0446M (originally 0556MD) 55   *** 5th ***
Ferrari 500 Mondial Spyder Scaglietti S2, RHD
Chassis Tipo 510 
Engine Tipo 111 
Transaxle Tipo 509 
T/A 30s 
Light blue
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
55/may/03 Francois Picard, Nice, F
(numbered to 0446M)
"MO 33744"
55/may/15 acc. 24h GP de Paris, Bol d'Or, Monthléry Francois Picard /
Paul Maret
#4 C61 p14 C171 p30, 31 Émotion Ferrari p121, 129
55/may/29 dnf 12h d'Hyères Gino Munaron /
Paul Maret
55/jun/19 5th OA
5th S2.0
Shell Cup,
Gino Munaron #66 C171 p34
55/jun/26 5th
5th S2.0
Caserta hillclimb Gino Munaron #28
55/apr/.. 2nd Trento-Bondone hillclimb Gino Munaron Not this car
55/jul/17 4th Circuito di Reggio Calabria Gino Munaron #88
55/jul/23-24 dnf
10h di Messina
(Notturna Messinese)
Gino Munaron /
#23 C171 p35
55/oct/02 6th OA
5th IC
Treponti-Castelnuovo hillclimb Gino Munaron #132
55/oct - Scuderia Ferrari
55/nov/06 5th OA 
1st S2.0
I. GP Venezuela
Caracas - Los Proceres
Harry Schell /
Eugenio Castellotti
#8 C171 p38
55/nov - Porfirio Rubirosa, DOM
55/dec/09 25th OA
1st E
Governor's Trophy,
Porfirio Rubirosa #21 AR p90     BSW p48
55/dec/10 12th OA
2nd U2L
Alberto Ascari Memorial Trophy,
Ferrari race,
Porfirio Rubirosa #21
55/dec/11 15th OA
1st E
Nassau Trophy,
Ed Lunken #21 C103 p10 C171 p39
56/... - repainted dark blue
56/mar/24 10th OA
1st S2.0
12h Sebring Porfirio Rubirosa /
Jim Pauley
#33 C171 p42
56/may - Charles Raymond 'Chuck' Hassan, Cincinnati, OH, USA
56/may/13 1st OA
Smartt Field
SCCA Regional
Chuck Hassan #33
56/may/20 2nd OA
1st EM
SCCA National Cumberland
Chuck Hassan #6
56/jun/10 dns Lawrenceville National Sports Car Race,
Municipal Air Field
Chuck Hassan #12
56/jun/23 8th OA
6th EM
Road America,
Elkhart Lake,
June Sprints 
race 3
Chuck Hassan #132 EM6 C144 p51
56/jul/01 2nd OA
2nd IC
Lake Erie GP,
Akron Airport,
race 7
Chuck Hassan #5 C144 p50, 54
56 - repainted red
56/oct/07 3rd OA
2nd EM
SCCA Smartt Field, MO
Sports car races,
race 2
Chuck Hassan #99 EM2 C144 p56
56/oct/07 3rd OA
2nd EM
SCCA Smartt Field, MO Sports car races,
race 6
Chuck Hassan #99 EM2
56/dec/07 16th E 5 Lap Governor's Trophy heat classes E & F,
Chuck Hassan #23 C144 p58, 59
56/dec/07 dnf
51st OA
20 Lap Governor's Trophy heat classes E, F, G & H,
Chuck Hassan #23 BSW p75
- right rear fender damaged due to a race collision with a Arnolt Bristol  C144 p59
56/dec/08 8th OA
4th E
5 Lap Ferrari race,
Chuck Hassan #23
56/dec/09 10th OA
4th E
Nassau Trophy Chuck Hassan #23 BSW p68
57/jan/13 100miles Sebring Jack 'Windy' Morton #21
5. - Robert Ready Davis, Connersville, IN, USA
59 - in primer
59/may 2nd Stout Field, Time trials Robert Davis
59/jun/14 7th OA
3rd IC
Kentucky Derby Road Races, race 6 Robert Davis #133
59/jul/05 Meadowdale,
race 404
Robert Davis #33
59 - repainted dark blue
59/aug/30 3rd IC Lawrenceville National Sports Car Race,
Municipal Air Field
Robert Davis #433 C171 p42
59/sep/05 8th OA
2nd IC
race 2
Robert Davis #33
59/sep/06 1st IC Stout Field,
Time trials
Robert Davis #433
59/sep/06 5th IC Stout Field,
Time trials
Jack Hergenroether #433
59/sep/13 dnf
Road America 500,
Elkhart Lake
Robert Davis /    
Jack Hergenroether
60 - stored at a Rambler dealer in Richmond, VA, USA - engine, transaxle and body damage
60/jun - Robert Phillips, Oakland, CA, USA "55 550 (VA)" C160 p3 C171 p28-43
60 - repaired by Phillips at Naval Air Station, Oakland, CA, USA, repainted red C171 p43
61/mar/12 RDC Drivers Schoos,
Robert Phillips #242
61/mar/26 10th OA
1st IC
Georgetown hillclimb Robert Phillips #173 C171 p43
61/apr/09 RDC Drivers School,
Robert Phillips #242 C171 p43
61/apr/15 11th OA
4th IC
SCCA Stockton,
race E
Robert Phillips #213
61/apr/16 8th OA
3rd IC
SCCA Stockton,
race 5
Robert Phillips #213
63/apr - driven from Oakland, CA to Staten Island, NY, USA - 3.000miles
64/apr/18 SCCA Drivers School,
Lime Rock
Robert Phillips #57
64/may/10 4th OA
3rd IC
SCCA Vineland Regional race Robert Phillips #57
64/jun/13 13th OA
3rd IC
Lime Rock Regional races Robert Phillips #57
64/jul/25-26 RRDC Advanced Drivers Clinic Robert Phillips
67/may/14 SCCA Drivers School, Bryar Motorsport Park Robert Phillips #75 C171 p43
91/may/03 display FCA National Concours, Washington Robert Phillips C65 p11
97/may/22 display FCA National Concours, Landsdowne Robert Phillips
00/may/21 Dino Ferrari Preservation Reading Concours Robert Phillips
00/...- 08/... - Body and paint by David Carte, mechanic conservation by Phillips 
06/may/31-jun/04 42nd FCA Annual Field & Driving Concours, Washington DC Robert Phillips
08 - restored completed, repainted light blue again
08/aug/17 Enzo Ferrari Award - Best Ferrari on field Pebble Beach Concours Robert Phillips
08/aug/17 1st IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M-2 Robert Phillips C167 p60
09/jan/24 - SF Cup
- La Coppa 4 Cilindri
- Platinum
- Best of Show ... Competition Ferrari
XVIII. Cavallino Classic Robert Phillips C170 p33, 38

- Finest Competition Car
- Vintage Spirit Award

Classic Sports Sunday at Mar-A-Lago, FL Robert Phillips
09/may - Best of Show
- Best Competition Ferrari
- Platinum Award - 100 point car
25th Annual Reading Ferrari Concours d'Elegance, PA Robert Phillips
09/jul/30 - Forza Ferrari Award - Best 50's car
- Platinum Award - 99.5 point car
45th Annual FCA National Field & Driving Concours, Elkhart Lake Robert Phillips
09/aug/22-23 - Best Competition Ferrari ... 100 point car Milwaukee Masterpiece - Style & Speed Showcase, class 3 Robert Phillips
10/may   Ferraris on the Vine, Williamsburg, VA Robert Phillips    
10/sep - Enzo Ferrari - Best of Show
- Phil Hill - Best Competition Car
FCA National Meet Concours, Millville, NJ Robert Phillips    
10/oct - Best of Show - People’s Choice Antique and Classic Car Show, Rockville, MD Robert Phillips    
11/sep - First Place - Historic Race Car Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance, PA Robert Phillips    
11/oct - Best of Show - People's Choice Classics at Brantwyn, DuPont Mansion, DE Robert Phillips    
12/jun - First Place - Sports and Race Car Class The Elegance at Hershey, PA  Robert Phillips    
12/sep - First Place - Italian Car Class St. Michael’s Concours d’Elegance, MD Robert Phillips    
13/jul/31-aug/04 - Forza Ferrari Award - Outstanding 50/60s Ferrari
- Platinum Award - 100 Point car
FCA 50th Anniversary National Meet, Road America Robert Phillips   C198 p7
"55/500" (NM, USA)
13/sep President's Award Santa Fe Concorso, NM Robert Phillips    
14/sep Best of Show Concours du Soleil, Albuquerque, NM Robert Phillips    
14/sep/28 (Display only) Santa Fe Concorso, NM Robert Phillips    
15/sep/20 (Display only) Concours du Soleil, Albuquerque, NM Robert Phillips    
16/jan/23 25th Anniversary Display of previous Best of Show Winners  Cavallino Classic 25, Concorso d’Eleganza, Palm Beach, FL Robert Phillips    
16/jan/24 Winner: Finest Competition Car / Excellence in Class Classic Sports Sunday, Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, FL Robert Phillips    
17/jan/15 First in Class, Post war European Race Car; HVA Automotive Heritage Award  Arizona Concours d’Elegance,  Scottsdale Robert Phillips    

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