0556MD 54 (originally 0446M)
Ferrari 735 S Spider Scaglietti
(the car now numbered 0446 is the 5th 500 Mondial Spyder S2)
Chassis Tipo 501
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
Originally stamped: 0446M
54/aug/28 - S.A.I.P.A. Srl, Via Carlo Sigonio 454, Modena, I "MO 33744"
54 - raced by Francois Picard, Nice, F  
54/sep/03-12  dnf Tour de France Francois Picard /
#244 TdF p93 Émotion Ferrari p114
54/oct/10 4th OA
4th S+2.0
Coupes du Salon,
Francois Picard      
54/oct/23 1st G.P. Penya Rhin, Barcelona  Francois Picard   #22  FY54
55 - raced by Paul Maret, F  
55/feb/27 acc. Critérium International de Vitess d'Agadir Paul Maret #8    Émotion Ferrari p117
55/mar/13 8th OA Dakar GP   Paul Maret #38    

55 - back to factory and renumbered 0556MD  
Now stamped: 0556MD, SI bodywork
56 - raced by André Canonica, CH, full width screen, 2 air inlets in front of windscreen - Ecurie Leman  
57/sep/08 2nd OA 6:51,2 Col de la Faucille hillclimb Gérard Pittet  
57/sep/22   Mont Verdun hillclimb Gérard Pittet   FY57
58/may/15 Internationales Flugplatzrennen,
Gérard Pittet #3
.. - Pierre Bardinon, Mas du Clos Collection, F  
7. - Pierre Schaeffer, F - 01 OMS p90 244


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