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12/30/2015, 1:45:33 PM cet

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Maranello, June 27-28, 2002

Ferrari communicated the name of their new super sportscar in late June: What had been coded ”FX” internally and called ”F60” by journalists up to then was now named ”Enzo Ferrari”.

To be ”suitable” to purchase one of the 349 examples to be made, one has to be a long-time Ferrari customer, and one should (have) own(ed) an F40 and an F50. Some of these lucky few were invited to an unofficial presentation of the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari — even officially being referred to simply as ”Enzo” — that was held on Thursday, June 27.

More than 300 people — more than 150 Ferraristi from all over the world, mostly accompanied by their spouses — gathered for the event in Ferrari’s new logistics center on the Fiorano test track in Maranello. This high-tech building now normally houses the various (race-) trucks of the Scuderia Ferrari, but for this special event the huge garage had been turned into a banquette- and audience room. The hall had been ”decorated” with Ferrari’s entire current production range, plus one 360 Modena N-GT (s/n F131GT*2010*) in Marlboro Red and three recent Formula 1 cars: F399 s/n 196, F1-2000 s/n 201 and F2001 s/n 213.

Presentation of the new "Enzo Ferrari"
Scuderia Ferrari F1 transporter garage
Presentation of the new "Enzo Ferrari"
Ferrari F2001 F1 s/n 213
456 M GT Bicolore - 360 Spider F1 s/n 128979 - 575M Maranello F1 s/n 129068
"Enzo Ferrari" Presentation

Luca di Montezemolo, Piero Ferrari, Jean Todt and Sergio Pininfarina finally presented what the guests — the ”crème de la crème” of Ferrari’s international customers — had been waiting for: The Ferrari Enzo Ferrari, the marque’s new 660 bhp and 350 km/h projectile. Two examples were on show that evening, a red w/red example (s/n 128778) and a yellow w/black example (s/n 128781). On a factory tour one could see some more ”Enzos” in various stages of production, including a black (s/n 128783) and another yellow (s/n 129581) example. It has not been revealed so far which colors will be available for the Enzo Ferrari officially. Apparently Ferrari has changed the former policy to offer only one interior color for the supercars: Another red Enzo (s/n 128782) could be seen sporting a dark tan leather interior, while the others had black or red interiors. By the way, the production of the Enzo Ferrari takes place at the same production line that gave birth to the F50 between 1995 and 1997. It is reserved for special production models and had been unused since the last F50 had left the factory.

On the very next day, Friday, June 28, 2002 Ferrari held a special event called ”La Formula Uomo” — ”The Formula Man” — at the same premises; this event was dedicated to suppliers, friends of the company and to a selected group of about 50 international (but mostly Italian…) journalists, including Andreas Birner of Only about 100 or so guests were present at the show. The ”Formula Uomo” event included various presentations by members of the board of Ferrari and architects about the factory’s future. Ferrari’s great plans for the next three or so years that were unveiled in this event will be covered on in a separate article soon.

The unofficial presentation of the Enzo Ferrari — which will have its official premiere at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September — was a surprise to many of the attending journalists. In the logistics center, only the red example s/n 128778 was shown to them as a static display. Actually it was pushed on stage by the staff following a speech of CEO Luca di Montezemolo. On a factory tour that concentrated on Ferrari’s newly built engine department, the visitors could also see the production line. The yellow Enzo Ferrari s/n 128781 was on display in the production area where a highly limited Enzo press kit was handed to the guests.

It was a very special occasion, and yours truly feels honored to have been part of it. So please enjoy the photos, or come to see the next semi-official presentation of the new Ferrari Enzo Ferrari during the Ferrari Racing Days at the Nürburgring on September 6-8, 2002.

Andreas Birner

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Unofficial presentation of the Enzo Ferrari

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