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Goodwood - Festival of Speed


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Goodwood, July 8, 2001

Ferraris of Note in Attendance


Colour Chassis # Reg’ #


375 F1

Red 5 -

156 F1 Replica

Red - -

312 F1 – 1968

Red 0007 -

246 Tasman

Red 0010 -

312 T F1

Red 018 -

312 T F1

Red 022 -

312 T3 F1

Red 034 -

312 T4 F1

Red 039 -

126 C2

Red 061 -

F 310B

Red 175 -


Red 201 -

250 MM Vignale Spyder

Red 0326MM 375 HJW*

Dino 206 SP

Red 0834 -

330 P2

Red 0836 -

212 E Montagna

Red 0862 -

712 CanAm

Red 1010 -

250 GTO

Red 3757GT 250 GTO

250 GTO ’64 Re-body

Red-Lt Blue 4399GT APB 1

Concours + Supercar Display

330 GT 2+2 Break Vig’

Green Met’-Gold 7963 25 LSY 75

365 GTB/4 Break Panther

Black 15275 FER 15

456 GT Auto Break

Green Met’ 103190 -

550 Barchetta PF

Blue Met’ 123678 Y244 ABL**

456 M GTA

Silver 122549 -

360 Spider

Red 123970 -

550 Maranello

Red 124566 -


*   Nevada USA


**  Series # 006/448

Keith Bluemel

The ”WOW” Factor
Formula One
Smoke and Sparks
People Spotting
Auction Action
Ferraris of Note in Attendance
Classic Concours

The ”WOW” Factor
Each year you think that the Goodwood Festival of Speed can’t get any better, but somehow each event seems to surpass the preceding one. Lord March with his event committee and enthusiastic band of helpers, produce a stunning array of machinery of all descriptions, to delight the enormous crowds who make the annual pilgrimage to his estate near Chichester in West Sussex. This year attendance figures broke all previous records, with around 123,000 people attending over the three days. Almost every corner that you turned there was some delight to feast your eyes upon, such that you were constantly uttering or thinking ”Wow”, the diversity and quality of the cars and motorcycles presented almost defied belief.

The theme of this ninth festival was ”The Will To Win”, a reflection on some of the greatest names in motor sport history, including a number of anniversaries that formed the core of the 2001 gathering. These included the centenaries of Mercedes- Benz and Ford in racing, 90 Years of the Monte Carlo Rally and Indianapolis, 75 years of Maserati and Ducati, 40 years of Brabham, and the fiftieth anniversary of Ferrari’s first F1 World Championship victory.

To celebrate these events there were themed displays, the largest being that of Mercedes-Benz in front of Goodwood House. Here, around the main circular carriage drive were an incredible array of the company’s racing heritage, whilst in the centre was an enormous conical structure reaching skyward, atop which was perched a 300 SL ”Gullwing” coupe.

Formula One
The area which has formed the main paddock in previous years, was exclusively for the use of Formula One, Indy and current Le Mans cars. Apart from the display of historic F1 Ferraris and Grand Prix Maseratis along the top boundary of the paddock, there was a wide selection of other historic F1 cars, including an ex-Rob Walker Lotus 49B, a Renault RE 60 from the mid-eighties turbo era, a wide variety of Brabham’ s including the first public appearance since 1979 of the BT 46B ”fan car”. This car won the 1978 Swedish Grand Prix driven by Niki Lauda, but was immediately outlawed by the governing body, and never raced again.

In addition to the historic element, no less than seven current F1 teams appeared with their attendant transporters and back-up staff. Williams-BMW had a a FW22 for Juan Pablo Montoya, Ferrari an F1-2000 for Luca Badoer, BAR-Honda a 002 for Darren Manning, McLaren-Mercedes a MP4/15 for Alexander Wurz,, Jaguar-Ford a R” for Eddie Irvine, Benetton had a static B 201 on display, and Minardi had their 2 seater taking competition winners up the hill, driven by team boss Paul Stodart. In the vendor area on the opposite side of the track could be found an Arrows on the Orange Communications stand, plus further examples of Jaguar and Williams-BMW in the respective manufacturer’s displays.

One of the nicest aspects of the current F1 teams attendance, apart from the spectacle that their drivers put on, was the ability of the public to see the cars and personnel at close quarters. Special mention should be given to the Ferrari mechanics, as they showed that there is a human side to Formula One, lifting young children into the car at the end of Saturday afternoon, so that their parents could take a photograph. The delight and surprise evident on both the children and parents faces, that a Formula One team would provide this opportunity, was a joy to witness.

Another gesture worthy of note was that Steve Tarrant, the track marshal who lost a leg in last year's fatal accident that claimed the life of a colleague and driver John Dawson-Damer, was given a ride up the course in a mid-engined Renault Clio Sport by Jenson Button.

Smoke and Sparks
Many of the stars that were in attendance put on great displays for the appreciative crowds thronging the barriers. The current F1 drivers were doing untimed demonstration runs, so apart from torturing their tyres off the line, leaving the start line marshals in a pall of acrid rubber smoke, they then frequently came to a halt along the main stretch in front of the house, and performed the same act again. The sound of V10 F1 engines at x thousand rpm, as they accelerated like rocket ships, must have been heard for miles around. On two wheels Carl Fogarty and Wayne Gardner, on Ducati and Honda respectively, were great crowd pleasers as they pulled lengthy ”wheelies”.

However, the ”wheelie” king was American drag racer Bob Riggle in his 1966 mid- engined ”Hemi Under Glass” Plymouth Barracuda. He surprised everybody with his spectacular display, blasting off the line with the front wheels rising skyward, until the rear skid plates touched the track when he was at an angle of about 60 degrees from the horizontal. As the front wheels clawed the air, the skid plates emitted a shower of sparks in the car’s wake, a great spectacle that was repeated three times on each run.

People Spotting
Apart from the phenomenal collection of rare and desirable cars and motorcycles to drool over, the personality aspect of Goodwood is another of its major attractions. This is one of the few places that the general public can get access to current F1 drivers without the need for a special pass, as witnessed by the previously mentioned names. Motoring stars from all aspects and eras of the many facets of the sport were there in abundance, F1 World Champions like Phil Hill, John Surtees, Niki Lauda and Damon Hill. Then there were rally stars like Sandro Munari, Walter Rohrl, and Timo Makinen, plus the evergreen Sir Stirling Moss, current F1 drivers Jean Alesi and David Coulthard, and the list goes on, a veritable galaxy of stars.

Auction Action
Bonhams & Brooks held their regular auction for automobilia and cars on Thursday 5 July and Friday 6 July. This started with  a specific one on Thursday afternoon for the Uno Ranch Collection of Bugatti and other Spares, followed on Friday by three separate auctions for Automobilia, Art and Literature, Toys and Models, finishing up with the car sale in the afternoon.

At the end of the day over 90% of the automobilia lots found new homes and over 60% of the cars. In the former a pair of Bugatti Type 59 wheels provided the surprise result, achieving £23,000, which was more than ten times the estimate. In the car section, the highest figure achieved was £265,500 for 1904 Mercedes-Simplex Tourer, whilst a 1939 Lagonda V12 Le Mans Rapide sold for £188.500, and a 1931 Aston Martin sports racer, chassis number LM5, went for £184,100.

Auction Ferraris


Colour Reg’ # Chassis # Price £

275 GTB s/nose 6C

Dark Blue DUL 3C 06723 97,200

275 GTB/C s/nose

Yellow GBL 275C 07517 NS

275 GTB/4

Red FEC 129D 09117 NS

365 GTB/4

Dark Blue CPL 20H 13479 49.900

400 GT

Dark Blue FJF 535V 27387 6,440

400i GT

Blue Met’ FPE 43V 30177 9,200

308 GTSi

Red ROI 335 35601 21,850

Mondial t Cabrio

Red G554 MAG 81726 24,725

Koenig F48

Red H894 LPW 85786 NS


Red TSR 45* 86731 38,900

Dino 246 GTS

Red OWR 110M 06876 NS

* Registration plate not included in price

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Classic Concours
As if all the foregoing wasn’t enough, there was also a Cartier ”Style et Luxe” Concours on the lawn to the left side of Goodwood House. This encompassed a wide spectrum of machinery in numerous different classes, including ”The Elegant Edwardian” class for cars built between 1905 and 1920,  ”The British Hot Rods” class, the ”Bespoke Shooting Brake” class, with even a class for children’s cars.

The concours drew some very rare and even unique cars. These included the 1946/51 General Motors Le Sabre, the Panther designed and built Ferrari 365 GTB/4 ”Daytona” shooting brake, together with the Vignale example on a 330 GT 2+2 chassis, and the reconstruction of the Mercedes-Benz high speed transporter carrying a 300 SLR model.

Throw in some sky action from the Red Arrows aerobatics team and the Blue Eagles helicopter display team, a soap box derby, numerous other peripheral activities, and you had all the ingredients for a very full and enjoyable weekend

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Mercedes-Benz in front of Goodwood House
Enormous conical structure reaching skyward, atop which was perched a 300 SL ”Gullwing” coupe
Ferrari F1-2000 s/n 201
Phil Hill
456 GT Auto Break s/n 103190
Ferrari 365 GTB4 Daytona Shooting Brake by Panther Westwinds s/n 15275
Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 s/n 7963 - "Shooting Break" by Vignale
Ferrari 375 F1 s/n 5
312 T F1 s/n 018
312 T3 F1 s/n 034
312 T4 F1 s/n 039
Ferrari F310B F1 s/n 175
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