1965GT 60/jun/13   *** 21th ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione, all alloy, LHD
Red, later yellow
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
60 - Ecurie Francorchamps, B for Jacques van de Velde, NL EF p120
60/sep/15-23 dnf Tour de France Jacques van de Velde / Claude Dubois #155 TdF p155 "67.F.73"
61 - Guy Hansez, Brussels, B - alias "Remordu"  
61/apr/30 dns Cote de la Roche "Remordu" #86
61/may/14 7th OA GP de Spa Jacques van de Velde #7 "69.N.52"
61/may/28 2nd Cote d'Alle sur Semois "Remordu"
61/jun/04 2nd IC Cote de Bomerée "Remordu" #112
61/jul/02 2nd IC Cote d'Andenne "Remordu"
61/jul/09 1st IC Coupes Benelux, Zandvoort "Remordu" #48 "BF.182"
61/sep/24 2nd IC Cote d'Houyet "Remordu" #111 "BF.182"
61/oct/01 1st IC Cote de Namur "Remordu" #115 "69.N.52"
61/oct/08 3rd Coupes du Salon, Monthlery "Remordu" #10 "69.N.52" Pourret p325
61/nov/05 Zandvoort "Remordu" "BF.182"
62/mar/11 2nd Cote de Fléron "Remordu" #86 "69.N.52"
62/mar/25 2nd IC Cote d'Alle sur Semois "Remordu" #91 "69.N.52"
62/apr/15 5th OA Coupes de Bruxelles, Heysel Jacques van den Haute #10 EF p120  "69.N.52"
62/may/13 2nd IC Cote de Bomerée Jacques van den Haute #124
62/may/21 dnf GP de Spa Robert Darville #32 EF p121, 136 "338.X.3"
62/jul/08 1st IC Coupes Benelux, Zandvoort Gustave Gosselin #66 "338.X.3"
62/sep/23 1st IC Cote d'Houyet "Remordu" #89 "69.N.52"
62/dec/01 acc. GP Cidade Luanda Robert Darville #5 "EF.3"
62/dec acc. GP Luanda Robert Darville #5 EF p121 "EF.3"
62 - crashed and totally destroyed by Robert Darville in Angola  
63 - engine installed in 2445GT  

62/dec – Piero Drogo, Modena, IT

64 - export papers repurposed to facilitate export of 2445GT to U.S. To match custom papers, the number 1965GT was crudely stamped into steering column of 2445GT (the wrong location for that series)

73/may/30 – Drogo Estate sale, Lot 18. Incorrectly listed as 2445GT. Sold, 1,225,000 Lira

73/may/30 – Peter Bell, Hampshire, UK
86 – ongoing restauration, using engine 2589GT and any usable parts from 1965GT engine block
01 - Francoise Viccini, Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, FR. (83,432 mi in 2004) “435 RDX 75”
08/mar - Engine 2589GT with № interno #712E, heads of 2033GT, chain stamped 2033GT. Gearbox #539-104. Rear axle #357 E  
10/may/20 - FIVA identity card issued, #037738
.. - reproduced as SWB by Hietbrink, NL  
94 - Joern Holger Richter, Gstadt a. Chiemsee, D  
96/jul/20-21 Ferrari Racing Days, Nuerburgring Joern Holger Richter

LM60 - 6th - Grossman/Pilette #20 car was


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