0082A 51
Ferrari 340 America Coupe Vignale, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
51 - Scuderia Ferrari
1st OA
Mille Miglia Luigi Villoresi /
Piero Cassani
#405 Red Arrows p56, 68, 212             "BO 2685"
LMM p218,219
CR3 p76     FbV p81    SuR p39
51 - Casimiro de Oliveira, P "MR-13-30"
51/jun/17 1st OA
1st S+2.0
GP Portugal,
De Oliveira #14  
51/jul/15 3rd OA
2nd S+2.0
Vila Real De Oliveira #2
52 - Jose Arroyo Nogueira Pinto, Lisboa, P
52/jun/22 4th OA
4th S+2.0
GP Portugal,
Nogueira Pinto #20
52/jul/07 dnf XI. Circuito Internacional de Vila Real Nogueira Pinto #19
52/aug/31 4th III. Circuito de Vila do Conde Nogueira Pinto #5
52/sep/27 3rd IV. Circuito Automovel de Vila do Conde Nogueira Pinto #2  
53 - Viviano Corradini, NJ, USA FMT p29
"DE 236" (NJ, USA)
dealer plates
53/may/23 stopped after 8 laps
Bridgehampton Sports Car Races, Bridgehampton & Hampton Cup
Viviano Corradini #34
54 Suffolk AFB Viviano Corradini
5. - D.A. Hernandes, Santa Clara, CA, USA
.. - engine 0118 (340)  
.. - Larry Taylor; converted car to Chevy V8 engine  
.. - engine sold to - Griswold, Berkeley, CA, USA  
7. - James L. Bennett Fremont, CA, USA  
78 - Dr. Henry I. Smith, Saratoga, CA, USA - bought car  
78 - Ernest Beutler, Southfield, MI, USA - bought engine, later the car, the correct engine is stamped 340/02 and 0082A CaS 12/89 p117
- reg.: "WON51MM" California Plate FK1/90
L'idea P39 (310)
86/oct/21 - Michael Sheehan, Costa Mesa, CA, USA - EAS C40 p43    EAS CaS 8/87 p144
87 Mille Miglia Sheehan /
#138 MM87        FbV p81
87 - Robin Lodge, UK "250 SPC"
SuR p38,39 FbV p18
88 Mille Miglia Lodge /                 Rolph #187
89 Mille Miglia Lodge /                Lodge #170
90/may/17-20 Mille Miglia Lodge /                 Lodge #153 MM90 p130, 131             C58 p21
91/aug/08-11 Oldtimer GP, Nuerburgring Robin Lodge #348
92/may/21-24 Mille Miglia Lodge /                   Lodge #268 MM92 p118
92/jul/25-26 Christie's Intern. Historic Festival, Silverstone Robin Lodge
93/jul/24-25 Historic Festival, Silverstone Robin Lodge
93/nov - displayed at Essen Motor Show, D C80 p10
94/jun/20-21 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Robin Lodge
94/jul/30-31 Coys Historic Festival, Silverstone Robin Lodge
94/oct - Lorenzo Zambrano, Monterrey, MEX - paid $550,000.-  
95/may/18-21 Mille Miglia Lorenzo Zambrano / Steve Tillack
96/aug/18 Luigi Chinetti Memorial Award Pebble Beach Concours Lorenzo Zambrano
96/aug/18 1st IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M Lorenzo Zambrano C96 p14
97/jan/25 3rd IC VI. Cavallino Classic, class 1 Lorenzo Zambrano C98 p20
97/may/22-24 Memorial Award FCA Field & Driving Concours, Washington DC Lorenzo Zambrano  C101 p18
99/oct/15 - Jack V. Croul, Corona del Mar, CA, USA - paid $1.6mio  
00/may/25-28 Mille Miglia Jack Croul /             Raimondi #176
01/may/17-19 17th Mille Miglia Jack Croul /
02/may/02-04 Mille Miglia Jack Croul /          Viaro #205
02/jul/13-14 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Jack Croul
03/may/22-24 Mille Miglia Jack Croul/            Viaro #232 C136 p27
04/may/06-09 Mille Miglia Jack Croul /    Raimondi #170
05/may/19-22 Mille Miglia Jack Croul /
#246 C148 p31
06/may/11-14 Mille Miglia Jack Croul /
 J. Croul
07/may/17-20 Mille Miglia Jack Croul /
J. Kent
08/may/15-17 Mille Miglia John Croul /         Primmer #178 C166 p20
10/may/05-09 Mille Miglia Richard Rawlins / Harold Street #188 C178 p16
10/sep/24-27 1st Uniques Special Ones Concours d'Elegance, Firenze John B. Croul
12/apr/24-29 Louis Vuitton Classic Serenissima Run Croul #52
2016/may/19-22   Mille Miglia Richard Rawlins
Jim Helfrich



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