Dino 246 F1
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58 - Scuderia Ferrari  
- big tube chassis  
- low cut cockpit sides, aero screens  
58/apr/07 1st Glover Trophy F1, Goodwood Mike Hawthorn #1 DINO, p43
58/may/18 dnf Monaco GP Mike Hawthorn    
58/may/25 5th Dutch GP, Zandvoort Mike Hawthorn    
58/jun/15 2nd Belgian GP, Spa Mike Hawthorn #16 DINO, p46
58/jul/06 1st French GP, Reims Mike Hawthorn    
58/jul/19 2nd British GP, Silverstone Mike Hawthorn    
58/aug/03 dnf German GP, Nuerburgring Mike Hawthorn    
58/aug/24 2nd Portuguese GP, Oporto Mike Hawthorn #24  
- Dunlop disc brakes were fitted for the Italian GP on 0003  
- renumbered as s/n 0005   
58/sep/07 2nd Italian GP, Monza Mike Hawthorn #14 DINO, p60, 61
- 256 F1  
58/oct/19 2nd Moroccan GP, Casablanca Mike Hawthorn    
59 - new 222cm chassis s/n 0003 built ?  
59/apr/18 2nd Aintree 200, Liverpool Tony Brooks    
59/may/02 dnf BRDC International Trophy, Silverstone Tony Brooks    
59/may/10 2nd Monaco GP Tony Brooks    
59/may/31 6th Dutch GP, Zandvoort Phil Hill    
59/jul/03 2nd French GP, Reims Phil Hill    
59/aug/02 3rd German GP, Avus heat 1 Phil Hill    
59/aug/02 2nd German GP, Avus heat 2 Phil Hill    
59/aug/23 dnf Portuguese GP, Monsanto Park Phil Hill    
59/sep/13 2nd Italian GP, Monza Phil Hill    
59/dec/12 dnf United States GP, Sebring Cliff Allison    
60/may/14 5th BRDC International Trophy, Silverstone Phil Hill    
60/may/29 3rd Monaco GP Phil Hill    
60/sep/04 2nd Italian GP, Monza Richie Ginther    
62 - displayed at Henry Ford Museum  
6. - Luigi Chinetti, USA  
68 - Sir Anthony Bamford, UK  
79 - rebuilt by David Clarke's Graypaul Motors, UK   
80 - used as model to create replicas 0004 R1 and 0006 R2  
8. - Albert Obrist, CH  
96 - Bernie Ecclestone, London, UK  
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