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25.11.2012, 16:56:32 cet

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Maranello, April 24, 2002

First official image of the successor to the F50 released

The Paris Motor Show on October 26 is the date which has been chosen by Ferrari for the presentation of their new super model, the successor to the F50. The internal code of this car is ”FX”, although it seems likely that it will not bear this designation when going into production in Spring of 2003. Although many journalists like to describe this super sports car as ”F60”, the final designation will probably be different. Ferrari’s 60th anniversary will be in 2007, and likewise as both the legendary F40 and F50, a new anniversary model should be either launched in the anniversary year to shortly before — but not five years in advance.

The first official image of the new car has now been released by Ferrari after various highly camouflaged prototypes had been spotted while testing around Maranello since 2000. As mentioned above, the official presentation of the FX was announced for the Paris Motor Show in October, but it is also possible that the launch (or a pre-presentation) will be held during the Ferrari Racing Days at the Nürburgring in Germany on September 6-8. The German Racing Days, which are hosted by the factory and by the factory-subsidiary German importer, will most likely see the unveiling of a new model — it’s not yet known which one, but the F50-successor is a very likely candidate.

However, Ferrari’s new supercar will incorporate much Formula One technology like a complicated front wing or a diffusor to the rear, plus many production materials which are used in Michael Schumacher’s successful single-seater. As the image reveals, the front section of the FX clearly resembles the ”nose” of Ferrari’s recent Formula One cars. The mid-engined FX — designed by Pininfarina in Ferrari’s wind-tunnel — will probably sport spectacular gullwing doors and a retractable rearwing for more downforce and stability at high speed. The power will for sure be in the outrageous region of 600 bhp to 700 bhp, the engine might be another V12, but also a V10 Formula One-derivate seems possible. The top speed of the FX will be above 330 km/h (more than 206 mph). Its price will probably be in the region of 500.000,-EUR, but other sources also mention 799.000,-EUR as a possible figure. Production will be highly limited: Only 299 units of the FX might be made, that would be even less than the 349 F50s built between 1995 and 1997! Regardless of the price, Ferraristi from all over the world will once again stand in a long queue to place their orders — and the sportscar manufacturer from Maranello will be very picky about whom to sell this most desired product: Long-time customers and celebrities will be the preferred buyers who will be ”allowed” to order the FX. Some examples will, of course, be available to ”regular” customers. So… if you want one, it’s time to visit your local authorized dealer.

Text Andreas Birner
Images Andreas Birner, Carel Ruigrok

Fx - one for every team
Ferrari FX
Ferrari FX
Ferrari FX
Ferrari FX Prototype by Andreas Meiniger
Ferrari FX Prototype by Andreas Meiniger
Ferrari FX Prototype by Andreas Birner
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Ferrari Fx to be launched in October

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