2445GT 61/apr/01   *** 6th ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione, alloy, LHD
engine 168 B - 276 hp @ 7500 rpm
engine no. interno - 360 E
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
61 - Garage Francorchamps, Brussels, B Pourret p237 "05779 L4"   EF p140
61/may/14 9th OA GP de Spa Jacques van den Haute #6  
61/may/28 3rd Cote d'Alle sur Semois Jacques van den Haute
61/jun/04 3rd IC Cote de Bomerée Jacques van den Haute #111
61/jul/02 1st Cote d'Andenne Robert Crevits "02053 EE"
61/jul/09 2nd IC Coupes Benelux, Zandvoort Robert Crevits "02010 EE"
61/jul/16 1st Cote de Bousval Robert Crevits "02010 EE"
61/sep/16 1st Cote de Vaals Robert Crevits "02010 EE"
61/sep/17 2nd Cote de Bourscheid Robert Crevits #80 "02010 EE"
61/sep/24 1st Cote d'Houyet Robert Crevits #110 "02010 EE"
61/oct/01 3rd IC Cote de Namur Robert Crevits #115 "02010 EE"
61/oct/22 11th OA 11th IC 1000km Paris, Montlhery Robert Crevits /
Gustave Gosselin
#4 1000km Paris p18
61/nov/05 2nd Zandvoort Gustave Gosselin #22 "02010 EE"
62/mar/11 1st Cote de Fléron Robert Crevits #85 "02010 EE"
62/mar/25 1st IC Cote d'Alle sur Semois Robert Crevits #90 "02010 EE"
62/apr/15 3rd OA
3rd GT+2.5
Coupes de Bruxelles,
Robert Crevits #3 "02010 EE"
62/apr/29 1st Cote de la Roche Robert Crevits #97 "02010 EE"
62/may/13 1st Cote de la Bomerée Robert Crevits #126 "02010 EE"
62/may/21 4th IC GP de Spa Robert Crevits #30 "02010 EE"
62 - fitted with engine 2053GT
62/jun/23-24 acc. 24h Le Mans Georges Berger /
Robert Darville
#59 FaLM p64
62/jun/24 - severely damaged front chassis at Arnage  EF p141
62 - engine 2053GT returned to its original chassis
62 - remains to Piero Drogo, Modena, I  
63 - rebuilt by Drogo with Drogo bodywork and engine 1965GT EF p121    "CZ.156"     
6. - renumbered to 1965GT for customs reasons
64 - James Coburn, CA, USA  
64 - John Calley, Burbank, CA, USA .... MGM film studio  
.. - Dick Hyde, Woodland Hills, CA, USA  "SLYDE 1" FMT p160
78 - engine 2445GT sold to CH  
86/jul - offered by Mike Sheehan's EAS, Ca, USA (Drogo)  
.. - Peter Boel & van der Velden, NL  
.. - Hans Hugenholtz, NL  
09 - restoration completed
10/sep/17-19 10th Goodwood Revival Meeting, RAC TT Celebration race Hans Hugenholtz / Tony Dron #9
11/feb/02-06 - displayed at Retromobile, Paris, F by Hall & Hall
11/sep/16-18 dns Goodwood Revival Meeting, RAC TT Celebration race David Hart /             Michael Bartels #14
12/may/26-27 1st Spa Classic, Trofeo Nastro Rosso, race 1 Hans Hugenholtz / David Hart
12/may/26-27 3rd Spa Classic, Trofeo Nastro Rosso, race 2 Hans Hugenholtz / David Hart
12/sep/14-16 10th Goodwood Revival Meeting, RAC TT Celebration race Hans Hugenholtz / Danny Sullivan #11
13/sep/13-15 15th  Goodwood Revival Meeting, RAC TT Celebration race Hans Hugenholtz / Stefan Johansson #12  

14/nov - Arnold Meier, Zurich, CH

14- Drogo body removed, undergoing total restoration by Edi Wyss Engineering, CH and Carrozzeria Brandoli, Montale, I back into original 1961 250 GT SWB Scaglietti Competition Berlinetta configuration. To be certified by the factory once completed (2016).  





8. - replica built around original engine by Massimo Colombo, MC  
8. - Jost Wildbolz, CH (DM 350,000)  
87/apr 3rd Coppa d'Italia Jost Wildbolz



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