1028 70
512 S Spyder, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
70/mar - Luigi Chinetti, Greenwich, CT, USA - N.A.R.T. -  
71/mar/15 - David Weir, London, 16 Eaton Place, GB (also NY, NY, USA)
c/o Snake Speed Racing, 31 Kinnerton Road, London – SW1, UK
71/mar/21 retired in lap 20
suffering from a radiator failure due to an minor accident
12h Sebring Chuck Parsons /
David Weir
#26 PH59 p44
71/apr/16 - N.A.R.T. engine rebuild, installation of new fire extinguisher for a total of $6,480.-, all billed to David Weir! On the bill the car is identified by N.A.R.T. as 1006 to be taken to the airport and flown to Italy for Monza
71/apr/25 dns 1000km Monza David Weir /
Alain de Cadenet
#68 T
71/may - converted to "M" specs Berlinetta - stayed in Italy and was taken to the factory to be prepared for Le Mans and converted to M-specs.
Weir was represented during this phase by David Piper and Edi Wyss
71/may/28 - for the conversion, the factory billed David Weir in total Lit. 10,065,952.-  
71/jun/12-13 4th OA
4th S5.0
24h Le Mans Chris Craft /
David Weir
#16 FaLM p109 PH59 p44
71/jul/20 - Engine and gearbox completely overhauled at the factory and billed in total Lit. 3,535,366.-  

Chris Craft's memories in CaS 4/10:

"Alain [de Cadenet] ran me in '71 in a 512M that was a truck - very heavy steering - but I pulled 230mph and more on the Mulsanne once the motor loosened up. We had something like 560bhp, a real stonker. I was down to drive with [car owner] David Weir, a wealthy American playboy who went on to write for Road & Track. I admit that I was not at all keen. David was a party animal and an erratic driver, but Le Mans was his dream. We got him down to Dave Prowse's gym in the East End - Dave being the old Green Cross Code man who played Darth Vader - and got him in shape. Weir knuckled down and drove well, while the car was fantastic. You have to keep in mind that we were a potless privateer team up against manufacturersand well-funded semi-works teams."

CaS 4/10 p104
72/may/11 - Gordon R. Tatum, Chevy Chase, MD, USA - paid $22,000.-  
89 - Jeffrey & Marge Lewis, Newport Beach, CA, USA - via Sam Smith  
94/aug/08 13th Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Jeff Lewis #14  
94/aug/24 2nd IC International Ferrari Concours, Monterey, class 33 Jeff & Marge Lewis C84 p28
94/aug/26-28 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Jeff Lewis
95/jun/24 Rosso Rodeo, Beverly Hills Jeff Lewis C89 p30
95/jul/20 6th IC Road America Jeff Lewis #16  
95/jul/28 5th Mid-Ohio HSR Jeff Lewis #16  
96/jun - IHM, D  
96/jun/21 - Manfred Lampe bought a spare 512 M engine stamped "257C", "261 100878 AL81 9", dated "21-1-70" at Brooks Goodwood auction  
96/jun - spare 512 M engine sold via Manfred Lampe, SMC & DK to IHM  
96/jun - spare 512 M engine installed to save up the original engine  
96/oct/26 1st OA Mugello Emanuele Pirro #2  
96/oct/27 1st OA Mugello Emanuele Pirro #2  
97/may/17 1st OA Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge, Monza Emanuele Pirro #1  
97/may/18 1st OA Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge, Monza Emanuele Pirro #1  
00/oct/14 Targa Florio Revival
00/oct/15 dns Targa Florio Revival
09-14 - displayed at Galleria Ferrari / Museo Ferrari C177 p33
12/nov/28-dec/02 - used by Ferrari during the Finali Mondiali, Valencia  
13/jun/26 - Fully certified by Ferrari Classiche (red binder), spare engine installed (also certified), the original engine is with the car.  
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