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Entry List
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Modena, 19 May, 2001

Racers’ list
Scrutinising & Racing on Saturday
Fiorano, Tavianella, Riolo Terme – the second stage
Welcome to Imola – the third stage
Mugello, Futa pass, rain and clouds and a twisted trace bar
Entry List

Held for just the second time, the Modena Cento Ore Classic 2001 had to fulfil high expectations because of the first running, which was perfectly organised, ideally situated in the heart of Northern Italy with a friendly and warm atmosphere for participants. Great race action on three different circuits – Fiorano, Varano & Imola – for both participants and spectators, was on the agenda. All this combined with the famous Modenese cuisine made a lasting impression on me !

This year, the organisers headed by Mr. Bompani not only achieved the aim to reach this top level again, but even exceeded all expectations.

Racers’ list
Though still an insider event organised by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, exceptional and wonderful cars were listed in the ”Racers’ list” divided into two main groups – the race category and the regularity section.

Imagine hard fights on demanding circuits like Imola and Mugello between a pair of surprisingly quick De Tomaso Pantera Gr. 4 racers pitted against two brutish Ferrari Daytona Competition Coupes !
In the race class, the drivers gave their very best (and sometimes more…) to be the fastest not only on track, but on the total of nine special stages through the Apennines. Even the most talented amongst them – like John Bosch – had their ”moments” racing up the small roads, which they had never driven before…

Scrutinising & Racing on Saturday
As with last year, the scrutineering took place at the Parco Novi Sad in the North of Modena.  All cars were presented in two opposing rows looking like a sparkling string of pearls in the sun. Although not all the competitors as listed in the official programme showed up, there were still more than enough for a nice exhibition.

Besides the Group 4 ”monsters”, the two Panteras and Daytona Coupes, last year’s wining car – the Lotus 30 – and the Alfa Tipo 33 SP appeared to be the certain candidates for overall victory. Compared to them, the small Chevron B6 driven by Schryver/Hadfield initially seemed to me to be the right car only for the hillclimbs, but it taught me a lesson later: The Daytonas had no chance against it at Imola and Mugello !

Ferrari 250 GT TdF s/n 0793GT
Another highlight was parked next to the 300 S.  Chassis 0793GT still belongs to the famous Ferrari frame constructor Giulio Vaccari and was driven by Mr. Olivi, the nephew of  Vaccari. Raced successfully from new by Giovanardi in many hillclimbs it was modified in 1959 with brake cooling ducts, an extra wiper on top and Farina Coupe tail lights, which it still wears today. These features, together with the nice unrestored condition, mark this Tdf as an unique example.

Ferrari 500 TR s/n 0638MDTR
Like the yellow Stancari owned Ferrari 500 Mondial s/n 0410MD, Marco Pelizziari showed up with his rare 500 TR only for scrutineering. Perfectly restored and presented in a somewhat orange colour, it stood in sharp contrast to Mr. Stancari’s very original Mondial.

Ferrari 250 TR s/n 0720TR
Mrs. & Mr. Mergard’s new acquisition – the ex-Rodney Felton 250 TR s/n 0720 TR – was displayed for the first time in public since Mr. Felton’s heavy accident in the early 90’s in a Bugatti, the TR showed some ”patina”.
I personally tried to get behind the wheel of 0720TR but my height – 186cm – wasn’t the best basis for that exercise. After a long gymnastic endeavour I finally fitted in, but with no chance to use the pedals with my feet…..so I’ll have to cancel the TR from my ”wanna-have-car-collection-list”.

During the afternoon the event had begun with a Slalom through Parco Novi Sad continuing with a road section on a short route through Maranello, taking in their first special stage up the hill at Torre Maina. The route finished back at the Piazza Ducale in the heart of Modena, after which the cars were finally parked for the night in a parc fermé.

Tobias Aichele, who’s co-pilot felt sick after the first kilometres in his black BMW 3.0 CSL asked me at Torre Maina, if I could act as his co-pilot for this special stage. Within a second he got my answer: Yes, of course !

Tobias told me that Rallye Ace Walter Roehrl himself had set-up his BMW on the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife, and I only could agree how well it handled after the hillclimb stage. This BMW behaved very neutrally, even in the tightest corners, without any roll ! Compared to the De Tomaso Mangusta ahead of us we were driving as if on a railway track….

Fiorano, Tavianella, Riolo Terme – the second stage
After an exceptional and charming dinner in an old North Italian castle, the competitors were in fine mood for the next racing day, which included a round on the famous Ferrari test track Fiorano. Is there a better chance to get on this sacred piece of land? Visiting Fiorano, and watching all these old race cars driving like hell around the course, gave you an impression how life was in the 50’s and 60’s. You could almost feel that Enzo Ferrari would step out of Casa Ferrari any moment and have a conversation with the competitors.

After Fiorano, a long trip was in store for all the competitors, including two special stages – Tavianella and Zattaglia – through the mountains before reaching the final destination for the night at the Grand Hotel Riolo Terme. According to some competitors, Tavianella especially, was a tricky hillclimb stage. In one of the many curves, John Bosch touched a curbstone with the back of his recently restored Daytona Competizione s/n 14407 losing control of the car for a short moment finally resulting in a ride into the bushes. Thanks to his driving skill major damage was averted, and after some evening repairs the Daytona was ready to complete the event.

The Grand Hotel Riolo Terme with its beautifully arranged garden park provided the right atmosphere. Here all the cars were displayed in the grounds with the stylish old Hotel as a splendid backdrop.

Welcome to Imola – the third stage
What more do you need for a perfect day with your favourite car?  Sunshine, a beautiful landscape, a fascinating track and challenging race action. All the right ingredients for an unforgettable day…

The third stage including a short time stage at Casola Valsenio which was run twice during the day. At Imola the  competitors, especially those in the race class, fascinated all the spectators with great battles and overtaking manoeuvres.  In the regularity section, where the competitors have to be within a special time plan - even on the Imola track - some took it not too seriously. In particular Wolf Zweifler, who raced his 300 S with verve, I believe he hadn’t any stop watches with him at all !  But in the end he was rewarded with the black flag….and at the prize giving Mauro Bompani presented him with a bottle of Aceto Balsamico plus the title ”fastest driver in regularity”. Congratulations, Wolfi !

Mugello, Futa pass, rain and clouds and a twisted trace bar
Early in the morning we had to leave our hotel in Riolo Terme for the final stage to Mugello. The weather looked overcast with a threat of rain, but it was dry – at first!

Mugello, a wonderfully situated undulating race track 50km north of Florence, served as the venue for a thrilling fight between a blue race battered Bizzarrini 5300 GT, a Porsche 911 3.0 RSR and a Shelby Mustang. Suddenly something blue was flying through the air, and after looking twice everyone could see that the Bizzarrini had lost its bonnet!
Mugello was only the hors d’hoevre. On the way back to Modena a number of competitors had to give up due to mechanical problems, including the 250 TR. Harald Mergard had twisted the track control bar on the Futa pass and decided to retire for safety reasons after the lunch break.

The Modena Cento Ore Classic 2001 as a race event was over but not the friendly atmosphere and the social highlight of this event – the final dinner and prize giving.

Mr. Bompani and all the organisers which made this event come true can be proud. They’ve established a wonderful event, where besides all the race action, camaraderie combined with the famous local cuisine is written in big letters.

We enjoyed the Modena Cento Ore Classic 2001 very much and look forward for next year.

Race class


Franklin David / Monteverde Carlos Jaguar E Type 1:28'23.4


Studer Thomas / Bertschi Hektor Ford Shelby GT 350 1:29'37.0


Frey Giorgio / Manzoni Carlin Lotus Elan 1:35'34.9


Young Malcolm / Tuck John MG MGB 1:36'34.7


Panini Matteo / Aggazzotti Guido Maserati 3500 GT 1:37'18.7


Agace Jeremy / Briggs Sean Maserati 250 S 1:37'32.6


Zanoni Andrea / Cappelli Paolo Alfa Romeo GTA 1:40'04.3


Giudici Gianni / Bernacchini Arnaldo Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1:40'53.0


Lancksweert Philippe / Noblet Gregory Ferrari 250 GT/L 1:41'37.0


Righi Rino / Goldoni Gianni Sunbeam Alpine Tiger 1:42'09.8



Katsaounis Y. / Drouliscos A. Ford Shelby GT 350


Marchesi G. / Stringhini G Ferrari 365 GT4 BB


Bianchi M. / Colle E. Lotus Eleven Le Mans


Della Casa F. / Cavazzuti P. Porche 911 S 2.2


Stove E. / Turci G. Mercedes 230 SL


Bromberger R. / Zeinler C. Ferrari Dino 246 GT


Olivi F. / Iotti M. Ferrari 250 GT TdF


Bompani E. / Bompani F. Porche 356 Speedster


Zanoni G. / Dall'Orto S. Lancia Aurelia B 24 S


Pappalardo / Pappalardo Ferrari 250 GTO

Bjoern Schmidt

Race category
Race 1


Pilot Copilot Make Model s/n


Sandretto Mollica Lotus 30


Grist Grist Alfa Romeo 33 SP 75033029


Schryver Hadfield Chevron B6


Mason-Styrron Mason-Styrron Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Gr. 4 15681


Manni Benedetti De Tomaso Pantera Gr 4 THPPNMA 02862


Bosch Bosch Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Gr .4 14407


Zaffi Zaffi De Tomaso Pantera Gr 4


Haupt Marzatico Porsche Carrera 3.0 RSR


Raimondi Domeneghetti De Tomaso Pantera THPPNLE 01070


Muccioli Coccia Porsche Carrera RS


Montorsi Rasenti Porsche Carrera RS


Studer Bertschi Ford Shelby GT 350


Lancksweert Noblet Ferrari 250 GT/L 5915GT


O'Neill Binnington AC Cobra CSX 2131


Righi Goldoni Sunbeam Alpine Tiger


Franklin Monteverde Jaguar E 850010


Govoni Tonetti Bizzarrini 5300 GT IA3 0252


Giudici Bernacchini Alfa Romeo Giulia SS

Race 2


Agace Follon Maserati 250 S 2411


Dubbini Gulinelli Ferrari 250 GT SWB 1999 GT


Panini Aggazzotti Maserati 3500 GT 101.368


Poggi Bortolani Ferrari 250 GT Boano 0553GT


Raimondi X Lotus Elan


Barbieri Barbieri Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ 750078


Wildbolz Allemann Toyota 2000 GT 1188


Frey Manzoni Lotus Elan


Young Tuck M.G. B


Zanoni Cappelli Alfa Romeo GTA


Tomasetti X Alfa Romeo GTV


Zambelli Cecconi ASA 200


Bigatti Aralla Alpine A 110


Corazzari Capozzo Porsche 356


Curtis Wood Frazer Nash Le Mans


Bloechle Costantini Alfa Romeo 2300 8C Zagato


Wildbolz Stelzig Riley Sprite

Regularity section


Stuken Burret Lancia Aurelia B 20


Stancari X Ferrari 500 Mondial 0410MD


Brevini Tazioli Ferrari 750 Monza 0470MD


Bompani Bompani Moretti 750 Barchetta


Pellizziari X Ferrari 500 TR 0638MDTR


Bianchi Barisetti Colle Lotus Eleven


Bompani Bompani Porsche 356 Speedster


Zannoni Dall’Orto Conrero Alfa 1.9


Zweifler Godelewicz Maserati 300 S 3070


Ficht Wuertz Ferrari 250 GT TdF 0897GT


Mergard Mergard Ferrari 250 TR 0720TR


Olivi Iotti Ferrari 250 GT TdF 0793GT


Hartmann Ricci Dino 246 GTS


Pappalardo Pappalardo Ferrari 250 GTO 5111GT


Lewis Lewis Ferrari 250 GT Nembo 4773GT


Katsaounis Drouliscos Ford Shelby GT 350


Olczyk X Lister Jaguar


Stafilopatis Stafilopatis Ferrari 275 GTB/4 9065GT


Fyshe Lodge De Tomaso Mangusta


Della Casa Cavazzuti Porsche 911 S 2.2


Bromberger Zeinler Ferrari Dino 246 GT 04338


Marchesi Stringhini Ferrari 365 GT 4 BB 17029


Aichele Aichele ? BMW 3.0 CSL
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360 spider s/n 123273 (Dr. Hartrmann)
Alfa Romeo T 33 SP s/n 75022029
Alfa Romeo T 33 SP s/n 75022029
Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Cometizione SII s/n 14407
Ferrari 250 GTO s/n 5111GT
Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Cometizione SII s/n 14407
Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Cometizione SII s/n 14407
Alfa Romeo T 33 SP s/n 75022029
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