0225EL 52
212 Inter Ghia Coupe, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52 - Eddy Hertzberger, NL PH5 p6
C6/90 p35
54/jun Zandvoort Eddy Hertzberger
66 - John M. Lundin, Homewood, IL, USA - FCA President  
.. - Chevy V8 engine installed  
.. - engine from 0227EL (212 Inter) is with the car as a spare  
.. - Frans van den Heuvel, Geldrop, NL
.. - Sanders van der Velden, NL
88 - Pieter Boel, NL
88/apr - displayed at Autotron Museum, Rosmalen, NL
88/sep/26 - Giorgio Schoen, Milano, I via Mike Sheehan
88/oct/14 - still offered by EAS, Newport Beach, CA, USA asking $140,000.-  
88/dec - still offered by EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA; unrestored CaS 12/88 p110
89/apr/13 - seized by Dutch Customs but later released
.. - original engine with Tom Caulfield, Wisconsin (USA)  
99/aug - original engine (block and crank) advertised in FML asking $15k by Gary Thieltges  
01 - still with Schoen
13/nov - back to the original owners family Hertzberger, NL



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