0154ED 52
Ferrari 225 Sport Spyder Vignale, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52 - Vittorio Marzotto, Valdagno, I  
52/mar/09 dnf (overheating)
XII. Giro di Sicilia Vittorio Marzotto /
Otello Marchetto
#448 Marzotto p88
52 - round holes besides grill added
52/may/03-04 dnf
Mille Miglia Vittorio Marzotto /
Otello Marchetto
#625 "BO 11893 Prova"        Red Arrows p90, 226 Marzotto p92
52/jun/02 1st OA GP Monaco Vittorio Marzotto #94 PH104 p36
FCR V2 p49 FbV p107 Marzotto p82 C123 p34, 35, 39
52/jun/29 dns Targa Florio Vittorio Marzotto #48  
52/jul/06 2nd OA
2nd IC
Bolzano - Mendola hillclimb Vittorio Marzotto    
52/jul/13 5th OA
4th S
VI. Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti Vittorio Marzotto #101 Marzotto p97
52/aug/03 dnf IV. Giro delle Calabrie Vittorio Marzotto / Otello Marchetto #713 Marzotto p98
52/aug - Pietro Palmieri, Roma, I  
52/sep/14 1st OA Vittorio Veneto-Cansiglio hillclimb Pietro Palmieri    
5. - engine replaced with 3 liter engine, 4-speed gearbox  
5. - nose modified with a Scaglietti lookalike nose
56 - Goncalves, SA  
56 - Lupini Racing Stable, Johannesburg, SA  
56/mar/24 1st 6h South Africa John Love    
56/jul/09 dnf South African GP,
East London,
John Love
57/jan/01   Cape Town      
58/nov/15 13th OA
2nd S3.5
9h Johannesburg Jennings /
.. - ................, farmer in Cape Town, SA  PH102 p7
72 - Marsiglia Motors in Sea Point, Cape Town, SA
It was offered at ZAR3,600.00, complete with spare engine and transmission. The engine had the same serial number as the car (0154ED)
77 - Richard Phillips, UK  
93/jun/19-20 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Richard Phillips
97/may/05 - S - Brooks Monaco auction - $550,000.-  
97/may/05 - Sir Anthony Bamford, UK bought car without the original engine "YSY 568"
97/jun - original engine offered by Gregor Fisken  
97/jun - Sir Anthony Bamford bought original engine C123 p34-39
98 - restored at DK Engineering, Watford, UK  
00/may/27-28 9th OA 5th IC GP Historique Monaco Willie Green #94c
01/jan/20 Gold
class 1
X. Cavallino Classic Anthony Bamford    
01/jun/21 Kinnerton Test Day, Rockingham Anthony Bamford
03/jan - offered by Gregor Fisken, UK  
03/may - Oscar Davis, Elizabeth, NJ, USA  
03 - José Maria Fernandez, Madrid, E  
05/oct/20-23  8th IC Tutte le Ferrari a Mugello, Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Cat. B, race 1 José Maria Fernandez #310  
05/oct/20-23  9th IC Tutte le Ferrari a Mugello, Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Cat. B, race 2 José Maria Fernandez #310  
08/may/10-11 7th GP Historique Monaco José Maria Fernandez #94 C166 p24



This was most probably 0192ET and not 0154ED:
52/oct/11 1st OA Bologna-Raticosa
Pietro Palmieri #328  



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