2445GT 61/apr/01   *** 6th ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione, alloy, LHD
engine 168 B - 276 hp @ 7500 rpm
engine no. interno - 360 E
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1961 - Garage Francorchamps, Brussels, B Pourret p237 "05779 L4"   EF p140
1961/may/14 9th OA GP de Spa Jacques van den Haute #6  
1961/may/28 3rd Cote d'Alle sur Semois Jacques van den Haute
1961/jun/04 3rd IC Cote de Bomerée Jacques van den Haute #111
1961/jul/02 1st Cote d'Andenne Robert Crevits "02053 EE"
1961/jul/09 2nd IC Coupes Benelux, Zandvoort Robert Crevits "02010 EE"
1961/jul/16 1st Cote de Bousval Robert Crevits "02010 EE"
1961/sep/16 1st Cote de Vaals Robert Crevits "02010 EE"
1961/sep/17 2nd Cote de Bourscheid Robert Crevits #80 "02010 EE"
1961/sep/24 1st Cote d'Houyet Robert Crevits #110 "02010 EE"
1961/oct/01 3rd IC Cote de Namur Robert Crevits #115 "02010 EE"
1961/oct/22 11th OA 11th IC 1000km Paris, Montlhery Robert Crevits /
Gustave Gosselin
#4 1000km Paris p18
1961/nov/05 2nd Zandvoort Gustave Gosselin #22 "02010 EE"
1962/mar/11 1st Cote de Fléron Robert Crevits #85 "02010 EE"
1962/mar/25 1st IC Cote d'Alle sur Semois Robert Crevits #90 "02010 EE"
1962/apr/15 3rd OA
3rd GT+2.5
Coupes de Bruxelles,
Robert Crevits #3 "02010 EE"
1962/apr/29 1st Cote de la Roche Robert Crevits #97 "02010 EE"
1962/may/13 1st Cote de la Bomerée Robert Crevits #126 "02010 EE"
1962/may/21 4th IC GP de Spa Robert Crevits #30 "02010 EE"
1962 - fitted with engine 2053GT
1962/jun/23-24 acc. 24h Le Mans Georges Berger /
Robert Darville
#59 FaLM p64
1962/jun/24 - severely damaged front chassis at Arnage  EF p141
1962 - engine 2053GT returned to its original chassis
1962 - remains to Piero Drogo, Modena, I  
1963 - rebuilt by Drogo with Drogo bodywork and engine 1965GT EF p121    "CZ.156"     
196. - renumbered to 1965GT for customs reasons
1964 - James Coburn, CA, USA  
1964 - John Calley, Burbank, CA, USA .... MGM film studio  
19.. - Dick Hyde, Woodland Hills, CA, USA  "SLYDE 1" FMT p160
1978 - engine 2445GT sold to CH ... as of 2022 with David McNeil for his GTO s/n 4153GT  
86/jul - offered by Mike Sheehan's EAS, Ca, USA (Drogo)  
19.. - Peter Boel & van der Velden, NL  
20.. - Hans Hugenholtz, NL  
2009 - restoration completed
2010/sep/17-19 10th Goodwood Revival Meeting, RAC TT Celebration race Hans Hugenholtz / Tony Dron #9
2011/feb/02-06 - displayed at Retromobile, Paris, F by Hall & Hall
2011/sep/16-18 dns Goodwood Revival Meeting, RAC TT Celebration race David Hart /             Michael Bartels #14
2012/may/26-27 1st Spa Classic,
Trofeo Nastro Rosso,
race 1
Hans Hugenholtz / David Hart
2012/may/26-27 3rd Spa Classic,
Trofeo Nastro Rosso,
race 2
Hans Hugenholtz / David Hart
2012/sep/14-16 10th Goodwood Revival Meeting, RAC TT Celebration race Hans Hugenholtz / Danny Sullivan #11
2013/sep/13-15 15th  Goodwood Revival Meeting, RAC TT Celebration race Hans Hugenholtz / Stefan Johansson #12  

2014/nov - Arnold Meier, Zurich, CH

2014/dec - Drogo body removed, car stripped for total restoration by Thomas Schnitzler of Edi Wyss Engineering, Switzerland  
2015-16 - restored back to original configuration with an new Berlinetta Scaglietti bodywork built by Carrozzeria Egidio Brandoli & C. of Montale, Italy ...
painted metallic silvergrey with yellow stripe on the front by Carrozzeria Cremonini of Lesignana (Modena), Italy ...
All mechanicals done by Thomas Schnitzler of Edi Wyss Engineering AG
17/mar - Restoration completed by Thomas Schnitzler  
2017/mar - Rollout at Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium, with drivers Frank Stippler and David Franklin ... Substitute engine, new block stamped “2445/E”,no numero interno  
2017/apr/24-30    Tour Auto Arnold Meier /
Sarah Amoroso-Meier
#179 "ZH 6353" (CH)
2017/jun   Dijon-Prenois Arnold Meier    
2017/jul   Monza Arnold Meier    
2017/sep   XX Goodwood Revival Meeting,
Earl of Kinrara Trophy
Frank Stippler /
David Franklin
2017/sep   XX Goodwood Revival, Tourist Trophy Frank Stippler /
A. Newall
2018/jan/27   XVII Palm Beach Cavallino Classic at Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach Arnold Meier /
Melanie Meier
  "ZH 22856" (CH)
2018/jun/05-09   XVII Modena Cento Ore Classic Diego Meier /
G. Amoroso
2018/jul/08   Le Mans Classic Arnold Meier /
Diego Meier
2018/sep/07   XXI Goodwood Revival,
Earl of Kinrara Trophy
David Franklin /
L. Lindsay
2019/sep/05-08   Modena Cento Ore  Arnold Meier /
Diego Meier
2019/sep/13-15 3rd Goodwood Revival  David Franklin /
Remo Lips
2020/sep/18-20 3rd / 1st Monza Historics Remo Lips #159  
2020/oct/12-15   Modena Cento Ore Arnold Meier /
Melanie Meier
2021/jun/4-6 7th / 3rd Grand Prix de l’Age D’Or, Dijon-Prenois Remo Lips #159  
2021/aug/30-sep/04 3rd Tour Auto Optic 2000 Arnold Meier /
Mario Illien
2021/sep/17-19 3rd Goodwood Revival David Franklin /
Remo Lips 
2022/apr/01-03 8th Mugello Classic,
Race One
David Franklin / Arnold Meier #19  
2022/apr/01-03 5th Mugello Classic,
Race Two
David Franklin / Arnold Meier #19  
2022/apr/01-03 1st OA Mugello Classic,
1950’s Legends
Remo Lips #19  
2022/jun/30   Le Mans Classic Meier /
2022/jul/01-03 49th OA Le Mans Classic,
Grid 3
Diego Meier /
David Franklin
2022/sep - engine 2141GT (№ Int. 526F) acquired from Hartmut Ibing, Düsseldorf.  
2023/sep/08-10   Le Mans Classic,
Grid 3
Emanuele Pirro #73 Entrant
Illien, Mario






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