0190ED 52
212/225 Export Vignale Berlinetta, RHD
Blue with white (silver?) roof
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52 - Jacques Peron, Nice, F   
52/jun - Marius Heyman, Casablanca, Morroco via Soc. Cogemati
52 unknown race in Morocco Marius Heyman #25
52/jul/25 Concours d'Elegance Bois de Boulogne Marius Heyman #115 SuR p57
FA12 p125
"7470 MA 19"
52/aug/13 fat. acc. Rallye Liege-Rome-Liege Marius Heyman /   Claude Leguezec #41
 - Marius Heyman died on the Roma-Bolzano part of the route
55 - front rebuild with a modified air intake and a new grille
55 - Joseph Ampoulié, Garage Ampoulie, Neuilly sur Seine, F "2715 DN 75"
56/apr/29 11th OA
1st ser
4th ser. Sport
Prix de Paris,
Joseph Ampoulié #50      
56/jun/30 9th OA
7th Sports
12h Reims  Yves Giraud-Cabantous /
Joseph Ampoulié
#19 FbV p123     
56/jun/10 dnf 1000km Paris,
Yves Giraud-Cabantous /
Joseph Ampulié
56/sep/23 7th OA Coupe d'Automne,
Joseph Ampulié #..
57/apr/07 8th OA
Coupes USA,
Joseph Ampulié #.  
57 - .................
5. burnt unknown hillclimb
75 - wreck resurfaced with M. Checchi, Chambery, F missing rear body & roof
87 - wreck sold to David Shute, Somerset, UK  
90 - wreck sold to Jacques Montenarie, Paris, F  
98/nov - wreck sold to Angelo Galeazzi, Brescia, I via Emilio Comelli  
98/nov - measurements from 0170ET were taken at DK Eng. to create a new roof  
99 - completely reconstructed in Italy, painted dark red
00/may/25-28 Mille Miglia Angelo Galeazzi /   Portesi #162 ZA 137 FD"
02/feb - David Clark, London, UK (Taylor & Crawley) "FAS 860"
02/jul/13-14 Festival of Speed, Goodwood David Clark
03/jan - offered by Taylor & Crawley, London, UK for PDS 400,000.-
03/jul - Michael Willms, Aachen, D
03/jul/23-24 1st IC 10th Modena Track Days, Concours d'Elegance, Nuerburgring Michael Willms
04/may GP Historique Monaco Michael Willms #33
04/oct/27-31 24th OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Finali Mondiali, Monza, Cat. B, race 1 Michael Willms #312
04/oct/27-31 dns Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Finali Mondiali, Monza, Cat. B, race 2 Michael Willms #312
05/mar - offered by Gregor Fisken, London, UK
05/may - offered by Gregor Fisken, London, UK CaS 5/05 p251
0. - Federico Bianchi, I "ZA 116 XY"
0. - repainted French blue
06/may/11-14 Mille Miglia Federico Bianchi /
E. Costella
#284 C154 p24
06/dec/17 - NS - Bonhams Gstaad Ferrari & Maserati auction - highbid SFr. 980.000.-
0. - Marcello Fratini, I
09/may/14-16 Mille Miglia Marcello Fratini / Alessandro Bruni #134
10/may/05-09 Mille Miglia Marcello Fratini / Alessandro Bruni #155
10/sep/24-27 1st Uniques Special Ones Concours d'Elegance, Firenze Marcello Fratini
11/may/12-15 Mille Miglia Marcello Fratini / Alessandro Bruni #173
12/may/17-20 Mille Miglia Marcello Fratini / Roberto Benelli #163




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