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Gréoux-les-Bains 7th - 14th of June

Day 3 ... Wednesday - Le Géant de Provence
The Wednesday was reserved for the peak of the Provence, the famous Mont Ventoux fabled for the heat battles in its sparse vegetation to the top during the Tour de France over the last 100 years.

Unlike the other days the morning did not look that promising and not few of the Bugattisti decided to take the modern tow car instead of the open Bugatti the do the longest tour of the week with about 328 km in total. The route led north-west towards Sault through the (almost florid) lavender and poppy fields before the landscape changed dramatically into the Gorges de La Nesque, a very deep gorge with spectacular tunnels in the rock and scary inclines but as this seemed to be a slightly detour not all of the Bugatti came past there, many opted to go directly towards the Mont Ventoux and climb the highest mountain in the Provence instead. As the Mont Ventoux was covered in clouds all day the scenery in the gorges was certainly better. As the route was very well indicated by small Bugatti signs and arrows pointing the direction set up by the forerunners the route could not be missed and as the organizers managed to find some spectacular roads without much trivial stages in between following the signs was always a good idea to avoid missing some of the highlight.
After the lunch at the Chalet Reynard that is very much situated at the timber line of the Ventoux the rain was again following the cars on their way back to the hotel but fortunately the Bugatti came back try this day.

Report & images … Peter Singhof

Chassis numbers compiled with the help of the Bugatti Register