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San Marino, April 28, 2002

40th anniversary of 250 GTO ’62 s/n 3851GT
A very special venue
Some Ferrari of particular interest
Getting started
Parade in Anghiari
Relais Borgo San Felice
Siena — Castello di Terrazzano — Greve in Chianti


Parade in Anghiari
The next stage lead the Ferraristi to Anghiari, a fascinating medieval town built on a very steep hill. The cars were presented to the massive crowd of spectators in a parade that lead the participants up and down the extremely steep high street several times. The drivers of the older cars had to fear for their clutches, but in the end the Ferrari made it without problems. The last stop en route of the day was made at Monte San Savino, another medieval town where the Ferraristi were welcomed by the mayor in a lovely roof garden. One did also enjoy local specialties and a demonstration of a traditional dance.

40th anniversary of 250 GTO ’62 s/n 3851GT
Fabrizio Violati is one of the most famous Ferrari-collectors in the world, known as an enthusiast of the marque since 1965, and also as a privateer racer as well as a successful entrant of uncounted historic races. The major part of Violati’s huge Ferrari- collection is on display in the Collezione Maranello Rosso, based in Falciano in the small Republic of San Marino, the famous enclave close to the Adriatic coast. The Collezione Maranello Rosso still includes his very first Ferrari, the 250 GTO ’62 s/n 3851GT that Fabrizio bought in 1965 to compete in hillclimbs and other racing events. The fact that he still owns this car underlines the special relationship between Farizio Violati and s/n 3851GT, and this relationship was also the driving force behind a special event that was hosted by the Collezione Maranello Rosso in late April: The ”Ferrari Incontri d’Arte”, a Ferrari meeting to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Violati’s beloved 250 GTO.

Sunday, the last day of the event, greeted the participants with glorious weather. Via Radda in Chianti, the red snake moved to Impruneta where the Ferrari were parked in the town centre. The Ferraristi visited several local museums and sights and watched terracotta being made. The event was ended with a fantastic lunch at the Villa Corsini.

The event offered a perfect combination of Ferrari driving in an incredible scenery, interesting cultural excursions and great Italian food. This was for sure not the last event of its kind hosted by the Collezione Maranello Rosso.

Andreas Birner

Relais Borgo San Felice
In the evening, the red horde did arrive at the luxurious hotel ”Relais Borgo San Felice” that had been selected as the ”base” for the two following days. The Relais Borgo San Felice is actually a former Tuscan village, erected on the top of a hill near Castelnuovo Berardenga with a fantastic view. The buildings have been converted into apartment houses, a restaurant, a bar etc. Borgo San Felice also houses a famous wine cellar, and the latter were ”inspected” by the participants prior to dinner.

Preparing for the start

Siena — Castello di Terrazzano — Greve in Chianti
On Saturday, the Ferrari Incontri d’Arte lead the Ferraristi to Siena, one of the most famous cities of Italy. Unfortunately it did rain till about noon, but this didn’t keep thousands of spectators from examining the 43 Ferrari which were parked directly on the world-famous Piazza del Campo where the participants visited the civic museum. Roaring through the narrow streets of Siena’s old town centre was a very special feeling, too! The next stop was the Castello di Verrazzano near Greve in Chianti, a picturesque castle and winery. After visiting the cellars, lunch was held, and the weather turned warm and sunny again. In the early afternoon, the Ferraristi descended again to Greve in Chianti, were they were greeted on the town square by local officials. The last stop of the day was the Castello di Meleto that, again, provided a great view of the incredibly beautiful Tuscan scenery. After a snack, a thunderstorm rose, but didn’t last for long. Back at Relais Borgo San Felice, the Ferraristi had the possibility to visit a talk about Globalization by Bruno Desgardins, member of the board of Baring Brothers Bank. Saturday evening saw a gala dinner, followed by fantastic fireworks.

Some Ferrari of particular interest
The ”guest of honour” was, of course, Fabrizio Violati’s 250 GTO ’62 that had been put on display at a special place, but there were many other particularly interesting Ferrari which gathered in the sun at the Collezione Maranello Rosso’s large parking lot: The rarest car among them was Matthias Ficht’s dark metallic blue 500 Superfast, s/n 8253SF. The Munich-based enthusiast was accompanied by both his brother Markus and his sister Ulrike; the latter drove her lovely black Dino 246 GTS, while Markus Ficht piloted another ultra-rare Ferrari. The red 275 GTB/6C Longnose (s/n 08901) did reveal its rarity only to very well-informed enthusiasts — s/n 08901 is one of only three or so examples that were supplied new with the most desirable combination of options: alloy bodywork, six carbs and an outside filler cap. Sold new in New York, s/n 08901 later made its way to the UK and was sold to the Ficht family in late 2001. The Ferrari Incontri d’Arte was the first outing of this rare Ferrari after a long slumber. Germany was well represented among the participants since another very rare Ferrari had been entered by Dr. Wolf Zweifler of Munich — a genuine 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spider, s/n 16689. The oldest Ferrari of the event likewise came from Germany: Heinz-Günther Fetzer had brought his immaculate 250 GTE s/n 2405GT from Nuremberg. The silvergrey 1961 example was totally restored by Edi Wyss in Switzerland and is certainly one of the best 250 GTEs in the world. Another nice 250 GTE had come from Switzerland: Mosè Franco drove his metallic red s/n 3261GT. Two 330 GTCs also took part in the event. Italo- American collector Filippo Pola had given his burgundy 330 GTC to a friend to drive in the event (while Pola piloted his F40), and Gilbert Rougier from France had arrived in his silvergrey example, s/n 9013. Italian enthusiast Davide De Benardi showed up in his 365 GTB/4 Daytona s/n 16107, and Alexandre Lafond brought his metallic brown Dino 246 GTS from Paris. The majority of the participating Ferrari dated from the last seven or so years, the number of 360 Modena to take part in the event was amazing. Club Ferrari France-member Roger Maitrepierre is known for his various white Ferrari, and his 456 GT in ”Bianco Avus” was a nice eye-catcher in a sea of mostly red cars, as was the 550 Maranello of Armand Weyer from Luxembourg: His s/n 111550 sports a special-order colour, ”Oro chiaro metallizzato”, light metallic gold! Collector Carl G. Lopp of New York piloted a red 550 Barchetta Pininfarina on Italian export plates, and the latest car of the event was the brand new 575M Maranello F1 of Gianmarino Zenere and Bruno Desgardins.

A very special venue
Sandra Lodi-Vetrano is the general manager of the Collezione Maranello Rosso, and she has already organized a number of Ferrari-events in the past — like track meetings or cultural Ferrari-excursions across Tuscany. After a pause of several years, Sandra Lodi-Vetrano and Fabrizio Violati again took the chance of s/n 3851GT’s birthday to host another very special event that did combine a Ferrari-tour of the wonderful Tuscan scenery with interesting cultural ”encounters” like medieval towns, Tuscan traditions and local food. The number of participants was strictly limited to about 45 cars — in the end, 43 Ferrari did take part in the Incontri d’Arte, plus a very few Ferraristi who had to participate in other ”non-made-in-Maranello” cars for various reasons. For example, noted Ferrari-historian Jess G. Pourret had announced to drive his 250 MM Spider Vignale in the event, but due to mechanical problems on his old Ferrari, he was forced to switch to a Jaguar XK120. The event started at the Collezione Maranello Rosso in Falciano on Friday, April 26th.

Getting started
Upon the arrival of the participants and the check-inn, one had the opportunity to visit the Collezione Maranello Rosso as well as Fabrizio Violati’s outstanding collection of Abarth automobiles that is housed in the basement. Sandra Lodi-Vetrano and Fabrizio Violati did welcome the Ferraristi from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Luxembourg and the USA. They did also present a trailer of an upcoming movie on Enzo Ferrari’s life that has been produced in Italy with the help of Fabrizio Violati who did provide many cars for the making of this film. After a lunch held at the premises of the Collezione Maranello Rosso, the event was officially opened by Secretary of State, Dr. Paride Andreoli, by cutting a rope that had been installed in front of the 250 GTO. Fabrizio Violati fired up the engine, and the red cavalcade started its way across San Marino, always accompanied by police on motorcycles and a private security service. After blasting up the very steep road to San Marino city (well-known to all ”Mille Miglia” participants), the 43 cars soon entered wonderful Tuscany. Glorious weather still accompanied the first stop at Badia Tedalda, where the participants visited various sights, enjoyed a typical snack and watched a funny stage performance (that was even Ferrari-related!) by the villagers.

Arrival at the Collezione Maranello Rosso
Ferrari 500 Superfast s/n 8253SF
Ferrari 250 GTE s/n 2405GT
365 GTS/4 Daytona Spider s/n 16689
Sandra Lodi-Vetrano & Fabrizio Violati
En route across San Marino
Parade in Anghiari
Parking at Relais Borgo San Felice
Departure from Siena
Parking at Castello di Verrazzano
250 GTO at Greve in Chianti's town square
330 GTC
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