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12h Sebring

12h Sebring 1964 March, 21
  Result Model Drivers Race # s/n Entrant
Le Mans 24h 1963: John Surtees and Willy Mairesse had won the race on the Nürburgring four weeks earlier, but were luckless at Le Mans. The 250P s/n 0812 caught fire after a refueling stop while it was running in front and burned out completely. 1st 275 P Mike Parkes/
Umberto Maglioli
22 0812 Sefac, I
Le Mans 24h 1963: The victory of Lorenzo Bandini and Ludovico Scarfiotti with the 250P s/n 0814 was Ferrari’s forth successive win in the French classic race. 2nd 275 P Lodovico Scarfiotti/
Nino Vacarella
23 0814 Sefac, I
  3rd 330 P John Surtees/
Lorenzo Bandini
21 0822 Sefac, I
Le Mans 24h 1964: The 250GTO ’64 s/n 5571GT was entered by N.A.R.T. for Huges and Rosinski. Unfortunately, the transmission broke and the beautiful car was out of the race in the 9th hour. 7th
1st 12
250 GTO Pedro Rodriguez/
David Piper/
Mike Gammino
30 5571GT N.A.R.T., NY, N.Y.
250 GTO s/n 4713GT  010 15th
2nd 12
250 GTO Bob Grossman/
Dick Thompson
29 4713 N.A.R.T., NY, N.Y.
250 GTO s/n 3223GT FF40.001 27th
3rd 12
250 GTO Larry Perkins/
William Eve
82 3223GT Larry Perkins, Cocoa Beach, FL
250 GTO s/n 3767GT - Nürburgring 1000 km 1963 28th
4th 12
250 GTO Harry Heuer/
Don Yenko/
Ed Cantrell
32 3767GT Angels Aviation Racing Team, CA
330 P s/n 0818 dnf

lap 139
330 P Joakin Bonnier/
Graham Hill
24 0818 Maranello Concessionaires, UK
lap 113
250 GTO Carlo Abate/
Jean Guichet
31 5573 Sefac, I
330 P s/n 0810 Monterey.001 dnf
lap 40
330 P John Fulp/
Pedro Rodriguez
25 0810 N.A.R.T., NY, N.Y.
250 LM s/n 5149 98CI.005 dnf
lap 30
250 LM Charles Kolb/
Tom O'Brien
28 5149 N.A.R.T., NY, N.Y.
330 LM s/n 4453SA 002 dns
330 LM Charles Kolb/
Charlie Rainville/
A.J. Foyt
27 4453SA Fong Racing Associates, Atalanta, GA
250 LM Ickx 26 5843 Ecurie Francorchamps
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