1028 (1006) 70
512 S Spyder, RHD
71 - N.A.R.T. swapped identities between their old race horse 1006 and the newly delivered 1028. The used 1006 was retagged as 1028 and sold to David Weir, the new car, 1028, was retagged 1006 and race by N.A.R.T. for the 1971 season
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
70/mar - Luigi Chinetti, Greenwich, CT, USA - N.A.R.T. -
as 1006
70/mar/20-21 dnf
lap 92
12h Sebring Ronnie Bucknum /
Sam Posey /
#24 PH59 p31 AMS 9/70 p70
70 - CanAm Spyder body mounted by Chinetti  
70/aug/23 11th OA CanAm Mid-Ohio,
Pedro Rodriguez #20  
70/aug/30 7th OA CanAm Road America, Elkhart Lake Pedro Rodriguez #20 Scarlet Passion p179 C152 p58
70 - original 512 S Spyder body re-mounted by Chinetti
71/jan/10 8th OA
6th S
1000km Buenos Aires Sam Posey /
Luis diPalma /
Nestor Garcia-Veiga
71/feb - At the end of the year 1970, Chinetti Motors had ordered a second Ferrari 512 Sport from the factory. This new car, #1028, was invoiced by Ferrari to Chinetti Motors with bill dating 19. Jan., 1971 and afterwards delivered to Chinetti Motors late January/early February, 1971.
Chinetti Motors then swapped identities between their old #1006 and the new #1028. #1028 was therefore retagged as #1006 and the old #1006 as #1028 and sold on to David Weir.
71/mar/15 - David Weir, London, 16 Eaton Place, GB (also NY, NY, USA)
c/o Snake Speed Racing, 31 Kinnerton Road, London – SW1, UK
71/mar/21 retired in lap 20
suffering from a radiator failure due to an minor accident
12h Sebring Chuck Parsons /
David Weir
#26 PH59 p44
71/apr/16 - N.A.R.T. engine rebuild, installation of new fire extinguisher for a total of $6,480.-, all billed to David Weir! On the bill the car is identified by N.A.R.T. still as #1006 to be taken to the airport and flown to Italy for Monza
71/apr/25 dns 1000km Monza David Weir /
Alain de Cadenet
#68 T
71/may - converted to "M" specs Berlinetta - #1028 (1006) stayed in Italy and was taken to the factory to be prepared for Le Mans and converted to M-specs.
Weir was represented during this phase by David Piper and Edi Wyss
71/may/28 - for the conversion, the factory billed David Weir in total Lit. 10,065,952.-  
71/jun/12-13 4th OA
4th S5.0
24h Le Mans Chris Craft /
David Weir
#16 FaLM p109 PH59 p44
71/jul/20 - Engine and gearbox completely overhauled at the factory and billed in total Lit. 3,535,366.-  

Chris Craft's memories in CaS 4/10:

"Alain [de Cadenet] ran me in '71 in a 512M that was a truck - very heavy steering - but I pulled 230mph and more on the Mulsanne once the motor loosened up. We had something like 560bhp, a real stonker. I was down to drive with [car owner] David Weir, a wealthy American playboy who went on to write for Road & Track. I admit that I was not at all keen. David was a party animal and an erratic driver, but Le Mans was his dream. We got him down to Dave Prowse's gym in the East End - Dave being the old Green Cross Code man who played Darth Vader - and got him in shape. Weir knuckled down and drove well, while the car was fantastic. You have to keep in mind that we were a potless privateer team up against manufacturersand well-funded semi-works teams."

CaS 4/10 p104
72/may/11 - Gordon R. Tatum, Chevy Chase, MD, USA - paid $22,000.-  
89 - Jeffrey & Marge Lewis, Newport Beach, CA, USA - via Sam Smith  
94/aug/08 13th Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Jeff Lewis #14  
94/aug/24 2nd IC International Ferrari Concours, Monterey, class 33 Jeff & Marge Lewis C84 p28
94/aug/26-28 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Jeff Lewis
95/jun/24 Rosso Rodeo, Beverly Hills Jeff Lewis C89 p30
95/jul/20 6th IC Road America Jeff Lewis #16  
95/jul/28 5th Mid-Ohio HSR Jeff Lewis #16  
96/jun - IHM, D  
96/jun/21 - Manfred Lampe bought a spare 512 M engine stamped "257C", "261 100878 AL81 9", dated "21-1-70" at Brooks Goodwood auction  
96/jun - spare 512 M engine sold via Manfred Lampe, SMC & DK to IHM  
96/jun - spare 512 M engine installed to save up the original engine  
96/oct/26 1st OA Mugello Emanuele Pirro #2  
96/oct/27 1st OA Mugello Emanuele Pirro #2  
97/may/17 1st OA Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge, Monza Emanuele Pirro #1  
97/may/18 1st OA Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge, Monza Emanuele Pirro #1  
00/oct/14 Targa Florio Revival
00/oct/15 dns Targa Florio Revival
09-14 - displayed at Galleria Ferrari / Museo Ferrari C177 p33
13/jun/26 - Fully certified by Ferrari Classiche (red binder), spare engine installed (also certified), the original engine is with the car.  
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