0154ED 52
Ferrari 225 Sport Spyder Vignale, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52 - Vittorio Marzotto, Valdagno, I  
52/mar/09 dnf (overheating)
XII. Giro di Sicilia Vittorio Marzotto /
Otello Marchetto
#448 Marzotto p88
52 - round holes besides grill added
52/may/03-04 dnf
Mille Miglia Vittorio Marzotto /
Otello Marchetto
#625 "BO 11893 Prova"        Red Arrows p90, 226 Marzotto p92
52/jun/02 1st OA GP Monaco Vittorio Marzotto #94 PH104 p36
FCR V2 p49 FbV p107 Marzotto p82 C123 p34, 35, 39
52/jun/29 dns Targa Florio Vittorio Marzotto #48  
52/jul/06 2nd OA
2nd IC
Bolzano - Mendola hillclimb Vittorio Marzotto    
52/jul/13 5th OA
4th S
VI. Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti Vittorio Marzotto #101 Marzotto p97
52/aug/03 dnf IV. Giro delle Calabrie Vittorio Marzotto / Otello Marchetto #713 Marzotto p98
52/aug - Pietro Palmieri, Roma, I  
52/sep/14 1st OA Vittorio Veneto-Cansiglio hillclimb Pietro Palmieri    
5. - engine replaced with 3 liter engine, 4-speed gearbox  
5. - nose modified with a Scaglietti lookalike nose
56 - Goncalves, SA  
56 - Lupini Racing Stable, Johannesburg, SA  
56 dnf 6h South Africa Love    
dnf South African GP,
East London,
58/nov/15 13th OA
2nd S3.5
9h Johannesburg Jennings /
.. - ................, farmer in Cape Town, SA  PH102 p7
.. - ................, Garage owner, SA  
77 - Richard Phillips, UK  
93/jun/19-20 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Richard Phillips
97/may/05 - S - Brooks Monaco auction - $550,000.-  
97/may/05 - Sir Anthony Bamford, UK bought car without the original engine "YSY 568"
97/jun - original engine offered by Gregor Fisken  
97/jun - Sir Anthony Bamford bought original engine C123 p34-39
98 - restored at DK Engineering, Watford, UK  
00/may/27-28 9th OA 5th IC GP Historique Monaco Willie Green #94c
01/jan/20 Gold X. Cavallino Classic, class 1 Anthony Bamford    
01/jun/21 Kinnerton Test Day, Rockingham Anthony Bamford
03/jan - offered by Gregor Fisken, UK  
03/may - Oscar Davis, Elizabeth, NJ, USA  
03 - José Maria Fernandez, Madrid, E  
05/oct/20-23  8th IC Tutte le Ferrari a Mugello, Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Cat. B, race 1 José Maria Fernandez #310  
05/oct/20-23  9th IC Tutte le Ferrari a Mugello, Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Cat. B, race 2 José Maria Fernandez #310  
08/may/10-11 7th GP Historique Monaco José Maria Fernandez #94 C166 p24



This was most probably 0192ET and not 0154ED:
52/oct/11 1st OA Bologna-Raticosa
Pietro Palmieri #328  



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