0084E 51/feb/22
Ferrari 212 Export Touring Barchetta, RHD
wheelbase 2250 mm
engine 0084E
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
51/feb/22 - Giannino Marzotto, I - Scuderia Marzotto SpA, Valdagno, I (chassis + drivetrain only delivered)  
51 - repaired Touring barchetta body from 024MB mounted on chassis 0084E
51 - two-tone paint, large windscreen + hood, using licence plates from 024MB "VI 19370"
FEO p147
51 - engine 0084E was most likely installed in 024MB with l'Ouvo body see registration papers for
"VI 20362"
51 - test driven in late 51 by Indy Driver Jonnie Parsons at factory as barchetta
(but Uovo still "VI 20362" licence plate)
51/apr/01 Giro Sicilia Guido Mancini /
Mario Raffaelli
#... may have been 0034M
51/sep/09 Targa Florio Guido Mancini /
Mario Raffaelli
#38 cut on bonnet (air intake) before the leather strap
52/mar/09 7th OA
2nd S+2.0
XII. Giro di Sicilia Carlo Mancini / 
Guido Mancini
52/mar/19 ... Coppa d'Oro di Sicilia, Siracusa Guido Mancini #14
51 - engine 0084E removed from 024MB and reinstalled in 0084E  
53/jul/25-26 dnf II. 10h di Messina (Notturna Messinese) Guido Mancini /
Inigo Bernabei
53/aug/30 8th GP di Pergusa, Circuito della Cravatta Guido Mancini /
53/oct/29 - Curcio Alfredo di Armando, Roma, Via Tarvisio 1, I "Roma  188973"
54/jun/22 - Angelo Bernardini, Roma, I  
57/jul - Autofficina Vittorio Malago & Co, Roma, I  
57/aug - Walter M. Sheldon, Jr, Hinsdale, IL, USA (Lincolnshire, IL)
bought in Rome in 1957, it was painted white with a green vinyl interior.
The hood did have an air scoop for the carburettors. The dealer stated that the motor was increased from 212 to 225 and that the grille had been changed. There were two round brake or turn signal lights that were in the trunk lid
58 - John Babcock, Riverside, IL, USA  
.. - Corvette 327ci V8 engine installed
60 - Don Jenerick, Wauconda, IL, USA "JL 5885"
6. - campaigned in Northern Illinois, Meadowdale, Lindale Farms, Wilmont WI.
60 Wilmont WI Don Jenerick #17 CM  
6./late - Joe Hayden, Woodstock, IL, USA - dark blue metallic  
7. - original 12 cylinder discovered by Joe Hayden in a basement in Fox River Grove, IL, USA
7. - restoration started by Joe Hayden, original engine re-installed
7./late - Joe Hayden died in the late 70's and his widow, Alice Hayden, sold the car
85 - Richard Freshman, CA, USA  
87/aug - Skeets Dunn, Rancho Santa Fe, CA, USA  
- completey restored, painted red  
93/apr - IHM, D FOC25 p32
93/may/13-16 Mille Miglia IHM /
93/jun/05   Club Ferrari France 25th IHM #12  
96/may/09-12   Mille Miglia Cottingham /
#335 "KFO 480"
97/may/31 50 anni Ferrari IHM
98/may   Mille Miglia Gary Pearson /
Rainer Schlegelmilch
01/sep 3rd IC Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti Oke Moebus /
Bjoern Schmidt
08/jun/13-15 3rd IC Retro Classics meets Barock, Ludwigsburg, Concours d'Elegance (FIVA A) Bjoern Schmidt #88
09/mar/12-15 display Retro Classics, Stuttgart Bjoern Schmidt
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