456 GT in silver with blue leather interior, chassis # 101513
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Whitehouse brings the Black Horse to the White Horse County
456 GT in silver with blue leather interior, chassis # 101513
6/29/2003, 1:30:56 PM cet
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Whitehouse Ferrari Maserati - 360 Modena & 3200 GT
Maserati 3200 GT's
The dedicated service area not only features the
normal hydraulic lifts, but also a state of the art
scissor lift in a bay with an external window, where
clients can view the work in progress if so desired.
This area comes under the control of Ian
Barkaway, the After Sales Manager, who has
Ferrari experienced technicians and a specialist
automotive electronics technician to tend to clients
needs. Add to this a large stores area, plus plans
for further expansion in the not to distant future,
and one can see this young operation very quickly
becoming a strong element in the British Ferrari
and Maserati dealer network.

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Keith Bluemel

F40 & 360 Modena
F355 GTS in yellow with black leather, chassis # 113882
456 GT in silver with blue leather interior, chassis # 101513
456 GT in silver with blue leather interior, chassis # 101513
London, March 7, 2001

For the first time in the forty years that Maranello
Concessionaires have held the Ferrari concession
in Great Britain, there is an official dealer in the
county of Kent. The new dealership is Whitehouse
Ferrari Maserati, located at 4 Bickley Road, Bromley,
Kent BR1 2NH.

This philosophy was reinforced by Lee Fulford upon his return, emphasising that
this was the core to the success of the Whitehouse group as a whole, that has
made them the largest independent privately owned dealer groups in the south
east of England. He also noted that ”We realise that these cars are something
special to their owners, and do our utmost to respect this, and return them in
pristine condition, probably better than when they arrived. We have already had
complimentary telephone calls from clients, which makes us feel that we are
definitely working to the right principles with product and customer care. One of our
problems at the moment is that the dealership is still relatively unknown in an area
where the marques have not previously been officially represented, thus we are
constantly seeking high quality used models to replenish stock”. Part of the used
car stock at the time of the visit included a 456 GT in silver with blue leather
interior, chassis # 101513, and a fine F355 GTS in yellow with black leather,
chassis # 113882.

As with any official dealership today, the corporate colours and cleanliness of the
sales showroom are the first things to impress the visitor. Lee Fulford the
dedicated Director of Ferrari and Maserati Operations for the Whitehouse Group
was out on business, but I was greeted by the New and Used Car Sales
Manager, Brent Smith, who introduced me to the facility. During the course of our
conversation, it became apparent that although the business is in its infancy,
they are a dedicated group of people whose primary aim, despite their newness
to the world of Ferrari and Maserati, is in providing the highest standards to
ensure customer satisfaction.