0444M 54
Ferrari 735 Monza Spyder PF, RHD
two tone paint
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54 - Scuderia Ferrari CR3 p112
FP p162
54/jun/27 dnf GP de Portugal   Vasco Sameiro #18  
54/jun/27 1st OA GP Supercortemaggiore Umberto Maglioli /
Mike Hawthorn
#14 1000km di Monza p17
54/jul/25 dnf GP Portugal,
Vasco Sameiro #11
54/oct/23 4th OA GP Penya Rhin, Barcelona  Vasco Sameiro    
55/feb/20 1st OA IV. Circuito do Maracana
Vasco Sameiro    
55/mar/06 1st GP Maracana Vasco Sameiro #3 FY55
55 - Herbert Mackay-Frazer, Bonassolla, I (GB)  
55/jun/26 dnf
GP Portugal, Boavista Herbert Mackay-Frazer #1  
55/jul/24 7th OA III. GP de Lisboa,
Monsanto Park
Herbert Mackay-Frazer #21  
55/aug/27 dnf
Daily Herald Trophy,
Oulton Park
Herbert Mackay-Frazer #40  
55/sep/03 dnf
Aintree Herbert Mackay-Frazer #75  
55/oct/01 4th OA Castle Combe International Herbert Mackay-Frazer #19  
55/dec/26 4th OA Martini Trophy,
Brands Hatch
Herbert Mackay-Frazer #26  
56/apr/14 dnq British Empire Trophy, Oulton Park Herbert Mackay-Frazer #63  
56/apr/21 8th OA Aintree 200 S+2.0 Herbert Mackay-Frazer #47  
56/may/05 12th OA
6th S3.0
Daily Express,
Herbert Mackay-Frazer #31  
56/may/13 4th S+2.0 GP des Voitures de Série, Spa Herbert Mackay-Frazer #45  
56/jul/22 dnf
GP Bari 3000 Herbert Mackay-Frazer #72
56/aug/25-26 dnf 5h di Messina (Notturna Messinese) Herbert Mackay-Frazer #6
56/nov - Joakim Bonnier, S part exchange for 0344  
57 - Egon Wohlin, S  
.. - entered in several ice races and raced  
58 several times Skarpnack Airfield, Stockholm probably by Bonnier    
There is a picture showing the car in Skarpnack in 1961 with racing number #14 and plates "SS 14-22". The text points out that the picture was taken from rear because the nose had been damaged in a crash.  
60's late - Lars Sjostrom, Gavle, S  
mild crash, nose evidently modified when repairing
  Skarpnäck Airfield   #14 [SS 14-22]
70 - Göthe Håkansson (owner of a Bugatti since 1942!)  
70 - ..........., UK  
.. - Jack Maurice, Newcastle-on-Tyne, UK  
7. - A.J. Gibson, UK  
82 - Giuseppe Medici, Reggio Emilia, I  
82/apr/03-04 16th Coppa FIA/FISA, Monza Giuseppe Medici #6 HCR No.2 p33
86 - Aristides Embiricos, GR  
86   Mille Miglia Embiricos /
#177 FSN
93/jul/04 FOC UK Concours Elton Hall Aristides Embiricos
94/jun/20-21 Festival of Speed Aristides Embiricos
95/jul/09 FOC Concours, Castle Ashby Aristides Embiricos




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