0814 63
Ferrari 250 P, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
63 - SF
63/may/19 dnf (rear wheel lost) 1000km Nuerburgring Mike Parkes /
Ludovico Scarfiotti
#111 AF2/95 p110 AMS 12/63 p4, 46
63/jun/15-16 1st OA
24h Le Mans Ludovico Scarfiotti /
Lorenzo Bandini
#21 Scarlet Passion p57, 66              FaLM p66       FCR V2 p161 Pourret p300
63/jul/20 dnf
British GP Silverstone,
GT Race
Mike Parkes #52
64/mar/21 2nd OA 12h Sebring Ludovico Scarfiotti /
Nino Vaccarella
#23 PS 5/64 p9 AF2/95 p104 Scarlet Passion p62
64/aug - Luigi Chinetti, Greenwich, CT, USA
64/aug - shipped from Livorno, I
64/sep/26 - delivered in New York  
65/feb/28 dnf (clutch) 2000km Daytona Bob Grossman /
Walt Hansgen /
David Piper
65 - Ed Hugus, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
as 275 P
12th OA 3rd P4.0
5th GTP
12h Sebring Tom O'Brien /
Ed Hugus /
Paul Richards
#32 C133 p56
6. - Luigi Chinetti, Greenwich, CT, USA
66/jun/12 burnt out Saint Jean Baptiste race,
St. Jovite,
Mt. Tremblant
Luigi Chinetti jr. /   Charlie Kolb #3
- the fire was put out with dirt shoveled onto the pyre. The front end was not burnt and the rear body was spared because it was flipped open to get at the fire. The middle part of the chassis was extensively burned.
99 - undergoing reconstruction by Protauto, Sorbara, I to original configuration for Chinetti  


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