4453SA 63   *** 1st of 4 ***
Ferrari 330 LMB, "lusso type", LHD
Chassis 574, Engine 163 LM
engine hour gauge
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
63/jun/05 - Mamie Spears Reynolds, Asheville, NC & Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, USA via Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA - N.A.R.T.  
- Mamie Spears Reynolds is the daugther of the former US Senator for NC, Robert Reynolds linked to the Tobacco industry, and Evalyn McLean Roberts of the McLean mining fortune and once owner of the famous Hope Diamond. According to contemporay newspaper reports she met Luigi Chinetti, jr. ("Coco") when she came to NY to buy a Ferrari race car for the upcoming Daytona Continental race from Luigi Chinetti, sr. As a matter of fact she and Coco married on 28th July, 1963 but were already divorced on 14 September, 1965.
dnf 24h Le Mans Dan Gurney/
Jim Hall
#11 FaLM p70
63/sep/15 3rd OA 2nd IC FIA 500km race,
Bridgehampton (Double 500)
Dan Gurney #47 Finn p252
63 - Don Fong, Atlanta, GA, USA  
64 - Arthur Montgomery, Atlanta, GA, USA (his grandfather, an attorney for Coca-Cola at the turn of the century, bought a 33 percent interest in The Atlanta Coca-Cola Bottling Co. in 1903 and took over management of the plant)  
64/mar/21 dns
12h Sebring Charles Kolb/
Charlie Rainville/
A.J. Foyt
64/apr/19 4th SCCA National Virginia,
Virginia International Raceway,
Bob Grossman #9  
65 - Carl Bross, Detroit, MI, USA  
66 - Vintage Car Store, Nyack, NY, USA (Ed Jurist)  
66/... - Sam Brown, West Redding, CT, USA re-painted from gold to italian racing red  
68 - Vintage Car Store, Nyack, NY, USA (Ed Jurist) traded back for a Type 57 SC Bugatti Atalante coupe and a 300SL roadster  
68 - Joel Martino, Oak Brook, IL, USA  
69 - John Carmack, Carmel, IN, USA  
72/jul/07-08 FCA Indianapolis "Grand Classic" Meet John Carmack
75/jul - Norman Silver, High Point, NC, USA - yellow  
Note ... Not this car ... Chris Murray bought a Lusso with LMB style nose from William (Bill) Rearden Villanova, PA, USA
82 - Christopher Murray, Middletown, RI, USA
(drug smuggler)
83/dec - Steve Forristall's G.T. Cars, Houston, TX, USA  
83 - John W. Mecom, jr., Houston, TX, USA  
87 - Robert M. Rubin, NY, NY, USA  
87/jun/07 25th anniversary GTO tour Bob Rubin
88/jul - Steve Forristall's G.T. Cars, TX, USA CaS 7/88 p132
89 - Anthony Wang, Long Island, NY, USA  
92/sep/18-20 30th anniversary GTO tour Anthony Wang
92/sep/26 FF40 International Ferrari Concours, Brussels Anthony Wang
04/aug/14-15 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Anthony Wang
.. - Robson S. Walton, Bentonville, AR, USA




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