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Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Comp. SIII s/n 16363

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Brands Hatch, Kent, 4 August, 2002

An English Summer!
On The Track And In The Sky
When The Red Lights Go Out

An English Summer!
The weather for the Ferrari Maserati Festival at Brands Hatch was decidedly changeable, ranging from brilliant hot sunshine through to heavy showers, in fact typical English summer weather! Friday practise enjoyed the best of the weather, with hot sun and only light cloud to provide some respite from the rays, whilst Saturday saw a period of rain around lunchtime which prevented the F1 car demonstration taking place. Despite heavy overnight rain Sunday morning remained predominantly dry, although the rain swept in again just after the F1 car demonstration and Red Arrows aerobatic display had taken place at lunchtime. When it did arrive it was heavier and more persistent than on Saturday, but it eventually cleared to leave pleasant conditions later in the afternoon.

On The Track And In The Sky
The on track action was mainly Ferrari and Maserati orientated, although there were races for Historic Formula Fords, Formula 5000 and FIA Thoroughbred Grand Prix Cars, all of which featured full grids and provided some close exciting racing. The Ferrari races comprised of rounds of the British based Pirelli Maranello Ferrari Challenge, the international 360 Challenge and Shell Ferrari Maserati Challenge series. Further entertainment was provided by the Red Devils parachute display team on both Saturday and Sunday, which was followed on Sunday by the ever spectacular Red Arrows aerobatic display which delighted the large crowds in attendance. On the track  there were demonstration runs featuring the three 360 GT cars of Sam Li’s Veloqx racing team, with Ivan Capelli driving one example, and Ferrari Gestione Sportiva Technical Director, Ross Brawn, who was a special guest on Sunday, also participated in the demonstration.  The F1 run featured the F399 F1 car of Paddy Shovlin, chassis # 194, and the F1 2000 example, chassis # 198, recently acquired from the factory by Paul Osborn, a rare treat for the spectators that was greatly appreciated.

When The Red Lights Go Out
Despite relatively small grids in the Historic Challenge rounds there was some close battles, both at the heads of the respective fields and in the lower orders. An unfortunate non-participant was Frederico Della Noce, who was involved in a scooter accident in the paddock early on Friday morning, sustaining a broken shoulder, thus being unable to drive his 275 LM. Another to have to sit it out was Christian Traber, who had a driveshaft break on his Ferrari 250 MM PF berlinetta in Friday practise, and was unable to find a replacement.

The drum brake category race on Saturday afternoon saw a tremendous three way battle for the lead between the pair of Maserati 300 S models of Peter Weunsch and William Binnie, together with the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa of Carlos Monteverde. Initially Weunsch led from pole chased by the sister car and the Testa Rossa, then the latter managed to pass the second place 300 S and try and pressure the leader. This resulted in a quick moment for Monteverde in an overtaking manoeuvre that dropped him back to third, but he was not to be deterred and was soon back into second, re-applying the pressure on the leader, this time he managed to overtake without incident and the Binnie 300 S also found a way past the sister car but couldn’t get to terms with the Testa Rossa in the final stages, finishing 1.785secs adrift at the flag.

In the disc brake group it was the 712 CanAm of David Franklin that took pole position a fraction under 3/10ths of a second ahead of the 512 M of John Bosch, leaving the rest trailing in their wake. This pair duelled for the lead throughout the race the 712 always maintaining an advantage despite safety car periods for incidents. The most serious of these being when Carlos Monteverde got his foot stuck between the accelerator and brake pedals in his Dino 206 SP entering the Druids Hill hairpin, carrying on at unabated speed into the tyre wall, inflicting substantial damage to the car, but fortunately with nothing more than bruising to himself. Duncan Dayton in David Piper’s 275 LM took the final podium position after a duel with David in his 330 P2, which ended when the latter retired out on the circuit with engine problems.

The Sunday drum brake race saw a re-engagement of the battle between the pair of Maserati 300 S models and the Testa Rossa, on a track still damp from the overnight rain. From the start the order was as it had been in the first race, then Weunsch spun, getting back on the track in ninth place. Despite feeling sore from the previous day’s accident Monteverde pushed Binnie hard and eventually found a way through on lap six, holding on to the end to win by 1.387secs, with the Maserati 250 F of Peter Heuberger finishing third.

The disc brake race was run on a wet track although the rain had almost ceased by the time they formed up on the grid. It was the same two protagonists at the front, this time the 512 M taking the initial lead from the 712 CanAm. They went on to treat the spectators to a wonderful display of raw power control on the slippery track with plumes of spray roostering off the tyres. David Franklin in the 712 managed to find a way through after three laps and kept just enough distance between himself and John Bosch in the difficult conditions to take victory. The final podium position went to Peter Hardman in the Dino 246 S, his superb driving skills enabling him to haul the Dino past many of its more powerful rivals on the wet track.

The two Pirelli Maranello Challenge races were both closely contested at the front of the field between the 360 Challenge cars of Marco Attard and Gary Culver, each of them taking a victory apiece on the respective days. In the 360 Challenge Group A races, victory on Saturday went to Javier Diaz of Spain, although he retired from Sunday’s race when Michael Cullen of Ireland took the win. In the B series races it was John Greasley of Great Britain who took a hard fought victory on Saturday, but had to give best to Rene de Luigi from Switzerland on Sunday, who amazingly lapped the entire field on his way to victory, Greasley finishing second well clear of Martin Lanting from The Netherlands.

Ferrari 330 P2, s/n 0836

Shell Historic Ferrari Maserati Challenge Entry - Race Results

Drum Brake Category



Colour Driver Chassis # R1    R2

Alfa Romeo Tipo B

Dark Red T. Smith 50007 5      4

Maserati A6 GCS

Red M. Devis 2002 10     DNF

Maserati 300 S

Dark Red P.Wuensch 3051 3       8

Maserati 300 S

Red W. Binnie 3069 2       2

Maserati 250 F

Red P. Heuberger 2522/26 4       3

Ferrari 250 MM PF Berl’

Dark Red C. Traber 0316MM DNS  DNS

Ferrari 250 Europa GT

Red-Black E. Traber 0357GT 11     10

Ferrari 625 TR

Red N. Zapata 0612MDTR 8        5

Ferrari 250 Test Rossa

Yellow-Green C. Monteverde 0738TR 1        1

Ferrari 250 GT TdF Berl’

Red S. Dudley 1139GT 9        9

Ferrari 250 GT TdF Berl’

Silver L. Huni 1141GT 7        6

Ferrari 250 GT TdF Berl’

Red P. Haas 1401GT 6        7

Disc Brake Category



Colour Driver Chassis # R1     R2

Maserati Tipo 61

White-Blue P. Marcq 2461 10     DNF

Maserati Tipo 63

White-Blue I. Scotti 63006 6       DNF

Ferrari Dino 246 F1/FL

Red T. Smith 0007/0788 4       4

Ferrari Dino 246 S

Red P. Hardman 0784 5       3

Ferrari Dino 206 P

Red H. Leventis 0834 7       7

Ferrari 330 P2

Green D. Piper 0836 DNF  DNS

Dino 206 SP

Yellow-Green C. Monteverde 032 DNF  DNS

Ferrari 712 CanAm

Red D. Franklin 1010 1       1

Ferrari 512 M

Red J. Bosch 1044 2       2

Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berl’

Silver-Yellow V. Gaye 2069GT 8       EXC’

Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berl’

Silver-Blue N. Zapata 3327GT 11     9

Ferrari 330 LM Berl’

Red E. Heerema 4725SA 9       8

Ferrari 275 LM

Red F. Della Noce 5899 DNS  DNS

Ferrari 275 GTB/C

Red R. Allen 07407 12     10

Ferrari 275 LM

Green D. Dayton 8165 3       5

Ferrari 275 GTB/C

Red P. Ma 09041 13     DNS

Ferrari 365 GTB/4C

White-Red P. Knapfield 16363 DNF  6

Text Keith Blueme
Images Edwin van Nesl

F1-2000, s/n 198
Dino 206 SP, s/n 032
Ferrari 360 Modena N-GT s/n 2010 - Ivan Capelli / Richard McKey
Ferrari 360 Modena GT/IMSA s/n 115767, Ralf Kelleners (DEU) / Marino Franchiti (GBR)
Ross Brawn, Gestiona Sportiva Technical Director
Shell Historic Ferrari Maserati Challenge, Drum Brakes
Ferrari 712 CanAm, s/n 1010
Ferrari 512 M Berlinetta, s/n 1044
Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Competizione sIII, s/n 16363
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The Ferrari Maserati Festival 2002

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