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Guido Scagliarini alla guida con meccanico di fiducia Abar

21.10.2012, 17:53:35 cet

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This year, the Maranello Rosso Museums in the Republic of San Marino will host two events to celebrate the competition that Enzo Ferrari described as “the most beautiful race in the world”.

On May 6, 2009, members of the media will be able to enjoy a presentation on this year’s green motto “Impact 0”, and an exclusive preview of the new exhibit “60th Anniversary of Abarth & C.” which celebrates the birth of this iconic company on March 31, 1949. It was only weeks later, that Abarth & C. launched its brand into the spotlight when it entered that year’s Mille Miglia competition.

A special appearance will be made by the key figure of that year: Mr. Guido Scagliarini, whose father was the financier behind Abarth & C. As official pilot of the Squadra Corse, Guido Scagliarini won Abarth its first award during the Mille Miglia 1949. That trophy will be shown in the Maranello Rosso Art Gallery.

On May 15, 2009, the second day of the Mille Miglia, the race will dash through the picturesque Republic of San Marino. Accredited journalists will have the superb opportunity to visit the Maranello Rosso Ferrari Museum and the Abarth Museum. Reservations are required to later view the race from a special press area in the historic center of town!

9:30h - Maranello Rosso's équipe welcomes guests inside the Galleria d'Arte, followed by a tour of the Ferrari Museum and Abarth Museum.

11.00h - Shuttle to a specially reserved “press area” in the “ancient town”, where guests will follow the Mille Miglia event from the front row.

For information and reservations contact, +378 0549 970614.

Celebrating the Mille Miglia at Maranello Rosso with Special Press Events and Front Row Seats