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Gréoux-les-Bains 7th - 14th of June

Day 5 ... Friday - Les Trésors du Haut-Var
After the long journey of the day before the Friday was a little bit quieter. On small country roads towards south-east the tour led to the Chateau de Berne in Lorgues. The five star Chateau Hotel with winery and splendid gardens was a superb choice to spend the lunch time in a great surrounding. This was certainly the best set up for the cars of the entire week and offered countless variations of taking pictures. Without any modern cars (apart from the ongoing renovation work of this huge areal) the cars just looked natural at this setting and according to the participants the food certainly matched the venue. Even the driveway with lovely flowers and trimmed trees and bushes left a very neat impression and one could imagine spending some days in the hotel.

After a short excursion to the nearby Abbaye du Thoronet with guided tour through the old walls the route led towards the dinner at the Chateau de la Prégentière about 50km from the hotel. If some still thought that the past days would have been possible even with a larger touring cars some passages through the following villages made the choice of the organizers to restrict the rally for the smaller cars very obvious. With about 2 meter clearance between the old houses the passage was difficult but very exciting. Just when arriving at the restaurant the usual evening shower set in and although the rain became stronger by minute a few were clever enough to just drive straight back to the hotel. Although they might have missed the dinner it was still the far better choice as unlike the days before the rain never stopped and when the cars arrived later on in Gréoux-les-Bains even some roads leading from Gréoux centre to the hotels suffered serious flooding. Apparently some owners had to remove the floor boards to get the water out of the car for the final day.

Report & images … Peter Singhof

Chassis numbers compiled with the help of the Bugatti Register