Return, Menue Report - Grand Prix de Monaco Historique

Monaco, May 3 & 4, 1997

There are not many racers who ever get the chance to pilot a car through the narrow streets of Monaco. And it is even more unusual for a non-racer to get a chance to join a professional driver on the passenger's seat for a fast ride on this famous parcours, which was used for racing for the first time in 1929.

During the Monaco Historic Grand Prix in May 1997, the author had the chance to join Emanuele Pirro in a 1954 Ferrari 375 MM Spider for a blast across the little principality.

On the start-finish straight - a few seconds earlier I had climbed into the open sportscar - Emanuele starts the 375 MM full throttle and lets the 340 horses of the more than 40 years old car gallop.
Shortly before reaching St. Devote, he rapidly shifts down with double-clutch and forces the Ferrari through the corner in a drift,
and then we take the Beau Rivage up to the casino. The acceleration of the car is impressive!
Some seconds later, the casino can be seen on the right side for a blink.
Downhill (like shown here at Mirabeau), it seems to go even more faster. Pirro professionally steers the Ferrari through the corners by just using the gas pedal.
Most impressive is the drift across Loews corner. My "chauffeur" turns the wheel hard to catch the outbreaking tail. Then we enter the tunnel - a special experience since I do not wear a helmet nor ear-plugs!
Having passed the chicane in the harbor, we blast past the public swimming pool.

The normal spectator cannot see what the rear of the pits looks like.

Emanuele steering the car across Rascasse corner.
Shortly before reaching the straight, I realize that our ride already is to be over soon.

Too bad!
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