0214ED 52
225 Sport Vignale Spider, RHD
red/red flat grill, 3 chromed port holes in fenders
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52 - Giovanni Caprara, I
52 - Bobbie Baird, Ulster, IRL (on loan from Caprara) "165 XI"
52/jul/10 dna Jersey International Bobbie Baird #24  
52 1st IC Knockagh Hillclimb Bobbie Baird    
52/aug/02 4th OA 2nd IC Daily Mail Festival Boreham Roy Salvadori #36  
52/aug/09 1st IC Craigantlet hillclimb Bobbie Baird    
52/aug/16 3rd OA 3rd S3.0 9h Goodwood Bobbie Baird /
Roy Salvadori
#19 FbV p136
52/oct/11 3rd OA Charterhall International Race Roy Salvadori #17
52 - Andre Vanoni of Cogemati SA, Algeria  
52/oct/19  1st National Buenos Aires Barra    
53 - Carlos Lostaló, ARG
53/feb/01 5th Gran Premio Ciudad de Buenos Aires,
Autódromo de Buenos Aires
Carlos Lostaló
53/feb/22 7th Premio Verano. Mar del Plata, Autódromo Eva Perón Carlos Lostaló
53/jun/21 1st GP Governador Carlos Evans,
Carlos Lostaló #4
53 - Horacio Durado, ARG
53 acc. Buenos Aires-Mar del Plata race Horacio Durado
5. - Lorenzo Barra, ARG  
86 - Luciano Bollaert, Buenos Aires, ARG  
86 - restored by Mirabella Racing Srl. in Brescia, I
86/may/01 Mille Miglia Barra /
#129 "10 San Isidro"
87/may/21 Mille Miglia Barra /
88/may/05 Mille Miglia Barra /
88/may/11 - NS - Christie's Monaco auction - highbid PDS 169,200  
89 - Lynn Larson, NE, USA - has engine block from "0198", a long and confusing story, Siebenthal garage did engine, 0214ED was frozen and then lowered too much TYL p130
89/apr/28 Mille Miglia  Larson/Larson  #146 FbV p134   "2 1224 (NE)"
89/jun/11 La Leggenda Ferrari - Sport e Prototipi, Imola Larson
90 - engine installed 0198ET and block 0214ED  
94/may/15 Bugatti-Ferrari Grand Prix
at Divonne-les-Bains, France
Michel Dove
94/aug/26-28 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Lynn Larson
94/sep/20-24 Colorado Grand Lynn Larson
94 - stored at Restocar SA, Corseaux, CH
94/dec - offered by Bruce Trenery/Fantasy Junction, CA, USA for $425,000.-
95/dec - Scott Rosen, NY, USA - restoration started  
00 - anonymous  
01 - restored by Symbolic, La Jolla, CA, USA (looks not correct)  




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