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02.05.2014, 00:33:08 cet

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Facts and speculation by Andreas Birner

Starting at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show (press day to be held on 5th of March), Ferrari will present at least five entirely new or face lifted models within the next two years.

The upcoming Geneva Motor Show will see the launch of a modified version of the 550 Maranello, which will most probably be called 575 MM. Against earlier reports which mentioned a six litre engine, the 575 MM will apparently feature a version of the 550 Maranello engine that has been enlarged to 5.7 litres capacity. The designation ”575” hence might be explained as ”5.7 litre engine with five valves per cylinder”. The suffix ”MM” still is a riddle: Rumours have it as a revival of the legendary designation ”Mille Miglia”, a reminiscence to the successful 340 MM, 375 MM and 250 MM racing models of the early 1950’s. However, more likely is the explanation of ”MM” standing for ”Maranello Modificata” — a ”modified Maranello”. The ”modificata” suffix is already known from the F512 M and the 456 M GT/GTA. The 575 MM will be available with the F1 paddle shifting system and will probably mobilize about 500 bhp.

Definitely due to be presented in 2002 is also Ferrari’s new super model, the successor to the F50. The internal code of this car is ”FX”, although it seems likely that it will not bear this designation when going into production in Spring of 2003. Although many journalists like to describe this super sports car as ”F60”, the final designation will probably be different. Ferrari’s 60th anniversary will be in 2007, and likewise as both F40 and F50, a new anniversary model should be either launched in the anniversary year to shortly before — but not five years in advance. The official presentation of the FX was announced for the Paris Motor Show in October, but it is also possible that the launch will be held during the Ferrari Racing Days at the Nürburgring on September 6-8. The German Racing Days will most likely see the unveiling of a new model — it’s not yet known which one, but the F50-successor is a very likely candidate. However, the car will incorporate much Formula One technology like a complicated front wing. It will probably sport gullwing doors. The power will for sure be in the outrageous region of 600 bhp to 700 bhp, the engine might be another V12, but also a V10 Formula One-derivate seems possible. Its price will be in the region of 500.000,-EUR, maybe even more. By the way, there are at least two prototypes circling around Maranello: The spectacular black one is already known and was correctly identified as an FX prototype. But there is also a ”long” 550 Maranello that was declared a prototype to the 456 M GT-successor by journalists because of its long chassis and the incredibly lengthened ”nose” section. From a usually well informed source, we received the information that this mysterious prototype is in fact another FX prototype that incorporates the new chassis. Furthermore, this prototype is said to be mid-engined, the entire front body section basically being camouflage. Well, if so — it worked!

Talking about a successor to the 456 M GT, there are no facts known. This car might be launched in 2004 (possibly celebrating its unveiling at the 2003 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show). Interestingly, the have no prototype photos shown up — presuming that the above mentioned long 550 Maranello is indeed an FX prototype. German and American journalists have already named this car as the ”460 GT”, which is probably nothing but wildest speculation.

Rumour has it that there will be a more sporting version of the 360 Modena. This car will basically be a lightened and Spartan version of the 360, similar to the non-road legal 360 Challenge. The engine might remain unchanged, but some additional bhp might easily be found. Nothing is yet known about this car’s designation — how about ”360 GT” or even ”360 GTO”? Interestingly, this variant might arrive shortly. Actually it’s the other candidate for the mysterious model launch at the German Ferrari Racing Days in early September. Recent rumours from Switzerland included wild gossip about an improved 360 Challenge car for the 2003 season, which would probably mean that all older cars would have to be upgraded — if possible.

2004 will probably see the launch of the successor to the 550 Maranello / 575 MM. Nothing is known about this project except that the car’s concept will allow a real Spider version — the compromising 550 Barchetta Pininfarina generated appetite for a ”fully worthy” open Ferrari V12-model.

In 2004, a successor or a heavily modified version of the 360 Modena might use a variant of the new 4.2 litre V8-engine developed for the Maserati Spyder and the Maserati Coupé. This aggregate produces 390 bhp in the current Maserati models, but it is widely known that it does have by far more potential which has been willingly restricted in the Maserati to mark a gap between the Maserati and the Ferrari 360 clearly. The current difference of only ten bhp might also be the reason for the launch of the  ”360 GT”.

So… Ferraristi may look forward to real fireworks of new or revised models within the next two years.

575 MM
575M Maranello s/n 126982
FX prototype
Ferrari 360 N-GT s/n 006M
575M Maranello Black (Daytona)/Beige s/n 125371
Presentation of the new "Enzo Ferrari"
Enzo Ferrari