/sep $450k 98 $925k 99 $1.3m

99/jun $750k

250GT LWB TdF 1 louvre               

95/nov DM 600k 96/... DM 680k 97/feb $680k

97/jun $465k 97/dec £ 295k 98/may $550k

98/nov $550k 98/dec $575k 99/Jun FF 6.0m

99/oct $850K

250 GT LWB California Spyder     

98 £450k 98/may $695k 98/jul £ 360k

98/aug $595k 99/jun $550k 98/oct $475k

250 GT LWB Cal Competizione      

95/nov $550k 00/apr $1.2m

410 Superamerica SI Coupe LWB 

98 $350k 99/may $701k

410 Superamerica SII Coupe SWB 

98 $250k

410 Superamerica SIII Coupe         

98/nov $280k 99/aug $360k

315 S                                           

98/feb $7.5m

335 S                                           

98/mar $4.5m

250 TR 58                      

96/jan $2.4m 97 $4.0m 98/apr $4.0m

98/jul $4.0 m 98/oct $5.5m

250 TR  59                     

97 $5.0m 98/feb $5.6m

400 SA SI Cabriolet LWB              

99/Jun $550k

196 S Dino                                   

90 $3,9m

250 TR 59/60 Fantuzzi Spyder

250 GT SWB Berlinetta Comp 60   

97 $900k 96/Sep $650k 97/dec $1.25m

98/mar DM1.6m 99/apr £ 580k 99/mar $800k

99/dec SFR 1'6m 99 $1.25m

400 Superamerica Coupé             

98/jun FF 1.6m 98 $285k 98/nov $230k

250 GT PF Cabriolet Series II        

98/dec $212k

250 GT SWB Berlinetta Comp 61   

97 $870k 96/feb $1,5m 97 $1,8m

98/feb $1.7m 99/Jun $2.0m 00/jan $2'3m

250 GT SWB California open

97/nov $825k 99/Jun $600k 99/dec SFR 1.6m

250 GT SWB California covered

96/aug $925k 98/feb $900k 98/3 $1.0m

00/mar $1.25m 00/jan $1.25m 00/jan $825k

00/jan $875k 00/mar $1.0m 00/mar $1.16m

250 GT SWB Berlinetta 61             

95/may $500k 95/dec $595k 97   DM 700k

98/aug $700k 98/mar DM 1.0m 98/mar DM 1.3m

98 £ 400k 98/jul $650k 98/3 $685k

98/aug $795k 99/may FF 3,97m 99/Jun $725k

99/Jun $600k 99/may DM 1.1m 98/aug $700k

99/nov £ 510k 00/mar $750k

250 GT SWB Nembo Spyder         

97/nov $800k

400 SA SI Cabriolet SWB              

98/3 $250k 99/aug $300,000

275/330 P

98/feb $5.5m

250 GT Speciale                           

99/apr $5.0m

250 GTO 62                                  

97 98/1 $4.5m 99/mar $5.5m

99 $6.5m

275 GTB "Le Mans Speciale"        

99/jan $2.6m

330 LM                                        

98/3 $2.4m

250 GTO 64                                  

98/feb $6.0m

268 SP                                        

96 $1.7m

196 SP/ 248 SP/ 268 SP               

99/aug $1,28m

275 GTB/C Series 1                      

97 £250k 97 DM 580k 99/apr $650k

Dino 166P/206P                            

97 98 99

250 LM                                         

94 $1.3m 98 $2.0m 98/jun $2.0m

98/dec SFR 2,42m 98/may $2.1m 99/aug $2.6m

00/.. FF 15m 00/mar $2.31m 99/aug $2.4m

206 S Dino Spyder                   

95/dec $1.05m 96 $1.25m 98 $1.5m

99 $1.5m 99/dec $1.8 m

330 P3                                         

97/jun $4.5m 98 $6.0m

330 P4 Spyder                              

98/feb $10.3m

412 P                                           

95 $4.5m 97 $4.0m 97 $5.0m

275 NART Spyder                         

98/aug $2.09m

275 GTB/C Series II                      

97/may $900k 99/aug $1,21m 99/jul $850k

00/mar $1.07m 99/sep $1.35mio

275 GTB/4                                  

98/aug $338k 98/nov $290k

312 PB 71

98/feb $2.0m 99/jan $2,25m

512 S                                      

97/jun $1.2m 99/dec SFR 1'87m 00/jan $1.3m

99/may $1.5m

512 M                                      

96/aug $2.5m 97 $1.8m 98/dec $1.7m

99/.. $1.4m 99/sep $1.95m

712 Can-Am Spyder                       96/aug

$1.95m 00/apr $1.45m

365 GTB/4, competition prototype  

9./ £ 325k

365 GTB/4, unofficial competition   

97 DM 1.23m

365 GTB/4, competition                 

98/apr FF 6.0m 99 £ 975k 98/may $1.25m

99/sep $1.95m

365 GTS/4                                 

98 £375k 99/jan $290k 98/aug $395k

99/aug $354k 99/aug $280k

312 PB                                        

97 $1.5m 97/nov $1.4m 99/Jun $2.25m

365 GT4 BB Competizione           

98/nov $320k

512 BB Competizione                   

98/nov FF 2.3mio

512 BBLM                                    

96/sep $200K 98/nov $275k 98/jun $325k

98/ 205k 98/dec $215k 99/mar $267k

99/jul $330k 99/jun $265k 99/dec $395k

00/mar $395k

333 SP                                        

98/aug $550k 98/may $520k 00/...  $680k

F40 LM                                        

97/feb DM 850k 98/dec SFR 619k
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