Dino 246 F1
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58 - Scuderia Ferrari  
- small tube chassis frame  
58/jun/15 dnf Belgian GP, Spa Luigi Musso    
58/jul/06 fat acc. French GP, Reims Luigi Musso    
Note: Luigi Musso died suffering from grave head injuries  
58/aug/58 4th German GP, Nuerburgring Wolfgang v. Trips    
58/sep/07 3rd Italian GP, Monza Phil Hill    
58/oct/19 3rd Moroccan GP, Casablanca Phil Hill    
59/apr/18 1st Aintree 200, Liverpool Jean Behra    
59/may/10 dnf Monaco GP Jean Behra    
59/may/31 9th Dutch GP, Zandvoort Cliff Allison    
59/jul/03 4th French GP, Reims Olivier Gendebien    
59/aug/02 dnf German GP, Avus heat 1 Cliff Allison    
59/sep/13 5th Italian GP, Monza Cliff Allison    
59/dec/12 3rd United States GP, Sebring Tony Brooks    
60/feb/07 10th Argentine GP, Buenos Aires Froilan Gonzalez    
60/may/14 8th BRDC International Trophy, Silverstone Cliff Allison    
60/jun/19 dnf Belgian GP, Spa Wolfgang v. Trips    
60/jul/03 11th French GP, Reims Wolfgang v. Trips    
60/aug/01 4th Silver City Trophy, Brands Hatch Phil Hill    
60/aug/14 dnf Portuguese GP, Oporto Phil Hill    
60 - broken up by the end of the season  
6. - Sir Anthony Bamford, UK, bought the engine only from the factory  
80 - Graypaul Motors created replicas 0004 R1 with a new chassis and engine 4  
.. - Nigel Moores, UK  
..  - Yoshijuki Hayashi, J  
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