024MB 50/feb/13
Ferrari 166 MM Touring Barchetta, RHD
chassis 024MB, engine 0024M
Long bonnet, no air scoop, leather strap, thin headlights

from this chassis number onwards, engine and chassis numbers are synchronized
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
50/feb - Scuderia Marzotto SpA, Valdagno, I Tipo166 p6
SuR p28
50/apr/02 dnf clutch X. Giro di Sicilia /
XXXIV. Targa Florio
Umberto Marzotto #445  
50/apr/23 acc.
broken apart
Mille Miglia Umberto Marzotto /
Franco Cristaldi
#650 FEO p147
TMM p109
LFMM p37
FMT p51
166MB p42, 43
Red Arrows p45, 202
Marzotto p40, 46
50/jul/21 - Ricostruzione autotelaio
50 - "l'Uovo" designed by Reggiani is on a chassis with number 024MB Marzotto p62
51 - engine 0084E was most likely installed in 024MB with l'Ouvo body see registration papers for
"VI 20362"
51/apr/01 dnf
XI. Giro di Sicilia Giannino Marzotto / Marco Crosara #435 FEO p201
"VI 20362"
51/apr/28-29 dnf
flat tire
Mille Miglia Giannino Marzotto /
Marco Crosara
Red Arrows p70, 214
"VI 20362"
PH109 p19
SuR p42
Marzotto p69
51/jun/03 1st OA III. Coppa della Toscana Giannino Marzotto /
Marco Crosara
#13.02 Marzotto p74
51/jun/17 2nd OA II. Circuito Internacional do Porto Vittorio Marzotto #16  
51 - engine 0084E removed from 024MB and reinstalled in 0084E  
51/aug/01 - engine installed from 012I (166 F2 / 50)
52/may/03-04 dnf
Mille Miglia Guido Mancini /
Adriano Ercolani
#617 "VI 20362"
Red Arrows p90, 226
52/aug/15 dnf 12h di Pescara Fabrizio Serena di Lapigio /
Guido Mancini
#6 FEO p292
Coppa Acerbo p353, 357, 361
52 1st OA Trento-Bondone Giulio Cabianca #164  
52/jun/01 4th OA
1st GT+2.0
Coppa della Toscana     this was 0070M
52/sep/28 4th OA
Avus Grand Prix Guido Mancini #1  
5. - engine fitted 0107ES (212 inter engine)  
53 - shipped to Mexico for the Carrera Panamericana  
53 - Carlos Braniff, Mexico City, MEX  
5. - Ignacio Lozano, Newport Beach, CA, USA FMT p51
54/mar/27 11th OA 3rd DM Lone Star Sports Car Race,
Bergstrom AFB, race 2
Ignacio Lozano #10 R&T July 54 
54/apr/10 dns Pebble Beach
Ignacio Lozano
54/may/09 ... Willow Springs Road Race
1h race
Ignacio Lozano #163
54/may/09 ... Willow Springs Road Race
M+1.5 A
Ignacio Lozano #163
54/jul/04 Torrrey Pines Ignacio Lozano #163 E
56/apr/22 dna Pebble Beach
Del Monte Trophy

Modified +1.5
Ignacio Lozano #63  
5. - Dave Andrews, CA, USA  
64 - Harvey Schaub, L.A., CA, USA ... started "restoration" PH4 p7
70 - Mrs. Lucille Schaub, L.A., CA, USA  
80 - Edwin K. Niles, L.A., CA, USA  
81 - Jack Du Gan, FL, USA ... shipped to the UK for restoration  
8. - Jeffrey Vogel, Bridgehampton, NY, USA
86 - anonymous, Milano, I PH86 p7,.. restoration
86/may/1-4 Mille Miglia Du Gan /
87/may/21-24 Mille Miglia Du Gan /
88/may/5-8 Mille Miglia  Guasti /
#140 "31848 B6"  MM88 p61
89/apr/28-1 Mille Miglia Guasti /
#212 "32051 B6"
90/may/17-20 Mille Miglia Guasti /
#151 MM90 p176, 156
91/may/02-05 Mille Miglia Foscari /
#214 FOC 90 p19
93/may/13-16 Mille Miglia Consonni /
#281 "82237 B2"
93 Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti Consonni
94/may/05-08 Mille Miglia Vogel /
#309 "82449 B2"      C82 p21
95/may/18-21 Mille Miglia Foglia /
97/may/01-03 Mille Miglia Pecori Giraldi / Belgiojoso #170 "6835 (GA)"
97/may/31 50 anni Ferrari Francesco Guasti
17/aug/18-19 - RM Sotheby's Monterey Auction  


Note #1:

#410 at MM'51 most likely was chassis 024MB and engine 0084E with l'Uovo body.

If so, then in 1951 the two-tone paint, large windscreen + hood barchetta with licence plates "VI 19370" was 0084E with old bodywork from 024MB

51 - two-tone paint, large windscreen + hood "VI 19370"      FEO p147


Note #2:

According to David Cottingham, who restored "l'Uovo" in the 80's, it has a corsa spyder type chassis.

Note #3:

51 1st GP Rouen Giannino Marzotto   was a 166 F2 



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