0192ET 52/sep/22
225 Sport Vignale Spyder, RHD
dark red, flat grill, 3 port holes chromed
2 air inlets in middle of the hood
2 air inlets before rear wheel
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52 - Giuseppe Viannini, Milano, I (AR dealer, also Buenos Aires, ARG)  
52/oct/11 1st OA Bologna - Raticosa
Pietro Palmieri #328  
52 - exported to Argentina by Viannini, repainted yellow-red
52/late - José Maria Ibanez, Buenos Aires, ARG  
53 1st OA

National Mar del Plata

José Maria Ibanez
53/feb/01 3rd OA Gran Premio Ciudad de Buenos Aires,
Autódromo de Buenos Aires
José Maria Ibanez #3   
53 1st OA Premio Verano, Autodromo Eva Peron José Maria Ibanez
53/jun 3rd OA GP de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires José Maria Ibanez
53/jun/21 2nd OA GP Governador Carlos Evans,
José Maria Ibanez   FY53
53/sep/26 2nd OA Corsa Sport Citta di Buenos Aires José Maria Ibanez
54 - raced by Ibanez & Rafael Sedano Acosta, repainted two-tone red & white
54 6th Premio Invierno, Autodromo de Buenos Aires Rafael Sedano Acosta
54/dec/19 11th OA Buenos Aires
56 - Juan Manuel Bordeu, Buenos Aires, ARG
5. - Luis Tula Molina, ARG
5. - repainted green with black hood
58 - Luis Escoda, ARG
5. - repainted red with white interior
59/oct/18 Parque de la Independencia, Rosario Rafael Sedano Acosta alias "El Rosarino"
59 - Alberto Luis Depego, ARG
60/jan/31 dns 1000km Buenos Aires Alberto Luis Depego / Luis Escobar
60/jun/05 6th OA Autodromo de Buenos Aires Alberto Luis Depego #5
60/nov dnf (engine) 500 Milas Argentinas, Rafaela Alberto Luis Depego #5
60/dec dns Autodromo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires Alberto Luis Depego
61 - Domingo Di Santo, Rio Cuarto, ARG
6. - Humberto Evangelista, ARG
63/feb/01 2nd Premio Ciudad de Chascomus Humberto Evangelista
66-80 - stored in Venado Turto, ARG
80 - Hector Mendizabal, ARG - red with central yellow stripe
82 - Luciano Bertolero, Torino, I
82 - Giuseppe Bianchini, Torino, I FbV p124 "38354A6"
83 - completely restored by Carrozzeria Casella, Torino, I, repainted dark red, mechaniscals restored by Gianni Torelli, Campagnola, I
86/may/01 Mille Miglia Bianchini /
#127 MM86 p129
FOC 79 p30
(compare with SuR p50
is this same car !!! #610)
86/aug Oldtimer GP Nuerburgring Giuseppe Bianchini
87/may/21 Mille Miglia Bianchini /
88/may/05 Mille Miglia Bianchini /
#151 "81311 B2"
89/apr/28 Mille Miglia Bianchini /
#141 "81423 B2"
90/may/17  Mille Miglia Bianchini /
#161 "81792 B2"
91 - Pederzoli, Modena, I "MO 864577"
91/sep/21 3rd Circuito delle tre Province Pederzoli  #67
95/may/18-21 Mille Miglia Bandera-Filippici/ Bianchini #272 C88 p14
96 - Olivier Cazalieres, Paris, F - paid $800k "883 MHY 75" 
96-97 - mechanically restored by AG Racing, Nice, F
98 Mille Miglia Olivier Cazalieres /      Cazalieres #313
98/jun/27-28 Ferrari Shell Historic Challenge, Dijon Olivier Cazalieres #61
98/jul/24-26 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Olivier Cazalieres #61
99/apr/20-24 Tour Auto Olivier Cazalieres / Jacques Schweitzer #66
99/may/06-08 Mille Miglia Olivier Cazalieres /     Bertholon #303
99/jun/18-19 GP de lAge d'Or, Monthléry, Shell Historic Challenge Olivier Cazalieres
99/nov/06-07   Tutte le Ferrari a Vallelunga Olivier Cazalieres #24  
00/feb/11-20 - displayed at Retromobile, Paris, F
00/apr/28-may/01 Spa Ferrari Days Olivier Cazalieres #38
00/may/27-28 GP Historique Monaco Olivier Cazalieres #7c
00/sep/29-oct/01 13th OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Hockenheim, Drum brake race 1 Olivier Cazalieres #38
00/sep/29-oct/01 19th OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Hockenheim, Drum brake race 2 Olivier Cazalieres #38
01/apr/09-14 Tour Auto Olivier Cazalieres / Henry Crochet #57
01/may/17-19 Mille Miglia Olivier Cazalieres /
02/sep/21-22 Le Mans Classic Olivier Cazalieres #35 C133 p12
03 - Emilio Gnutti, Brescia, I "ZA 599PY"
03/jun Le Mitiche Sport a Bassano Emilio Gnutti
05/may/19-22 Mille Miglia Gnutti /
Della Giovanna
07/may/17-20 Mille Miglia Gnutti /             Valsecchi #153
12/may/12 - S - RM's Monaco auction - €2.52mio incl. buyer's prem.
12/may/12 - Leslie Wexner, New Albany, OH, USA
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