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Pike Peak International Raceway, 7 – 9 September 2001.

”And Now For Something Completely Different”
Custom cars and hot rods may not be to all tastes, some people love them, others dismiss them as cute but not serious automobile statements, and others regard them with abhorrence.

If you take the latter stance look no further! For those with more liberal views enjoy the gallery!

Whatever your view, the creators cannot be denied having an unbelievable passion for their chosen form of motoring enjoyment. Their artistic flair, technical ingenuity, engineering skills, the time and last but not least the amount of money that they invest in a project are quite amazing. Such has been their influence that major mainstream manufacturers have embraced a number of the regular styling cues into production vehicles and concept cars, the Plymouth Prowler, Chrysler PT Cruiser and upcoming offerings from Ford and GM bear witness to this.

For decades the customised car has been an integral part of American culture, initially with the youth of the period. Since then those early generations have grown up, had children of their own, and even grandchildren, but still they love their cars. Thus at events today you find a broad spectrum of age groups and social levels, and an even wider choice of stunning craftsmanship to view. You will also find a selection of ”basket cases” in the auto mart area to spark an idea for a project, should the bug bite.

The Goodguys team organises events at various venues throughout the year, and further information can be found at

Keith Bluemel

Chevy Coupe
Try keeping this clean !
Well polished
Even Firetrucks get the treatment
Read instructions before use
Hot Topolino
Like a bird of prey
? Pair
Chevrolet BelAir
Coke Delivery !
late says it all !
Relative Restraint
Was an Austin A40
Reduced Visibility
Variations on a Flame III
Variations on a Flame II
Variations on a Flame I
Short Wheelbase
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