0198ET 52/may/28
Ferrari 225 Sport Vignale Spyder, RHD
Engine numero interno 23
Gearbox numero interno 182E
Rear axle numero interno 67A
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52 - Vasco Sameiro, Lisboa, P via Ferrari dealer Joao A. Gaspar, Oporto, P "GD-18-48"  FbV p20, 47, 127, 128
52/jun/22 dnf
II. GP Portugal,
Vasco Sameiro #18  
52/jul/07 dnf wheel XI. Circuito Internacional de Vila Real Vasco Sameiro #22  
52/aug/31 5th III. Circuito de Vila do Conde Vasco Sameiro #20  
52/sep/27 1st OA IV. Circuito Automovel de Vila do Conde Vasco Sameiro #3  
53/apr/23 1st Circuito do Maracana,
Rio de Janeiro
Vasco Sameiro #90? black meat ball white number
clover leaf in white triangle on front
53 - Mario Valentim, Rio de Janeiro, BR "ACB-20"
53 - repainted black with aubergine stripes over the front fenders
3rd OA III. GP de Portugal,
Mario Valentim #1  
53/jul/26 7th OA ACP Jubilee GP Portugal,
Monsanto Park
Mario Valentim #28  
53 - Arthur de Souza Costa, BR  
53/oct/25 1st Cinquentenario do Gremio Futebol, Parque Redencao, Porto Alegre Arthur de Souza Costa    
54/jan/04 dnf IV. GP do Cidade de Rio de Janeiro,
Circuito da Gavea
Arthur de Souza Costa #15  
54/jan/11 dnf IV. Centenario GP de Cidade de Sao Paulo,
Arthur de Souza Costa    
54/may/09 4th IV Centenario Gran Premio de Sao Paulo, Interlagos Arthur de Souza Costa #15  
54/aug/22 1st 100 Milhas do Maracana Arthur de Souza Costa #15  
55/feb/20 4th IV. Circuito do Maracana Arthur de Souza Costa #15  
56/mar/04 3rd VI. Circuito de Maracana Albino Alveiar    
56/jun/17 1st I. Circuito de Botafogo, Circuito da Praia de Botafogo Arthur de Souza Costa #2  
56 - Alvaro Varanda, BR  
56/dec/16 dnf Premio Santos Dumont, Interlagos Alvaro Varanda #12  
57/mar/24 4th V. Circuito de Petropolis,
Rio de Janeiro
Alvaro Varanda #8  
57/apr/07 7th II. Premio Cinquentenario do ACB, Inerlagos Antonio Lordeiro #3  
57/dec/01 4th X. GP Cidade de Sao Paulo, Interlagos Alvaro Varando #3  
57/dec/08 dnf XIX. GP Rio de Janeiro, Quinta da Boa Vista Alvaro Varando #10  
57/dec/08 2nd GP Prefeito Embaixador Negrao de Lima,
Boa Vista
Alvaro Varando #10  
58/apr/13 2nd Premio Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro Alvaro Varando #10  
58/jun/22 2nd Pr. Cinquentenario Imigracao Japonesa,
Alvaro Varando #12  
58 - Mario Olivetti, BR  
58/sep/28 4th Inauguracao do Circuito da Barra da Tijuca,
Rio de Janeiro
Mario Olivetti #17  
59/apr/26 2nd Cronica Esportiva Carioca, Circuito da Barra da Tijuca Mario Olivetti #77  
.. - Josť Carlos Gayotta, Sao Paulo, BR  
6./late - Colin Crabbe, UK  
.. - engine & 4 speed gearbox installed from 1091GT (250 GT PF Coupe)   
7./early - Alain Spitz, Mulhouse, F  
.. - Jean-Francois du Montant, Eymoutiers, F (Garage Zuriani)  
87 - Hiroshi Yamazaki, Tokyo, J "PHO 56" 
88 - restored by Middlebridge Engineering, UK  
92 - engine installed in 0214ED (225 S)  
88/may/05 Mille Miglia Hiroshi Yamazaki / Kazuhiko #162 CaS 8/92 p26 review
92/feb - offered by Talacrest Ltd., Egham, UK
94/may - David Vine, UK - still with 250 GT engine "JFO 508"
95/jul/29-30 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone David Vine
98/jul/24-26 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone David Vine
99/apr/20-24 Tour Auto David Vine /         Michael Adlington #130
99/jul/30-aug/01 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone David Vine
99/sep/20-26 Prada Italia Classica David Vine
00/jun/23-25 Festival of Speed, Goodwood David Vine
01/apr/09-14 Tour Auto David Vine #167
01/may/21 - NS - Bonhams & Brooks Monaco auction, highbid $ 590k  
04/aug - offered by Hall & Bradfield, London, UK C142 p15
05/sep/16-18 9th Goodwood Revival Meeting, Freddie March Memorial Trophy Stuart Graham #11
06/oct - offered by Kidston SA, Geneva, CH on consigment, asking $1,2mio
06/oct/05-08 - displayed by Kidston SA at Geneva Classics, CH
07/jul/13 - Marc A. Newson, London, UK (AUS) (designer)
08/may/15-17 Mille Miglia Marc Newson/ Charlotte Stockdale #171
09-11 - completely restored by Philippe Rochat, Aclens, CH - repainted yellow
11 - reunited with original engine 0198ET, numero interno 23; the original engine came out of 0214ED after Pierre de Siebenthal had built up a new engine for Lynn Larson  
11/may/12-15 Mille Miglia Marc Newson /
Charlotte Stockdale
12/may/17-20 Mille Miglia Marc Newson /
Charlotte Stockdale
13/may/16-18 152nd Mille Miglia Marc Newson /
Mehment Oglu Arici
#266 "TO 7609"
14/may - Michael Stehle, Ueberlingen, D "FN-CQ 1H"
14/may/15-18 319th Mille Miglia Marc Newson /
Charlotte Newson
14 - repainted black with dark red stripes over front fenders  
15/may/13-17   Mille Miglia Michael Stehle / Stefan Rybczynski #247  
16/oct... - Juergen Boden, D  



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