1026 70
Ferrari 512 S Berlinetta, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
70 - SF   
70/jan/31-feb/01 3rd OA  3rd S 24h Daytona Mario Andretti /       Arturo Merzario #28 PH59 p43
PH97 p38 Scarlet Passion p167, 196 AMS 5/70 p3 PS 3/70 p5
70/mar/21 1st OA
1st S5.0
lap 248
12h Sebring Ignazio Giunti /
Nino Vaccarella /
Mario Andretti
#21 AMS 9/70 p70              PS 5/70 p32
70/apr/25 4th OA 1000km Monza Chris Amon /           Arturo Merzario #1 AMS 11/70 p114            PS 6/70 p15
70/may/16-17 4th OA 4th IC 1000km de Francorchamps Ignazio Giunti /         Nino Vaccarella #22 Delsaux p411 AMS 12/70 p110
24h Le Mans Derek Bell /           Ronnie Peterson #7
FaLM p106  C72 p30
FIC p303
70/jun/22 - Ecurie Francorchamps, B (engine #01, gearbox #08)
70 - Solar Productions - for use in the Movie 'Le Mans' Steve McQueen
70 - car destroyed during filming of 'Le Mans' driven by Derek Bell
70 - remains sold to wrecking yard, F  
78 - Nick Mason, UK  
79 - car undergoing recreation by Church Green & Rosso Racing, UK as "Spyder" car (has both tails, "Coda Lunga")  
86/aug OGP Nuerburgring Nick Mason #41 CaS 12/86 p46-50
90/nov/18 TI Ferrari Festival, Circuit Aida, J Simon de Lautour
95/jun/24-25 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Nick Mason
96/feb/03-11 Salon Competition & Exception-Le Bourget, Paris Nick Mason
96/jun/21-23 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Nick Mason
99/jul/30-aug/01 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Nick Mason #7
00/jun/23-25 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Nick Mason
00/sep/15-17 Goodwood Revival Meeting Nick Mason
02/jul/13-14 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Nick Mason
03/jul/11-13 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Arturo Merzario #512
06/oct/20-21 - displayed on Ecurie Francorchamps stand, Brussels Retro Festival
07/feb/-16-25 - displayed at Retromobile, Paris, F by Nick Mason Exhibition




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