2053GT 60/aug/02   *** 32nd ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione, all alloy, LHD
engine no. interno - 464 F
grey/maroon stripe
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
60 - used as study for GTO "TO 341300" 
60 - rebodied as regular SWB Berlinetta  
60 - Casimiro Toselli, I - Scuderia St. Ambroeus  
60 1st GT Sassi Miro Toselli    
60/jul/24 dnf Trieste-Opicina hillclimb Miro Toselli #200
60/aug/21 6th OA
2nd GT+2.5
Coppa dei due Mari Miro Toselli    
60/aug/28   Sassi-Superga hillclimb Miro Toselli    
60/sep/04 3rd OA Coppa InterEuropa, Monza Miro Toselli #58 C55 p27
61 - Monza test  
61/jun/25 1st OA Garessio-Colle San Bernardo hillclimb Luigi Taramazzo   "MI 541325" 
61/jul/23 3rd OA
1st GT
Trieste - Opicina hillclimb Pietro Ferraro "Montin" #238  
62 - Garage Francorchamps, B - Weber 6 * 38 DCN "338.X.3"
62/apr/15 dns Coupes de Bruxelles,
"Beurlys" #11
62/apr/15 4th OA
4th GT+2.5
Coupes de Bruxelles,
Georges Berger #1 "E.0382"

the EF p137 book list 2179GT
62/may/06 1st KM Arrete d'Anvers Jacques Swaters #80
62/may/06 1st KM Lance d'Anvers Jacques Swaters #80
62/may/21 3rd IC GP de Spa Georges Berger #29 "E.0382" is the license plate assigned to 2179GT
62/may/27 acc. 1000km Nuerburgring Edgar Berney /
(Berger) /
#53 EF p125
62 - rebuilt by Drogo EF p125 
62/dec/02 5th GP d'Angola, Luanda Georges Berger #4   
63/mar/10 2nd Cote de Fléron "Beurlys" #126
63/mar/24 1st Cote d'Alle sur Semois "Beurlys"
63/apr/07 12th Le Mans Essai Avril Leon Dernier / 
#24 "69.N.52"
63/apr/28 3rd IC Cote de la Roche "Beurlys" #153 "69.N.52"
63/may/12 4th OA 500km de Spa Lucien Bianchi /
Langlois van Ophem
#44 Pourret p189 Delsaux p278 F250SWB p86
63/may/19 5th OA
2nd GT
1000km Nuerburgring Dernier /
Langlois van Ophem
#59 EF p126
63/oct/06 6th OA GP Angola Remordu #20   
64/mar/30 2nd Coupes de Belgique Van Lysbeth #809 "15576"
64/may/17 acc. 500km de Spa Van Lysbeth /
Gustave Gosselin
#28 Delsaux p307      C132 p9     EF p126  "02132 EE"
64/may/17 - destroyed  
.. - remains are with Garage Francorchamps EF p125
99 - according to Mr. Swaters the car was never rebuilt  


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