1801GT 60/apr
Ferrari 250 GT PF Cabriolet S2, LHD 
Grigio argento / nero 
engine Tipo 128F
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
60/apr/22 - B. Nivens, B via Garage Francorchamps
6. - engine installed from 2069GT (250 GT SWB)  
67 - imported to USA by Fawcett Publishing Co., USA
70 - George W. Rappelyea, Matinsville, NJ, USA:
"1801GT was a interesting car, it had a full blown 280HP comp tune engine as in a racing SWB, flashing headlamps and a siren. It may have been used as a course marschalls car or a pace car in several races in Belgium/Northern France, Last Belgium reg, was 1967"
85 - David Lepiscopo, Baldwin, Long Island, NY, USA
86/jan - offered by Lepiscopo for $17,500.-
86 - ..............., I - red/black "MI 4M0847"
05 - engine installed from 1707GT (250 GT Coupe PF), engine 2069GT reunited with car
.. - chassis number restamped in the wrong place - on the crossmember, not on the chassis tube !
06/dec/17 - NS - Bonhams Gstaad Ferrari & Maserati auction - highbid SFr. 420.000.-
07/mar/28-apr/-01 - displayed at Techno Classica, Essen, D by Smiths Veglia, NL 350.000
07/apr - Helmut Gassmann, Bovenden, D - paid € 275.000.-
07 - offered by Axel Schuette, Oerlinghausen, D on behalf of Gassmann
07/late - offered by E. Thiesen KG, Hamburg, D on behalf of Gassmann
08/mar - still offered by Thiesen KG, Hamburg, D
../... - restored by Ferrari Classiche to original specs and certified  
18/mar/23 - Techno Classica displayed by Eberlein  
19/arp/10 - Techno Classica displayed by Eberlein  
22/mar - offered by Eberlein, Kassel, DE. Engine 1707GT, asking €1.9 Mio.  



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